Trip to Sandy Eggo

Odometer:  469,133

Weekend roadtrip to the beach!  The old Legend made a voyage to southern California and back to Phoenix this weekend.  A friend and I went to the San Diego Crew Classic rowing regatta, held at Mission Bay.  Aside from some spendy gas prices (paid $4.13 for 91 octane this morning at Chevron in Point Loma), it was a pleasant adventure and it’s always one of my favorite drives.  Interstate 8 is (in my experience anyway) one of the least traveled interstates and thus it’s an easy drive to set the cruise control and forget it.  The highway parallels the Mexican border and offers pretty nice scenery if you’re into desert and sand dune landscape.  We did make a pit stop at the “Center of the World” monument in Felicity, California – just west of the AZ/CA border.  There’s a monument/pyramid and a sign denoting the location’s significance.

On the subject of mileage, I did make an effort to check mileage (I can’t remember the last time I’ve reset the trip odometer – I always just let it roll around and reset itself every 1,000 miles).  The coupe pulled a modest 370 miles out of 13.22 gallons today, so right around 28 mpg.  Not the best I’ve achieved, but we did have quite a bit of wind and it’s still better than the 26 mpg highway rating from the car’s original window sticker:

I never did see that pesky check engine light at all this trip.  The A/C got a good workout – we’ve already crept into the 90’s for temperatures.  So much for springtime – bring on the triple digits.  During the return trip, we raced a freight train that paralleled the two-lane Hwy 238 approaching Maricopa, Arizona and were able to pull off the side of the road and await its arrival.

2 Responses to “Trip to Sandy Eggo”

  1. Beautiful car! I drive a 2008 TL Type S and know a little bit about cars myself. Good luck to the 500,000 mark. Maybe our Acuras will cross paths someday!

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