Announcement: 10th Annual NALM Dates & Location


Since 2005, the National Acura Legend Meet has been the go-to event of the year for Legend enthusiasts.  Each year, local ground teams in prospective host cities prepare bids to bring the event to their hometowns.  Pictured above is the crew from Las Vegas, Nevada during the 2007 meet.  This year, the bid was awarded to the team in Los Angeles, California, and the event will be held July 24-28 (Thursday – Monday), 2014.  You can bet I’ll be there!


Previous NALM locations:

  • Dallas, Texas (2005)
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma (2006)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (2007)
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee (2008)
  • Branson, Missouri (2009)
  • Salt Lake City, Utah (2010)
  • Morristown, New Jersey (2011)
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2012)
  • Asheville, North Carolina (2013)

I’ve attended every event.  The only one that I didn’t drive my 1994 Legend to was Milwaukee, since I wanted to take my then-brand-new 2013 ILX on its first cross-country drive.

Each year, Legend owners from around the country rally together at NALM for scenic drives, photoshoots, dealership-sponsored BBQs, and performance events like dyno testing and autocross races.  Here are some photos from NALMs prior.  And, a 5-year-old flashback video to that one time when I threw my car around an autocross track at NALM 2009 in Missouri.  Those Michelin tires have never seen so much action!

This year’s trip will be a breeze.  It’s only 372 miles (5 hours, 20 minutes) from Phoenix to LA via Interstate 10.  Quite a change from last year’s jaunt to North Carolina & back!


One very special feature of this year’s program will be an opening ceremony inside Honda’s exclusive & private Collection Hall in Torrance.  Those of you who have followed me since the Drive to Five Celebration in late 2011 will remember that my Legend got to be parked inside the Collection Hall for the day, after our red carpet reception at Honda/Acura headquarters down the street.




Stay tuned for more details.  A full thread will soon be posted on the forums by the ground team members who have worked hard to create a crowd-pleasing event.  It will contain a detailed itinerary as well as registration information.  I’ll be sure and share the information with you all as soon as I have it.

Have a great weekend!

14 Responses to “Announcement: 10th Annual NALM Dates & Location”

  1. Cordell Roberson Says:

    Hmm maybe I will have my fifth Legend by then if not I will bring my new-to-me Grand Am GT. Really hoping to get another legend by then. As for the past 3 years I have planned on attending and plans have fallen through by the registration deadline. This time though it is only one state over so planning shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Yeah, make it happen! You have over 4 months 🙂 I look fwd to seeing you there my friend. With or without a Legend!

      • Do you think your NSX will make an appearance? I’m sure it could use an oil change or some other excuse to bring it out to play. lol

  2. This event looks like a lot I fun and that drive, WOW! I’m excited to see all the photos and hear the stories from this meet.

    • You know it, Jason! There will be plenty of documentation. It’s a Honda Heaven in that museum. If your schedule allows, I would love to have you as a passenger for the event. Keep me posted. Thanks for the NSX pic features today too!

  3. Even though it is the fourth largest state and the most important state in recent Presidential elections (If you win it, you are President), I don’t see Florida in list of previous NALM locations. I think that is an oversight that should be rectified. 🙂

    • Carlos, you’re absolutely right! We have a lot of dedicated Legend people in FL, we just need some of them to step up to the plate and create/submit a bid! Maybe you could help be part of a 2015 Ground Team to bring NALM to your town 🙂 Hope your weekend is going well.

  4. I wonder if the museum folks will let me park the “itch” in there for a quick photo shot?

    • I’m not sure on that, Kevin, but I suppose it’s worth asking! Gabe and the ground team will be having meetings with Dave from Honda who oversees the museum. Perhaps Gabe could inquire about that.

  5. 5 hours is like a blink of an eye in Tyson road trip time! It will be nice for you to make a NALM drive in half a day for once.

    I’d love to see a PHX NALM.

    • Maybe I’ll have the time to put together a ground team for NALM 2015 in PHX. It would have to be held pre-April or post-October for weather to be decent. Haha

  6. Tyson, I think I’ll be able to come! Did you still need an extra driver?

    • Hey Jason, I haven’t yet decided if I’m taking both cars but you definitely need to plan on coming. If nothing else, I’ll have room in my Legend coupe for you. Meet up in PHX and we’ll carpool the rest of the way to LA! I’ll be in touch. Will probably square away the logistics within the next 6 weeks or so. I want to give you ample time to plan accordingly.

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