Reader’s Ride: Michael’s 2009 Acura TSX

Odometer (Legend):  522,586


Odometer (ILX):  44,444


Please allow me to introduce another fan of the Acura brand to you today.  The model year 2009 marked some (literal) big changes for the Acura TSX sport sedan.  The 2nd generation TSX got longer and wider than its predecessor which debuted in 2004.  My new friend Michael from Chicago owns a stunning Vortex Blue 2009 Acura TSX and he stopped by to visit while road-tripping through the area on Tuesday evening.

Here we are.  Michael’s car has 55,658 miles on the odometer.


He is currently 1,740 miles from home and he is confident that the TSX will get him home safe and sound.  I’m sure it will, too.  He said his oil life indicator still shows 90% useful life remaining.


These two sport sedans have each served as a gateway to the Acura brand, inviting young professional buyers to experience the brand and work their way up the ranks to other Acura models.


I’m a huge fan of this Vortex Blue color.  I’d be interested in seeing how it compares next to Acura’s new “Fathom Blue Pearl” which debuted on the 2013 ILX.


“Beak” grilles.  Though brutally criticized since their birth in 2009, I think that Acura’s signature “shield” front end has matured gracefully over the years.


Here’s the cockpit of Michael’s ride.  It’s a heck of a lot cleaner than mine would be during the middle of a road trip.


There’s something addicting about Acura ownership.  It seems none of us are content with just one car in the garage.  Michael’s other ride is a 1994 Legend LS coupe automatic in Milano Red.  We took my Legend for a spin around the block.


Michael shared these pictures with me of his own Legend.  It’s equipped with JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) one-piece headlamps and factory foglights.  Unlike my car, his has a 4-speed automatic transmission.


This body looks pretty great for a 19-year-old car!  It has around 230,000 miles on it.


Love the look of the rear spoiler with the 1994-95 Legend coupe trunk lid.


This car makes me miss the red Legend LS coupe that my mom used to own.  Here are a couple of pictures from June 2010 when I had three Legends at my house.


My neighbors were rolling their eyes when I took these photos for sure.


The rest of that photoset from 3 years ago is posted here in the Acura Legend forums.

Thanks, Michael, for swinging by and paying me a visit!  I hope to return the favor the next time I’m rolling through Illinois.

For anyone who can’t get enough Legend talk, stop on by the WordPress blog called Project 130R which is put together by my friend Erik.  He’s recently featured two very clean 1st generation Legends that belong to my friends James and Ryan.  Check out Project 130R at the link here.


5 Responses to “Reader’s Ride: Michael’s 2009 Acura TSX”

  1. Tyson, I have been intrigued by the TSX and the 2009 makeover was a hit in my books. Michael sure keeps his clean…mine was virtually “trashed” by the 4th day of this last trip. Loved the Legend pix at your house! Neighbors just don’t understand car love. I get stares too when I use a leaf blower to dry my cars. Lol

    • Haha, I didn’t know you used the leaf blower trick, Jason! I’d do the same, except in most cases the water has already evaporated the second I shut off the hose around here! It’s a mad dash to towel the car off before it starts spotting. Thanks for reading the blog – I’ll see you in a few days!

  2. Michael’s Acura looks VERY clean for such a long road trip! Kudos to him for being able to do that!

    3 Legends in the driveway? Your neighbors must think you REALLY like those “Acura Legends.” (as one of my neighbors put it one day)

    • I agree, Dave. Michael is a lot more meticulous about keeping his car clean on a road trip than I am. Last year I showed up to NALM with so many bugs on the ILX, I don’t think any silver paint showed through at all. I’m glad your neighbors are as understanding about your Legend collection habits as mine are.

  3. […] While Tyson certainly qualifies for his current role as an Acura spokesperson, documenting not only his Legend’s exploits but also a brand new Acura ILX for comparison and review, it’s his boundless enthusiasm and passion for the classic Acuras that really has our attention. And apparently, we also have his, as he graciously acknowledged our humble blog in a recent post. […]

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