Reader’s Ride: Josh’s 2005 Acura TSX

I found a car that’s well on its way to million mile status.  Check out the odometer on this 2005 Acura TSX that’s driven an average of over 46,000 miles per year.  That’s right:  370,923 miles!


Several months ago, I’d seen a fellow Acura fan post on Facebook about his high-mileage TSX.  We ended up sharing stories about our experiences in “life beyond 100,000 miles” in an Acura.


These two Acuras share the same 2.4 liter 4 cylinder motor.


Josh and I finally had a chance to meet last night when he brought his White Diamond Pearl beauty over to a hotel where I was staying on the west side of Boise, Idaho.


Josh bought this TSX brand new.  He is in the insurance business and currently drives around 5,000 miles per month.  Josh says that his car is 100% dealer maintained and the service team at Lyle Pearson Acura knows him personally.  In fact, when they call him for an after-service follow-up, “Smooth and silky, as always, Josh?”  is their greeting.


This car is equipped with all the bells & whistles that were available in 2005, including the navigation.


Check out that bug collection!


Josh and I took the TSX for a spin around the block and I must say – even with the original suspension, the car rides great!


My favorite part:  He’s even still left the blue plastic covering over the aluminum door sills since the car was new 8 years ago.


Thanks, Josh, for meeting up!  Drive to Five!  I’ll be keeping tabs on your progress.

11 Responses to “Reader’s Ride: Josh’s 2005 Acura TSX”

  1. Wow. That is the exact same car I have. 2005 white automatic TSX with Navigation. But he has a ton more miles than I do. I just have a little over 100,000 miles.

    Tyson, is the engine in both the 2005 TSX and your car exactly the same? I believe in 2005, the TSX had a K series motor with a metal timing chain instead of a rubber timing belt.

    Does your car also have a K Series engine with a metal timing chain instead of a timing belt?

    • Hey Carlos, yes I have a K24 engine with a timing chain. I’m so used to timing belt changes every 90k miles with my Legend that it will feel weird to not have to change one in the ILX!

  2. High mileage Acuras for the win!
    Josh will probably drive the tires off that thing here pretty soon!

    • He definitely will! He told me he’s got another long drive coming up tomorrow. The TSX rolls onward. What makes his story even more meaningful is that his car has survived the winter weather conditions in Idaho year after year and still looks great. It’s always nice to meet other people who take good care of their Acuras.

  3. Tyson:

    What do you think of that TSX interior with the black dashboard, black steering wheel, navigation screen, and tan leather interior? I may be a little biased, but isn’t it beautiful? 🙂 🙂

    • Totally in agreement with you there, Carlos! It’s an attractive color combination. I couldn’t get over how nice Josh’s interior was for the mileage. I bet yours is equally clean.

  4. YES, the TSX’s stock suspension is perfect! It’s race breed too! lol He has about 270,000 more miles then I do but man this car is so well set up it’s hard not to drive it faster around curves. And despite being a 5AT, you sure can take control of it!

    It’s cool to know that you’ve sat in a TSX of the same color combo and generation as ours. Did you get to drive it any? The steering is pretty heavy and gives plenty of inspiring feed back. High speed corning in the upper RPM’s in this car is the best part aside from it’s design.

    It’s like the car has two personalities. One for plush cruising and one for the track. 😉

    • Hey Dillon, that’s cool the TSX has two personalities. I guess say that in a sense the ILX does as well. It’s practical yet fun. I didn’t drive Josh’s car, but from the front passenger seat the drivetrain felt silky smooth.

      • Well you owe your self a test drive then!

        And that K24a2 is made of silk. Not a single vibration or odd sound makes it into the cabin.

        I haven’t got a chance to drive the ILX yet, but I take your word on it.

  5. Josh Clymer Says:

    Sorry Tyson! It didn’t even dawn on me to put you behind the wheel of the ‘ol TSX. If you ever do make it back up this way in the NSX & we drive up to McCall, you’ll get the TSX for sure! 😉

    • Hey Josh! I will definitely take you up on the opportunity to drive the TSX the next time I make it up to that area. Let’s map out a really scenic drive through McCall and do it. I’m thinking Spring 2014. Look forward to watching your miles rack up on the TSX. Let me know when you get your blog set up and I’ll post a link on here so my readers can join along for the fun.

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