Reader’s Ride: Dillon’s 2004 Acura TSX

Odometer (Legend):  531,435


Odometer (ILX):  91,191


It’s finally time to recognize one of D25’s most loyal readers and someone who has contributed content various times to the blog.  Dillon from North Carolina is known in some circles under the alias “Hondatalover” and his concept car renderings have inspired many to make updates to their cars, including the manufacturers themselves.  Here’s an example of one of his Photoshops.  More of his custom ILX models are featured in this thread on Acurazine.

Special ILX


TLX coupe!

TLX Coupe rearlogo

Dillon’s personal car is a 112,000-mile Premium White Pearl Acura TSX.


Dillon sent me these current photos of the car on a scenic back road in North Carolina.



Even the interior is still spotless at 10 years old.


I’ve always liked how the needles on the TSX gauges are facing down when the car’s off.



That OEM spoiler is a nice looking upgrade.


Here’s a little interview I had with Dillon to get some background on his car.

List the Honda & Acura products you’ve owned in order.

1998 Honda Accord LX, 2004 Acura TSX (current)

How did you first learn of Acura? What inspired you or your family to buy your first?

Learned from Acura through Bell Ford, a local in-town, dealership when mom was looking to buy a pickup.  I spotted the TSX and walked over to it and mom came over with me and the sales man.  We started looking around at the car and mom eventually asked for a test drive.  Then it was ours in 2008.  🙂

What about the Acura brand has kept you so loyal?

The quality of the product at its competitive price.  The driver focused driving dynamics and the styling as well will snag any buyer looking for a entry-premium or near-premium car.

What’s your favorite song or album to blast while driving your TSX?

Is this where I post all of my Pandora stations?  I honestly can’t say one in particular.  80’s Rock if I really had to but I’ll listen to everything there is if it sounds good.  It all depends on the road, who I’m with and my mood.

If you could were to offer feedback to Acura about the company’s current model lineup, what would it be?

A more focused sedan lineup with a coupe or two that offers core signature Acura technologies and maybe even some firsts for the brand.  My advice to the designers is to step outside of the box and put their passion on paper and have it finalized and thoroughly refined.  The marketing could be more raw and exciting as well.  I feel the brand needs to stay focused on their performance luxury, and not so much as comfort luxury strategies.   Otherwise I love the brand no matter what and even want to be a part of it.

Thanks, Dillon, for sharing!

Before anyone clicks away, and on the subject of Acura TSX’s, check out the latest from East West Brothers Garage.


Kevin, the “East” brother, is currently midway through an adventurous cross-country drive from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, California by way of about 4,300 miles of sightseeing.  The car of choice is a 2012 TSX Special Edition 6-speed.

Photos are being posted along the way, so make sure you check out the EWBG Facebook Page to watch the updates.

Nice bike rack!


11 Responses to “Reader’s Ride: Dillon’s 2004 Acura TSX”

  1. Thank YOU for sharing, Tyson!

    I feel so official now that I’ve been on your blog, haha. 🙂 All that’s left is for us to meet!

  2. It’s like looking in a mirror…

  3. Thanks for the shout out about my brother’s road trip back to California, Tyson!

    -Vincent (a.k.a. West Brother)

    • Hey Vincent, you bet! Looks like Kevin made it to the summit of Mount Evans in Colorado — one of my favorite drives! Highest elevation paved road in North America. I’m enjoying following along.

  4. The TSX and North Carolina. That is a great combination. 🙂 I have been to western North Carolina several times. It is beautiful over there.

    • I know! Me, too. Drove the Legend to that area last summer for NALM (headquartered in the Asheville area). Blue Ridge Mountains make for some great driving experiences. Hope your weekend is going well!

  5. Dillon does some great photoshopping! Acura should take a design cue or 5 from him.

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