Reader’s Ride: Dave’s High-Mileage 1992 Honda Accord Coupe

Odometer (Legend):  531,761


Odometer (ILX):  101,770


We all know that a 400,000-mile achievement is nothing for the fourth generation (1990-1993) Honda Accord.  After all, that’s the same model of car that got Joe LoCicero to a million miles last year.  But my friend Dave in St. Louis got some pretty good life out of his Arcadia Green Pearl 1992 Honda Accord LX Coupe 5-speed before selling it just recently.

Dave’s Accord ownership started out 15 years ago when he picked up the car with 120,000 miles on it.  For many years it was his daily commuter.  Then, it went to his newly-licensed son as a hand-me-down car.  It had 414,672 miles on it when the new owner took the keys on October 9th a couple of weeks ago.  The Accord has moved on and I hope it lives to see 500,000 and beyond.

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 8.27.53 PM





Nice job on keeping an old Honda alive, Dave!

Unrelated fun video for today:

Quick update on my brother Payton’s wicked Lexus IS300.  He’s completed his manual transmission swap and the car is back on the road.  He ran it on the dyno and pulled horsepower numbers in the 600’s.  Some kids just can’t get enough power!  I’m content with my measly 201 horses.

11 Responses to “Reader’s Ride: Dave’s High-Mileage 1992 Honda Accord Coupe”

  1. Your brothers sure know how to wake up a motor don’t they! That’s incredible from such a small engine.

  2. ask bro how many miles he thinks he can get out of a tank. hahaha!

    • Haha, I will definitely ask that! The car’s been under construction for a couple of years now and definitely not a daily driver. Actually, his daily (a Duramax pickup) probably gets worse MPG than the Lexus…

  3. Man, that ‘ol CB7 looks like death warmed over. Thanks for the feature!

    • Hey, that car’s entitled to some battle scars. Gives it character. Hopefully we can track it via Carfax to 500k and beyond, assuming the new owner keeps up on a little bit of maintenance.

  4. love, Love, LOVE those KB7s!! Nice to see its still hanging around!!!

  5. STL_Dave Says:

    I wonder where the ol’ Accord is now?

    • Oh man, this was almost 5 years ago at 414,000. If they drive anything like I do, it could possibly have half a million on it. The next time I get access to a Carfax account (or if Carfax decides to authorize me to use their free app again – I got cut off for running too many “preview” reports, haha), I’ll run the VIN & check. Might have to have you email or text it to me.

    • Never mind, I see the VIN in the screen shot of your craigslist ad!

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