Drive to Five’s International Reach

Odometer:  513,978

Looks like 514,000 tomorrow!  I took a corner aggressively this morning and ended up with an illuminated “low fuel” light, on a full tank!  The joys of an old car.  It extinguished soon thereafter but I found it amusing.

Feeling a bit nerdy, I wandered through some of the statistics this week that WordPress allows me to review about my blog.

Drive to Five has had 44,763 unique hits in its lifetime (since I started the blog in March 2011) as of June 6, 2012.

The highest traffic day was the day that my Legend hit 500,000 miles on November 4, 2011, with 1,468 views that day.  Since February 25, 2012 (not sure why WordPress uses this as a cutoff date), following is the distribution of clicks across the globe which total 13,985.

Country Views
United States 11,268
Canada 1,374
Italy 451
New Zealand 127
United Kingdom 98
France 46
Turkey 42
Australia 39
Malaysia 37
India 29
Poland 27
Mexico 26
Brazil 25
Czech Republic 25
Indonesia 22
Russia 19
Hungary 17
Netherlands 16
Japan 16
Romania 15
Spain 13
Pakistan 13
Chile 11
Germany 11
Taiwan 11
Denmark 10
Korea 10
Puerto Rico 10
Switzerland 9
Lithuania 9
Ukraine 8
Sweden 7
Bangladesh 7
Jamaica 7
Viet 6
Saudi 6
Thailand 6
Philippines 5
Dominican Republic 5
United Arab Emirates 5
Cape Verde 5
Peru 5
Egypt 4
Latvia 4
Jordan 4
Hong Kong 4
Albania 4
Israel 4
Slovenia 4
South Africa 3
Panama 3
Croatia 3
Austria 3
Nigeria 3
Norway 3
Costa Rica 3
Venezuela 2
Guatemala 2
Bahrain 2
Sudan 2
Argentina 2
Kuwait 2
Morocco 2
Portugal 2
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 2
Slovakia 2
Belgium 2
Syrian Arab Republic 2
Qatar 1
Mauritius 1
Oman 1
Tanzania 1
Colombia 1
Ireland 1
Rwanda 1
Estonia 1
Mongolia 1
Finland 1
Ecuador 1
Grenada 1
Cyprus 1
Kenya 1

All of this just for sharing my Acura ownership experience.  Pretty cool, I’d say!  And I thank you, my readers for supporting this crazy obsession.

Thought I’d take this moment to share a couple fun Acura commercials.  This is one of my favorites from the Legend’s heyday, featuring a stunning 1994-1995 GS sedan and touting the car’s value – even at a $42k pricetag which was a hefty chunk of change.

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the clever new Acura ILX commercial.  I wonder how many takes it took?

18 Responses to “Drive to Five’s International Reach”

  1. Scott in Dallas Says:

    Ty, please break out the Texas visitors from the US; many consider it as a separate country. 😛

    • I’ll certainly do a TX break-out during the next analysis – y’all speak a whole ‘nother language out there! Thanks for following along, Scott! Life should be equal parts responsibility and fun.

  2. Kevin Amoth Says:

    Let me see, 942 miles on trip odometer, still reading a full tank of gas and the low fuel light is on. Something just doesn’t compute! Tyson, you need to reset the trip odometer each time you fill up with premium gas!

    • Kevin, you caught me. I never reset the trip odometer! I don’t think I’ve pushed that button in for a couple hundred thousand miles or more. Reason? The numbers there line up with the numbers on the odometer! When I roll 514,000 today, the trip meter will read 000.0. Call it obsessive compulsive!

  3. I remember watching that 94 Legend commercial when it was running on TV in 94 or 95. I agreed with it being worth it, but couldn’t afford it, so I bought a used one in May of 97 (93 LS) for a little less than half the price. Had one ever since.

    I’ll be rolling 210,000 in the next couple of days. I reset my trip odometer every time. Isn’t it funny when you let the gas get down really low, the car cuts out when going around the cloverleaf on an exit ramp. It makes your heart sputter a little bit too. I’ve never actually ran out, but close many times. Haven’t seen an ILX in person yet. No Acura dealers close by my commute. Still looking to see one. At 25K start, I expect it to be more like an Accord. Does it stand out (interior) as that different as an Acura over an Accord?

