New York Auto Show – Acura TLX Production Model Unveiling

Odometer (Legend):  529,207


Odometer (ILX):  74,301


I had a bunch of meetings on my calendar today at the office, but can you guess which one was the most important?


That’s right.  My calendar was solidly blocked from 10:30 to 11:30 Arizona time for today’s Acura press conference.


It was an important day for Acura enthusiasts.  New York City’s “International Auto Show” was the place to be.  As each automaker queued up the  lights-camera-action for its press conference,  automotive enthusiasts from around the globe tuned in to lay eyes on some hot new 2015 model year cars.  Acura’s conference was held at 10:50 in the morning Arizona time, and I made sure to block some time out accordingly so I could watch via the live YouTube feed.


The all-new TLX, as a blend of current/outgoing TSX and TL models, will go on sale sometime this summer.  You’ll remember when I traveled to the Detroit Auto Show to see the prototype uncovered for the first time.  In the months since then, the TLX has been refined and readied to become a full-blown production model instead of just a piece of art.

Acura’s Mike Accavitti took center stage and introduced the TLX as a vehicle with “more performance, more prestige, and more technological sophistication” than ever before seen in its predecessors.  Matt Hargett took the stage next and discussed some of the car’s key features and multiple powertrain choices, ranging from a 206-horsepower 4 cylinder to a 290-horsepower 3.5-liter V6.


Thanks to 2theRedline star Sofyan Bey for sending me a few pictures from his front-row seat at the conference, including the following three.


Nice looking interior!



Side profile shot courtesy of

2015 Acura TLX Unveiled at NYIAS

Acura’s full press release is here.  I admit I’m loving that blue hue and sure wish I’d been able to see the action in real life.

I’ve been absent from the blog for a few days as I’ve had company visiting from out of town.  My friends Jeff (Calgary, AB) and Shane (Salt Lake City, UT) spent some time here in Phoenix with me so I was in host mode instead of driving all over the state.


Jeff did borrow the ILX for a couple of days while I had to work, so that gave me an excuse to treat the old Legend to a 35-mile round-trip commute to the office.  The car was happy to get some time on the open road.


Another Acura found its way to my home this week, too.  I took delivery (on behalf of an out-of-state friend!) of a 2005 Acura TL automatic on Monday.  It will soon go to its new owner in Utah.


But for now, this Alabaster Silver automatic TL with 163k miles on it will enjoy being a part of the Acura family at my house.


I haven’t even had a chance to take it for a spin yet since Jeff and I brought it back to the house.


Hope everyone’s week is going well!


6 Responses to “New York Auto Show – Acura TLX Production Model Unveiling”

  1. the more i read about the TLX the more i like it. when I retire the TSX, it will most likely be my next car. I say retire because I just dont see ever selling my TSX… did I mention my favorite color is blue? 😉

    • I know! That blue is stunning, isn’t it? You’re still a few years away from TSX retirement but it’s nice to know the TLX is a suitable replacement. Now, if I can just get Acura to build me a 2-door, V6, 6-speed coupe. In my dreams.

  2. They are buddy! But I think you’ll have to sell all of your present cars to be able to afford it…

  3. Hugh Broome Says:

    What do you think about the TLX, Tyson?

    My calender was blocked off for the TLX debut as well. I noted on the live broadcast that about 1700 people were watching. I like various drivetrain options; I am eager to hear how people like the four cylinder/DCT combo.

    • Yeah I was one of those 1,700 watchers! I think the TLX has what it takes to keep Acura fans happy – for the most part. It could certainly use the help of a few OEM accessories to make the body stand out a bit more, and a manual gearbox for those of us who prefer it. But overall it’s a great car and loaded with technology. I think it’ll do well for Acura.

  4. Hugh Broome Says:

    I suppose with a bit of time, we’ll see how it does. I mourn the loss of the manual too. For my first car, I had a ’97 Mazda Miata with a 5 spd. I still miss hanging those curvy, country roads. Sometimes, I catch myself trying to clutch in my Accord, which has an automatic.

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