Sacramento NALM 2017: Dealer Day at Niello Acura; BBQ at Miller Regional Park

Odometer (Legend):  553,438

Welcome back to Sacramento.  It’s a full-fledged Legend Fest out here, and we’re having the time of our lives.  Somehow I slept in on Friday morning until 8:30 in the morning, but I got my act together in time for the caravan roll-out at 10:00 toward Niello Acura in Roseville about 20 minutes east on I-80.  The dealership had cleared out some space for us and its employees even came out to participate in the car show judging for awards.

Lunch was at a well-known local spot called Squeeze Inn just down the road.  The hamburger came with an encrusted ring of cheese on it.  Impossible to eat without going through an entire stack of napkins.  After that, I got the chance to drive my friend Chris’ 1994 Legend GS 6-speed that he’s been painstakingly restored on the interior.  The car drove great for having 230,000 miles.

We visited my friend Spencer’s dad, Brian, at their dealership on Riverside.  Inside it, we found a collection of classic Hondas including a “barn find” 1981 Prelude that I would love to scoop up and restore.  We made our way back to the host hotel and then figured out a dinner plan.  Ben had done his homework and selected a Chinese place called Frank Fat’s which was just a few miles away, downtown.  We piled into just a couple of cars and valet parked both of my Legends in a parking garage next to the restaurant.  Luckily, the restaurant was able to accommodate our party of 12 with very little notice.  The “family style” entrees went a long way to filling us up.

Saturday morning was the long-awaited annual BBQ, to be held at Miller Regional Park.  Steven led the caravan this time and we managed to find a parking area along Marina View Drive that accommodated all 31 Legends which ended up attending.  I think 31 sets some kind of record!  We had quite a wide variety of cars in attendance — though the colors were pretty monochromatic and we didn’t have a first generation (1986-1990) sedan.

The treat of the day for me was having a special guest appearance by Patricia, who is the original owner of my Legend coupe.  She and her husband Paul live about an hour away and we’ve kept in touch for the 14 years I’ve had my car.  When I found out that NALM was going to be in this area, I notified her and she ended up coming out to see us which was awesome.  Today she’s in a 2010 Lexus IS250 with only 45,000 miles on it, in case anyone was wondering.  Also in attendance was my friend Spencer who came over from Roseville in a “Mugen” Civic Si to check us out.



Our afternoon capped off with the awards ceremony and raffle.  Larry T ended up taking a haul of trophies home, winning a record 3 categories.  I received the “Best OEM” trophy.

All of the awards were fabricated by hand by club member Dani out of real Legend parts, and professionally powder coated.  Very cool!  The raffle included a NALM first:  An entire car being given away.  Steven was the lucky winner of a 1994 Legend LS coupe 6-speed in Sherwood Green with over 300,000 miles on it.  It runs and drives great!  He was thrilled.  Buy-in for raffle tickets was only $100 each and I think 6 people participated.  Pretty cool feature.

We wandered down to a Mexican place near the hotel called Nena’s Mexican Cuisine later that evening.  I think I over-did it with the combination plate but it was tasty!  Many have already begun their return trips to home, and I’ll be doing the same early tomorrow.  Over and out!  800 miles to come tomorrow, as I return to PHX.

I’ll have a wrap up video to post in the next couple of days as well.

With Dave from Seattle, and his car in the background

Cruising along I-80 eastbound

Niello Acura’s 2017 NSX in Nouvelle Blue

Lineup at Niello

Interior of Larry’s 67,000 mile car

With long-time friend Danny

Popping engine bays

With Ben who’s been a regular at NSXPO & NALM events for many years

Lunch time!

Look at that cheese border!

Visiting my friend Spencer’s dad

Alex and Alan worked hard on my Legend GS:  They installed all sorts of goodies for me that they’d found at the junkyard, including chrome door strikers, a trim piece in the engine bay, hood struts, new horn button, new antenna mast, new center vent trim, and much much more.  They are awesome!

Roomie James arriving in his rental Sonic turbo

Valeting the coupe at dinner

Crossing the bridge into Discovery Park on Jibboom Street on Saturday

Alex and Alan arriving from their 2nd day at the junkyard

Alan’s straw hat came out!

Dave showing his engine bay with airbrushed flames on the fuel rail covers

And the longer we stayed, the more cars kept showing up!

