NALM 2014: Next stop, Los Angeles

This evening, my neighbors were peeking out their front room windows, nodding in confirmation.  “He’s crazy.”

What they saw in my driveway was a group of 10 Acura Legends.


The attendees for tonight’s pizza party at my place came from places far and wide:  Two from Florida, even.



Tomorrow, most of us will head westbound to Los Angeles, California for a multi-day event centered around our car club.


Here are a few other pics from the evening.

Even in the shade, with a straw hat, lounge chair, and box fan on the highest setting, Alan was sweating.  The Phoenix area hit a record 114 degrees today.



Mirel’s black 1993 LS 6-speed coupe with only 119,000 miles on it stole the show with its glossy paint job.





Stay tuned for more later this week!

8 Responses to “NALM 2014: Next stop, Los Angeles”

  1. Looks to me like Scottsdale is the host city for NALM this year, and the venue is YOUR HOUSE. Two thumbs up! Have a blast!

  2. I’m glad I left my window open so you could turn on my parking lights! It was a great turnout and you were a great host. Now let’s head west to the real event. Can’t wait for the cooler temps!

  3. Sad that I can’t make the event this year, but looks like so far everyone is having a great time!

  4. I can feel the energy and excitement from those pictures of all the Legends at your house! NALM meets always seem to be a blast. I guess you Legend guys know how to throw a meet. 🙂

    Looking forward to the updates!!

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