Jeremy’s Wild Ride in a 2006 Accord Coupe

Odometer (Legend):  518,565


Odometer (ILX):  25,323


Special Guest Feature

By now you’ve seen my crazy friend Jeremy pop up a few times on Drive to Five over the last couple of years.  He’s gone through a TSX Wagon, an SC400, an Acura MDX, and even an Acura Legend to name a few of his rides bought & sold.  His sense of adventure parallels mine in many ways.  Last month, Jeremy took a roadtrip that I thought was worth sharing with all of you who love the road as much as we do.  The following write-up is by him.


3,511 miles in nine days. Impossible? Hardly. I set out to show Tyson what a real road trip is all about. Some of you may see me pop up in the blog occasionally, but what you may not know, is that I drive just as much (or more) than Tyson does. We both love our six-speed Honda products. The difference between the two of us is simple. Tyson drives one car to half-a-million miles, and I split up the miles between a few hundred cars.

Since it was Tyson’s birthday coming up, I decided that I wanted to be there in person to wish him the best. So I set out on a plan to be there just in time for his birthday on a Friday. I caught a red-eye flight from Salt Lake City, UT, and after a connection in Charlotte, I was in Memphis by 8:00am on Thursday morning (the day before his birthday!). I picked up a beautiful silver 2006 Honda Accord EX V6 coupe, with a slick six-speed manual and a handy touch-screen navigation system. I purchased the car on ebay from a private seller, who picked me up at the airport and sent me on my way. I decided to pay my tribute to Elvis, and hit the road after a fuel stop at Costco (am I the only one who obsessively fuels up at Costco??).

The journey began, and I didn’t stop until Dallas. Had a quick workout to rejuvenate, and was in Lubbock late that night to say hello to some extended family. They graciously put me up for the night, and by the next morning I was on the road. At this point I was about 740 miles from Tyson’s house, and they had dinner reservations for 7:30! I was very happy that the car was humming along, getting over 30mpg, and the XM radio was keeping me fairly entertained.

After one wrong turn, I ended up in El Paso and had to “increase” my speed considerably over the New Mexico and Arizona desert to compensate for the wrong turn. When I walked in the the restaurant just as the food had been served. What better birthday present to Tyson than driving nearly 24 hours just for a birthday! My travel didn’t stop there. I continued on to Palm Springs, San Diego, Mexico, and up to San Francisco. After my final destination in the bay, I drove all the way back to Salt Lake City.

I covered nine states, Mexico, and finished off the trip spending 57 hours behind the wheel. The total mileage was 3,511 miles, with fuel at 27.7 avg mpg. The most expensive gas was $4.79 and the cheapest was $2.69. I made three visits to Honda dealerships for a broken motor mount, flat tire, and the heater deciding it wasn’t going to blow hot air anymore.

Final trip stats:




Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles with Josh & Cora




Baja California, Mexico



Chilly temps!




San Francisco






Meeting with Tyson in Phoenix


Thanks, Jeremy, for sharing!

Other Acura News:

This week is the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.  It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the ILX concept car was revealed.  Yesterday, Acura unveiled the 2014 MDX prototype.  Click here for more!


Below is a rendering by Acura enthusiast Dillon C (“Hondatalover” on the Temple of VTEC forums) with some handsome enhancements to the already attractive ILX design language.  Dillon has added exhaust tips, enlarged the OEM 16″ wheels, and modified the taillights.  I think it looks great!


I visited my local dealership on Monday for an oil change in the ILX and surveyed the inventory.  There were at least a dozen or so ILX models on display.  Notable were the following:

  • Just one car in Fathom Blue Pearl (2.0 automatic Premium)
  • One Crystal Black Pearl 2.0 automatic Premium with VIN 202 (very early production)
  • One Hybrid in Bellanova White Pearl
  • One Silver Moon 6-speed; VIN 1336

My ILX passed its inspection except for the cabin air filter.  It appeared that after enduring some of our Arizona dust storms it had collected quite a bit of dirt.


First 25,000-mile maintenance summary.  I missed typing in a tire rotation somewhere in there, but you get the idea.


Love this Fathom Blue in the sunlight!


Here’s the 6-speed Silver Moon ILX:


Anyone else find the below craigslist ad a little sad?  It’s for a Desert Mist Metallic Legend like mine but with only 178k miles.  This Denver car looks like it has seen better days, yet the owner states it has been “recently detailed” as well as “loved and maintained” for the last 15 years they’ve owned it.  Does this look like an Acura that’s been loved?





And finally, many thanks to Service Manager Allen from Jody Wilkinson Acura for inviting me to dinner last night.  Allen as well as several other dealership representatives from both Jody Wilkinson and neighboring Mike Hale Acura in Salt Lake City are here in Phoenix for a “Destination RLX” training conference on the all-new 2014 Acura RLX.  It was great to chat with all of them.

10 Responses to “Jeremy’s Wild Ride in a 2006 Accord Coupe”

  1. I’d love to take a trip like your friend Jeremy did. Looks like a lot of fun. Now if it could be done in just seven days!

    • Yeah, I was jealous as I followed Jeremy’s travels from within the prison walls of my work office! It made me itch for a long drive. I’m going to have to plan at least a couple of long trips for this summer. That Accord coupe sure was fun to drive – I took it for a spin the night he got into Phoenix. I can see why you enjoy yours so much.

  2. Tyler Stoker Says:

    Jealous of your trip as well, Jeremy! And Tyson, thank you for that detail on the Fathom Blue…

  3. How does the Accord compare to your own coupe? Does it drive completely differently?

    • The Accord definitely has more power on tap. (244 hp as opposed to my Legend’s 230). Handling is better in the corners (this I’m sure due to my Legend’s untouched / original suspension that makes the car float around). But the Legend excels in areas that the Honda cannot. Primarily – build quality. When I close the door on my Legend coupe, it seals solidly like a bank vault. Leather quality on the gathered door panels, high-end Burlwood trim, these are all these that cannot be found on the Accord. Given a choice between the two I’d pick the Legend.

  4. This is just one of the many road trips I have taken around the country, but definitely the most intense. I think that Honda has the best coupes around… that is if most of them can survive their short life span! The Accord is a much different beast from the Legend coupe. While it doesn’t have some of the nifty luxury features found in the Acura, the drive train has been refined, and the seating position is a bit more commanding of the road. I would say that the Accord coupe with a manual and the V6 is the only Accord I choose to drive! If you can imagine, the car has been in storage since the end of this trip!

    • It will be interesting to follow your travels in 2013. I never quite know where in the world you are. I still think we should’ve jumped on that San Marino Red CL-S 6MT in Tucson that we saw a few weeks ago – I would be very interested in driving one of those to see how it compares to the Accord coupe.

  5. That was quite the road trip, sounds like fun albeit a little tiring I would think. That poor Legend didn’t look too loved to me.

    • Terry, trips like that can definitely wear you out. In my early days of road-tripping on a budget I spent many nights sleeping in the back seat of my Legend coupe which is NOT very accommodating! I travel a little more comfortably now but it’s still exhausting to put in so many hours on the road. Hopefully that Legend will go to a good home. Sadly, after having been out of production for 18 years, most Legends are looking like that nowadays.

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