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Odometer (Legend):  528,562


Odometer (ILX):  65,539



Jason Hill is an English teacher in Japan with a fascination, similar to mine, for squeezing maximum longevity out of a car.  This month, he launched a website called High Mile Club where he shares stories about people who have gone the distance.  My Legend made #12 on a list of his 18 “Hall of Fame” cars.  Among the top achievers, of course, are Irv Gordon with his 3 million mile Volvo and Joe LoCicero (“Million Mile Joe”) with his 1 million mile Honda Accord.  Volvo, as it turns out, has quite a few achievers in the high mileage realm.  A new video came out on Tuesday about a man in California who rolled a million miles in his 1988 sedan.  Link here.

Do take a few minutes and stop on by Jason’s High Mile Club.  Today, I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite sites like his.  Be forewarned, these are “not work safe”  — not because of graphic content, but rather because you’ll probably find yourself sucked in for a few hours and lose productivity.

High Mile Club

High Mile Club Link


Driven for Drives

My good friend Jason who recently joined for the Kitt Peak drive in Tucson, Arizona, has his own page devoted to capturing life behind the wheel of his 2010 Acura TL SH-AWD 6-Speed.  He’s based in New Mexico but his travels have taken him across the entire western United States.

Driven for Drives Link


TSX Travels

Josh is the original owner of an Acura TSX in Boise Idaho and he’s only about 9,000 miles away from hitting 400,000 miles.  His website talks about his adventures in getting there.

TSX Travels Link


Roadster Roadtrip

Also, check out Roadster Roadtrip.  This one is all about a Las Vegas resident who took to the streets last year and has logged 30,000 miles galavanting around the country in his 1967 Datsun Fairlady Roadster.

Roadster Roadtrip Link



Lastly, check out Carchaeology.  It’s pretty much with it sounds like.  Believe it or not, there is a community of about 2,800 people on Facebook who consider their cars as artifacts.  They love to preserve the stories behind them.  Carchaeology also has a mission of reuniting people with vehicles they have sold but now miss.  “Dig it up and drive it,” is the slogan.  Maybe the collective forum there could help track down a vehicle of YOURS that’s long gone?  Give them a look.  Link here and video of the administrator here.  His first car, by the way, was a Honda N600.


Since we’re talking about preservation of classic Hondas for a moment, check out this Petrolicious piece about my friend Chris Hoffman who is the original owner of 1987 Honda CRX Si.  I met Chris at the Detroit Auto Show a couple of weeks ago and his love for Honda runs deep.  Here’s the video link.


I’ll round this post out with a nerdy video I put together last week.  Any of you who own (or have owned) an older Honda vehicle are familiar with the series of beeps it made when you left your keys in the ignition and opened the door.  As a friend shared with me, it’s Morse code.  See for yourself.

13 Responses to “Check Out These Other Blogs!”

  1. Tyson, thanks for the exposure and looks like quite a few interesting blogs I need to check out there. I’m especially in love with that CRX!

  2. Holy cow! That’s where all the traffic is coming from. Thank you Tyson for passing along my url. You’ve already helped me a ton with that million mile Volvo. It makes me happy to know I’m not the only one who loves high-mileage cars. Who knows, someday my little Mazda2 might see those numbers.

    • Hey Jason, thank YOU for helping get people excited about racking up the miles. I think your website is a great resource for keeping track of all these great ownership stories. Keep up the great work and I look forward to following your updates.

  3. Josh is a driving machine! WOW!!

    • He seriously is! Unbelievable the kind of miles he’s racked up in such a short time. And his TSX still looks amazing. I couldn’t believe how nice the driver’s seat leather condition was when I saw his car last August.

  4. love the tsx travels blog! he’s got an awesome job to go with his love of driving!

  5. Thanks for the shout out Tyson! Looking forward to showing you some of my favorite roads the next time you’re out. 🙂

  6. I love the “H” in Morse code for the door chimes. So clever of Honda. The chime for leaving the headlights on with out the ignition on is a really pleasant chime I think. It’s relaxing to me.

    Crazy that I stumble upon TSX travels on AZ right when you posted a blog mentioning it. A lot of people are starting to travel and rack up miles because of you, Tyson! I don’t blame them!

    Keep it up everyone! haha

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