Patricia’s cars, old (background, my coupe), and new – the 2010 Lexus

Awards all custom / hand-built by Dani

This gen 1 Legend coupe was a 2001 magazine feature car

Logo on back window

Larry, me, and Dani

White Legends back at the hotel tonight

With another friend who showed up – Aaron

Long drive tomorrow!

16 Responses to “Sacramento NALM 2017: Dealer Day at Niello Acura; BBQ at Miller Regional Park”

  1. So many pics, what an awesome event! That blue NSX though 💙💙💙

    • I know! We also had a short appearance by a yellow NA2 NSX for part of the afternoon. I forgot to post that one. Always a special day when we have an NSX in the mix. I hope you had a great weekend, Pam!

  2. Wow what a collection of Legends! Haven’t seen so many beauties together since the 90s when Scottsdale Acura was still on McDowell Rd.

    I realize the Gen1s aren’t as coveted as the Gen2 but I hoped to see more. Guess I have a soft spot for the Gen1 since I surprised both my mom and dad with an 89 & 90 LS many years ago. I suppose finding these in good shape today is tough since they may not be as well regarded?

    BTW you’re a braver man than I for valet parking though sometimes there isn’t a choice. I still have visions of “Ferris Bueller” whenever I think about it…

    Welcome back.

    • Just got home! 1,700 miles round trip, on the dot. The car didn’t skip a beat aside from needing one top-off of power steering fluid. You are correct on the ‘enthusiast’ community being a lot more tied to the G2 Legend than the G1. I had a lot of fun with the G1’s I owned in the past and wouldn’t mind having another. I hesitated to valet park for the same reasons you mentioned… but downtown Sac is not very parking-friendly, it was only $7, and I had 2 people riding with me who were starving and wanted to eat rather than drive around!

  3. So. Many. Legends. Very cool post. Awesome that the original owner of your coupe met up with you. I also thought the awards were terrific- like the kind of awards that would be given out in the town of Radiator Springs in the Pixar movie “Cars.” And I’d be fascinated to know how the burger place got the cheese to lay straight across the burger and to not melt down into a gooey mess.

    Now, one question- there is an interior shot of a Legend with chrome rings around the gauges. What year(s) and trim level was that an option?

    • You have a very keen eye. Those cluster gauge rings are an aftermarket item but I can’t remember who the supplier is. It definitely adds a nice touch. As for the cheese on those burgers, I really have no idea, other than it was more ‘crispy’ than soft… almost like a “cheese chip” if you can picture such a thing. Tasty but wow, tough to eat without making a mess!

  4. Brad Heffran Says:

    Which one of your Legends won that Best OEM trophy? Congrats!

    • You know, I’m honestly not sure since both the coupe and the sedan were present at the dealership when the voting was done. I assume it’s the coupe, though, haha. The sedan was filthy thanks to its Thursday jaunt to Lake Tahoe in the rain and mud! As I type this, that car is somewhere in Oregon. Alex continued his journey northbound this morning and won’t get back to Phoenix with the car until Wednesday evening when he has a flight back to Florida.

  5. autoscribe1974 Says:

    Awesome about Patricia!

    • Isn’t she the best? What a character. She loves to harass me for my love of the Legend but in her text response last night after she’d left, she said, “We had such a great time. Thanks to your community for the incredibly warm welcome – and to you for being a good friend. Safe travels home.” What a sweetheart!

  6. Drooling over all of these AWESOME Legends! But, I have to say, the coolest part of it all is how you and Patricia have remained in touch and close. SO cool on both of your parts!

    • Agreed. My only regret is that I’d had a voice recorder on hand yesterday afternoon when she started telling the story about how she had specifically sought after the car back in 1994. How it was a dealer demo and had 264 miles on it, etc. She has a vivid recollection of all of that because the car meant as much to her then as it does today to me! Incredible person she is. Glad you had a fun car-full weekend as well!!

  7. Barry Tate Says:

    Awesome, Tyson! Maybe one day I can make NALM. I still have my Black Coupe!

    • Wow, hey Barry! I’m glad to hear you still have your coupe! Hope to connect with you on my next trip to Southern California. Thanks for checking in and hope things are going very well for you.

  8. Hmmm…I’m from Sacramento and missed this event. Would’ve been nice to see all the Acura’s and meet you in person. Maybe next time.

    • I liked Sacramento a lot. I’m heading out that way the weekend of March 24th for a car show called Radwood being held at Sonoma Raceway in case you’re anywhere near there that weekend. This year’s NALM is going to be in July in Colorado Springs.

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