Miles to Run

Odometer:  497,459

The Legend this weekend completed its nearly 19,000th (26.2-mile) marathon and I completed my fifth.  I now have a greater appreciation than ever for just how far that distance is!  The St. George, Utah, marathon is one of the most scenic races in the country because it descends through an area known as Snow Canyon.  I’ve often used Snow Canyon as a backdrop for car pictures over the years, including in April 2007 when I filmed this.

Once again like clockwork the Legend got me safely to my hometown last Friday.  Saturday morning, I had an insanely early wake-up call in order to be transported via bus to the start line for the race up State Route 18 north of St. George.  Here I’m awaiting the 6:45 a.m. green light along with friends Deena and Tanya.

In the end aside from uncomfortably warm temperatures and a knee that wanted to give out on me, the race went well and I finished.  The fatigue set in later in the evening, though, especially after I drove the Legend to Las Vegas and wandered around the Strip another couple of miles with friends.  En route to Nevada, I stopped for a couple of pictures at dusk in the Virgin River Gorge at the Cedar Pockets interchange on Interstate 15.

Not too shabby for being iPhone pics!

I had the honor of meeting Andrea who submitted the Liberty Mutual “Responsibility Project” article during my visit to Vegas.

Spending about five hours in the car today to get home to the Phoenix area definitely didn’t help curb the soreness, either.  I hobbled into the gas station this afternoon in Kingman, Arizona feeling like I had Jell-O for legs.   And that old clutch is giving my left leg a real workout.  Next service on the car is due just prior to 500k!  Coming up!  In the meantime, the car keeps chugging on faithfully.

16 Responses to “Miles to Run”

  1. Man, the big day is not coming quickly enough for your Legend! I think you need to get a motorcycle to pull you through a few weeks!

    Congrats on the 26, I think I could only do it on a Razor.


    • I know, Rich! We’ll see how the next few weeks play out – the car may need a rest. That’s fine, though, because it’s going to get a pretty extensive detail just prior to the big shindig and that may take me a few days to accomplish!

  2. Congrats on your 5th marathon. This must be the year for the number 5… you AND your car! It is great to see you, as always. I will try and make travel arrangements to be there for your next milestone. Love, mom.

  3. Hi Tyson,

    I found your blog through the Liberty Mutual “Responsibility Project” article (

    I’m a writer working on an article that features motorists of vehicles with high mileage for a website. I’d love to include you if you’re interested. If so, it would involve either a quick phone call or a few questions answered by email, whatever your preference is. Feel free to send me an email if you’re interested in being included – rachelmhartman (at) gmail (dot) com. (more information about me at my website: Thanks! Oh, and congrats on approaching the 500k mark – quite impressive.

  4. Tyson you’re the man. I can’t wait for the big event.

  5. Penny~Lady6spd Says:

    Ha! Little does the Acura dealer know that you’ll be reaching 499,439 before 12-26-11. Congrats on finishing your 5th marathon! Did your mom run also?

    • Haha, I know! The time-based “next due” calculations are always WAY off on my maintenance reminder stickers. Thanks for the congrats – I’m still in recovery but doing better than yesterday. My mom didn’t run this one with me but she’s coming to PHX in January for the PF Chang’s Rock & Roll Half Marathon that we’ll be running together.

  6. Always great to see you and the Legend on a quick weekend getaway. You are getting close! This is like the 11th hour!

  7. Congrats! Beautiful car. I used to own a White 94 Legend LS Coupe. I bought it in 2002 with 77,000 miles & sold it in 2007 with 179,000 miles & it still ran like new. Absolutely NO problems & car was smooth as a kitten even at 110 mph. It drove like a dream & everything still worked. I would have kept car, but it was time for a lot of scheduled services (timing belt, brake pads & rotors, tires). So I sold & bought new car. I miss my baby & I’m jealous you’ve made it to almost 1/2 million miles! Keep the Legend Alive for us former Legend Coupe owners!!!!!!

    • Rico, thanks for the post and for keeping an eye on the blog! I bought my 94 LS coupe not long after you bought yours (March 2003). It’s been my daily driver ever since. Timing belt replacements every 90k definitely aren’t cheap but the car has required little else to keep on the road. Just curious, what was your replacement for the Legend back in 2007?

      • Hey man! Yeah, that timing belt change is NOT cheap. Only 1 thing went wrong at 125,000 miles. Had a hole in condenser so A/C didn’t work, but I got it fixed immediately & never had anything go wrong with the car. It’s just expensive to maintain & I only service my car via dealer. I replaced my baby with a 2007 Volvo S60 R (passion red). I bought the Volvo with 41 miles on odometer on Jan 10, 2007 & I just crossed 123,000 miles last weekend. So I’ve been doing some serious driving. I replaced timing belt at 105,000 & was $1036. Whew!!!!!! I don’t know why I love cars that are so expensive to maintain. But the Legend & Volvo have been worth it. I am now considering selling the Volvo before I hit 150,000 miles cause that’s the next major scheduled service. I see you kept the original rims. Me too, I always thought those rims were perfect! I also had spoiler, but I had the one that was a wing in the air with attachments on side ends of trunk. I had so many people compliment my Legend. It is a timeless design that still looks modern & sexy & relevant almost 20 years later!

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