550,000 Miles in 32 Months

Odometer (Legend):  529,841


Odometer (ILX): 84,836


I walked into the kitchen after work (and exhaled because it’s been a stressful work week and it’s 108 degrees outside) and started thumbing through the junk mail I’d picked up outside.  The following conversation ensued.

  • Roommate:  Going anywhere fun this weekend?
  • Me:  Yeah, I’m catching a flight to New York tonight.
  • Roommate (turns away from whatever he’s cooking):  You’re FLYING somewhere?

It’s true.  If I can survive tonight’s redeye, I’ll be in Manhattan tomorrow and making a quick turnaround to come back to Arizona on Sunday night.  Whirlwind trip.  But you all know, that’s how I roll.  Or, in this case, fly.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a fun video.  Can you imagine driving 7,500 miles per week?  An oil change every week.  Around-the-clock operation.  Nissan provided a Chandler, Arizona-based delivery company with an NV3500 utility van for the ultimate in real-world durability testing.  The results are impressive to say the least.  Just one unscheduled maintenance item:  an alternator replacement somewhere in the 300,000 mile range.  Check out this video!

I’ve personally met Nissan Engineer Craig Pike who appears in the video.  Should I send him a job application to be a test engineer?


Thanks Dillon for providing the sweet ILX wallpaper here.  Have a great weekend.

8 Responses to “550,000 Miles in 32 Months”

  1. Have a fun weekend! I ❤️NY.

  2. ROCK STAR WEEKEND! Have fun!

  3. Hope your flight goes well! I’ve never flown before.
    Enjoy the trip!!!

    And thank you for the share. 🙂

  4. brilliant move on Nissan’s part – an alternator every 380K miles? Customer for life!

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