Two Day Trip to Vegas: Rock & Roll Half-Marathon

Odometer (Legend):  540,151540151.jpg

Odometer (ILX):  146,276


Trip Distance:  600 Miles

This was a quickie!  For < 48 hours, some friends and I slummed it in Sin City for the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half-Marathon this weekend.  In the interest of time I’ll let the photos tell the story today.

Lance (center) flew in from Dallas for the occasion.  He and I share an affinity for Sour Patch Kids.  I guess James probably doesn’t mind them either.  We fueled up with proper road trip treats in Wickenburg after departing Phoenix.


Pit stop in “Nothing, Arizona.”  What was once a gas station and convenience store called ALL MART has been abandoned for over a decade.  The building is spray painted with “population 4.”  It’s located along a desolate stretch of Highway 93 between Wickenburg and Wikeup, Arizona where cell phone signal is pretty much nonexistent.


James was driving a 6-speed manual 2016 Scion iM.  Fun little car for $20k!


Lunch at Mr. D’s Route 66 Diner in Kingman, Arizona.  Kingman is a city in northwestern Arizona that embraces its Route 66 heritage in a big way.


James and I added an over-easy egg to our burgers.  So good!


View of our hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada:  The “Downtown Grand”.


Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, just a block from our hotel.  There’s a 4-block stretch which has been closed to vehicular traffic since 1994, including 2 permanent concert stages and a nightly light show set against the curved roof.  It was bustling with people, as was expected!


A zipline was running the length of Fremont Street.  One of the many restaurants in that area is Heart Attack Grill:  A place where you can eat for free if you’re heavier than 350 pounds.  They even have a scale out front.


My friend Ryan (at left in the striped shirt) came out to hang with the gang, too.


I spent $5 at the slot machine in the historic El Cortez casino and walked away with 11 cents.  So much for my luck at gambling.


Race day!  Mom came down from southern Utah to participate with us.  The pre-race “starting village” was in the southern part of The Strip in a large open lot, where the thousands of runners could congregate and get ready to pound the pavement when the race started at 4:30 p.m., just after sunset.


View of New York New York casino.


Mom, Tyson, Lance, Beau – ready to rock & roll, in corral 3.  There were 23,000 finishers.  This event was huge.


Running past my employer – CVS!  It was awesome that The Strip was shut down for the occasion.  There was heavy crowd support along the way.  It was windy, cold, and even rainy for a portion of the run.  Even so, we enjoyed running at night under the city lights.


Traffic closure on Las Vegas Boulevard meant that all the side streets were totally jammed when we all finished.  It took almost an hour in the ILX to get back to our hotel which was only a few miles away.


Tomorrow:  I’m off to Los Angeles for this year’s Auto Show, where I’ll be working in collaboration with Redline Reviews to bring you the latest in car news!



13 Responses to “Two Day Trip to Vegas: Rock & Roll Half-Marathon”

  1. Looking forward to your collaboration with Redline Reviews, it’s easily one of my favorite car-review channels on Youtube! Fremont Street looks awesome, I need to check it out next time I’m in Vegas.

  2. Fremont Street is such a cool place to experience. Two thumbs up!

    • I think a lot of people overlook downtown LV in favor of the glitz and glamour of those huge newer casinos down the road. I enjoyed staying near Fremont for a change!

  3. It’s tough to sum up two days’ worth of activities in a short blog post…but you did well! I could write a 3-page summary on just the 2-hour race experience alone. Maybe I will. haha

    You ran this half easily — must be all that training. At least now you’re ready for January’s event, right? It was fun meeting Lance and hanging out with all of you.

  4. P.S. Please note the time that Kevin posted his comment.

  5. THE BEST(birthday)WEEKEND EVER!!! Same time next year? Ha! So glad I finally got to meet Todd and Tia!
    P.S. Cool kids eat Sour Patch Kids!

    • Mmmm, SPK’s! Making me crave some RIGHT NOW! Thanks for spending a few days with us. Hope your legs are feeling back to 100% by now. Take it easy on the steps!

  6. I don’t think I’ll visit any other part of Vegas, Fremont Street was a lot of fun. I’ll try some SPK’s one of these days. Have fun in LA this week.

  7. Shut down the strip for the race! I wonder how many times Vegas lets that happen!! Looks like a fun weekend

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