Readers’ Rides: A TL, a Legend, and a Silverado

Odometer (Legend):  527,271


Odometer (ILX):  56,792


Happy Friday!  It’s my pleasure to introduce a few friends to the blog audience this morning.  Devan, owner of DNA Auto Detailing, has always been an Acura guy.  When I met him in November 2011 at a car show in Gilbert, Arizona, he was driving this exceptionally clean White Diamond Pearl 2003 Acura TL.


He recently sold that when it had about 184,000 miles on the clock.  His new ride is this gorgeous Alabaster Silver 2006 Acura TL.  It’s loaded to the brim with the Technology package.


Here are a couple pictures of our silver bullets together when he stopped by earlier this week.


The first thing I noticed when I got inside Devan’s TL was how clean it smelled.  He’s using a Febreeze air freshener and I must say it was amazing!


Devan has made some nice upgrades to the lighting in his TL.  All interior lights, as well as the license plate lights, are now LED.


Sweet ride!  Congrats, Devan.

Several weeks ago, I introduced you to Mirel who’s owned a few Legends.  His latest ride is a Granada Black Pearl 1993 LS coupe 6-speed that he picked up two months ago.  He recently got the car back from a full repaint.  It turned out fantastic!


The factory spoiler with LED brake light was added to the trunklid.  There are only a couple of updates left:  wheel refinish & driver’s seat leather re-upholstery.



This coupe has just over 111,000 miles on it.



It was great to catch up with Mirel for a few minutes.


The last feature today is a vehicle with mileage that even surpasses my Legend’s in distance driven.

I met a guy named Paul via the local “Phoenix Automotive Press Association,” otherwise known as PAPA.  Paul owns a moving company called Atlasta Moving Company and his tried-and-true Chevy Silverado 3500 pickup is his workhorse.  It has 602,732 miles on the original engine.




Paul tells this truck’s impressive story best, so I’ll let him do the talking:

The Silverado 3500 4×4 is a 2002. I purchased it with 2 miles on it from Van Chevrolet in Scottsdale, Arizona in late September of 2001. What sold me on this truck primarily was the Duramax engine mated to an Allison automatic transmission. Over the last 2 years, I’ve changed the synthetic oil ( which I’ve used all it’s life) to every 5000 miles instead of 3000 miles, since money became tight during the recession.

The only complaint I have with this engine has been the injectors. It’s currently on its 5th set, and at $4800.00 per set of eight including installation, it’s expensive! I’m on my second transfer case. Even though it’s a shift on the fly “four wheel drive”, the transfer case is constantly engaged, causing “non four wheel drive” wear and tear. I’m also on my second transmission solenoid. That has been the only issue with the regularly maintained tranny.

I had a head gasket blow at about 500,000 miles, thus warping the aluminum heads. The amazing part of that story was that I was on a road trip of about 1200 miles, and I continued that trip with the blown head gasket, stopping often to add coolant as the “low coolant” light came on. I was towing a fully loaded enclosed trailer at that time, made my delivery, and made it back home to Phoenix.

I switched to a cowl hood about a year ago after a defective set of Yokohama tires blew out the drivers side front fender, bumper, and partial hood. A few weeks later, the passenger rear Yokohama blew out requiring a new rear fender. Other than that, all body panels are factory. The only other recent upgrade was that I had the front seats recovered, as it looked as if there was a dog fight within the cockpit! I was missing chunks of leather and foam due to wear and tear.


It’s great to see that Paul’s Silverado is still getting the job done, even after all those miles.



The next time I need a heavy duty hauler, I’m definitely gonna grab a GM.

Keep on truckin’, Paul!

6 Responses to “Readers’ Rides: A TL, a Legend, and a Silverado”

  1. Tyson, as you can imagine I am drooling over Devan’s TL. Alabaster Silver sure looks good on it. Glad he got Navi with it. Mirel’s Legend looks slick too.

    • I know you have a soft spot for the 04-08 TL right now, Jason! Devan is sure enjoying his new ride. It was a super smooth ride when I rode with him around town. I predict he’ll have a few very tasteful upgrades in store for the near future, but that bodystyle of TL is so nice already, straight out of the box!

  2. Great write up Tyson. Getting to drive the sports life style vehicles and a Legend update!
    Enjoying the drive to five while on vacation.

    • Thanks Dave! Wow, tuning into the blog even when you’re on vacation – I am honored. Glad you enjoyed the latest features. The next couple of months will be a lot of fun with some unique driving opportunities and events to attend. Thanks again

  3. Devan Antram Says:

    I am laughing right now as I had just googled images for Acura TL with rims. To my surprise the picture of my 03 TL with the back drop of the Sandia Mountains came up with a link your blog Tyson! I appreciate your write up about that beautiful car and my new baby the 06 Alabaster Silver TL. I love these cars and Acura in general. Hard to believe it has been 2 years since that car show where we met. It has been a great journey with you man! I admire and appreciate your passion for cars and Acura as I am too. Great blog Tyson. See you soon!


    • Haha, sorry I should have sent you a link to the blog long ago! I hope to feature your car again soon, we need to get pics during the daytime next time. Hope to catch up with ya again very soon, I should have known you would be looking at wheel options for the 06 TL already… ha! Car looks great even in stock form so I’m sure no matter what you do with it will look amazing.

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