    • Duane, I was pre-driving age when the Legend commercials aired but I love the sense of pride that Acura took in its flagship model back then – the Legend was top dog in its class for sure. I’ll be anxious to hear (and see pictures of) when your Legend rolls 210,000 miles. I’ve never run out of gas in my car but I’ve noticed that the gas gauge becomes quite unreliable once the level gets below 1/2 tank. Depending on the grade of the road (uphill vs. downhill) it can fluctuate as much as 1/4 tank! As for the ILX appointments, I haven’t actually been in a late model Accord in recent months so I can’t really make the comparison but let’s just say that the ILX has as many features as our Legends do and even more. It “feels” like a more expensive car than $25-30k. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I sold Honda’s for 6 months back in 2008. Their model line up for Accord was LX, EX, EX-L, and EX-L Nav at that time. Looks like if anything else, they might have swiped the name LX from Accord, based on brand recognition. An EX-L Nav was priced at about 34K even back in 2008/2009. Accords are very nice. I’m sure the ILX is also right up there as well.

    • Sounds about right. What would you say was the best selling trim level of Accord at that time in 2008? Did most people opt for the EX level appointments?

  5. Cool ILX Commercial. I like the tagline “Move up without settling down.” Enjoying reading your blog and look forward to the updates. You have actually inspired me, I have an ’04 Infiniti G35 that only has 65k miles on it. My goal is to keep it to 100k, which might take me another 10 years considering I only put 3k miles on it a year. I walk to work! LOL! I love cars and always get an itch for a new one, but want to see how long it will take me to reach 100k. You might reach 1 Million before I reach 100k! LOL

    • Hey Asim, thanks for stopping by! I love the G35 – that VQ35 motor is pretty bulletproof. My brother had a 2003 G35 coupe 6-speed and it was a riot to drive. Plus, the exhaust note is unmistakable. Is yours the sedan or the coupe? Sounds like you’re not driving very far. Whereabouts do you live? Not sure about whether I’ll still shoot for a million with this car, but for right now it just keeps going and going and going…

      • I have a 6-speed coupe also. You are right, I love that exhaust note. Whenever I am walking and hear the exhaust note, I turn around and sure enough it is a G35….it’s like recognizing the sound of your child! 🙂 I’m in Washington DC, so everyone walks, metros or cabs it in these parts. I’m like a little old lady, I only take the car out on Sundays to go to church. I used to live in Atlanta where I put most of the miles on, but for now the miles are on my Nikes and Kenneth Coles.

        I am definitely a fan of the Acura products as well, my mom had an 05 TSX, 09 TSX and now a 2011 RDX. I love those Acura interiors.

  6. I think that Acura commercial is very clever. Of course, the model isn’t bad, either! (wink) Like I mentioned earlier this week, I saw my old black Acura Legend coming down Main Street and it literally took my breath away. I should not have sold it to pay for landscaping the backyard! Your stats are interesting and it looks like Drive to Five is far-reaching. I just put an Astle Chiropractic logo sticker in the back window of my car — now if I could convince you to do the same, you could advertise for us worldwide! 🙂

    Oh, one more thing. I reset my odometer when I fill up the tank EVERY TIME then check my mileage. I think that is as OCD as leaving it alone and waiting for the next big numbers to roll over. I wonder where you get your obsessiveness?

  7. I’ve been slipping! Two entries that I needed to catch up on here at the DRIVE TO FIVE. I’ve been meaning to break out the GS 6MT, but the weather up here just won’t cooperate! I’m hoping to stretch her legs and drive into work for a few days in a row.

    • We’ll let your tardiness slide just this once, Dave! Haha. Glad you are keeping up on the blog either way. Definitely get Six out for some nice highway time this week if you get the chance. How many times has that car seen rain since you bought it?

  8. Never driven on wet roads, but has had a few rain drops on her a few times. (you don’t know how HARD it is to do that up here in the soggy NW)

  9. I believe that Dave. My white coupe saw raindrops yesterday for the first time since I brought her back from AZ over 5 years ago. I pop up thunderstorm came thru as I had it out.

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