Columbus, Ohio

Odometer:  483,488 miles

Trip Mileage:  2,406 miles

Three more states down!  I’m down to fewer than 10 hours remaining until I arrive at my easternmost destination on this trip.

Departing Springfield this morning.

I turned over 483,000 (and missed the picture by 2 miles; oops!) about 20-30 miles from St. Louis this morning.

Approaching downtown STL via I-44 East.

I snagged this picture of the St. Louis arch out my open sunroof while driving northbound on Memorial Drive toward my friend Dave’s office in downtown.

Once in St. Louis, I went to my friend Dave’s workplace.  I parked a couple spaces away from his 1995 “Granada Black Pearl” Legend coupe.  Our cars (and Dave & I!) have quite a bit of history together since we first met at the first Nat’l Acura Legend meet in 2005 in Dallas, Texas.

Dave and I, along with our friend Jen, walked to a great Italian place called Charlie Gitto’s.  The woman in the restaurant who I’d asked to take our picture didn’t do such a hot job of getting our entire bodies into the shot!

This picture was taken at Kiener Plaza.

This is the best I could do at getting a shot of the Illinois state line since I was on a bridge crossing the Mississippi River and had no place to stop.

I made a pit stop in Effingham, Illinois and saw some clever souvenirs.

Another version of the T-shirt said, “Where in the Effingham are we?”

Here’s something I was surprised to see:  93 octane fuel!  The highest we get back in AZ is 91.  I paid $3.82 for this.

Since I included the first “cross” picture, I should also include this new one that I got today.  This one is off I-70 near Effingham.  Somehow the crack on my windshield ended up looking like a lightning bolt!  Yikes.

Speaking of windshields:  At some point today I heard a loud crack and looked over to see that my windshield had sprouted a second huge line in it.  Good thing I held off on throwing a new windshield in this car until AFTER this trip!

Indiana state line!  This one was tricky – holding the camera out, capturing myself, the car, AND the state sign while avoiding getting sideswiped by cars on an interstate with a very narrow shoulder.  Risky business but all in the name of a very necessary photograph!

In Indy I talked with a local friend Gerry who I’d hoped to meet up with but our schedules didn’t align.  I must say, Indianapolis has some poorly kept roads!  Granted I can’t have high expectations while riding on a suspension with 483k miles, but these freeways wore me right out.

Starting to see some signs for Columbus!

How about a short side trip to Brazil?  Brazil – INDIANA – that is.

Welcome to Ohio!

Just inside the western Ohio border is Dayton.  I stopped at a town prior to that called Brookville for fuel.

Not long after that, I got caught in one of the worst downpours I’ve ever driven through.  Even wipers on full blast couldn’t keep up with the pace.  Though, I still managed to somehow take a picture while maintaining control of the car.  Multi tasking at its finest.

Another classic mirror shot.  Great sunset tonight after the rains cleared!

Just because…

And a sky shot.

Tonight’s motel selection must have been inspired because it happens to be directly behind Lindsay Acura here in Columbus.

A couple of observations:  So far on this trip, aside from Dave’s car in St. Louis, I’ve seen zero 1991-1995 Acura Legends.  None!  I guess after being out of production for 16 years, most of them seem to have disappeared from the roadways.

Received a number of phone calls and text messages today from my great friends & family checking on my progress!  Grateful to have so many people looking out for me while I’m out roaming the country.  Okay that’s it for now!  Next stop:  PA tomorrow.

11 Responses to “Columbus, Ohio”

  1. I waited up for this report. Be careful! No more photos alongside the busy freeway, and multi-tasking at its finest can wait until you’re solo on the road, if ever!

    What beautiful country. For real. Experience it because I shall never. It’s the trip of a lifetime that most of us can only imagine in our minds.

    Get some rest — you have more adventures tomorrow!

    Mama T.

  2. B. Hill Says:

    Random blog follower here, just felt compelled to comment since I work at Lindsay Acura/Honda. Haha just thought it was cool how small the world seems sometimes. Maybe tomorrow morning my ’94 Canterbury Sedan will be the first Legend you see. Good luck on your trip.

    • No way! Small world for sure. I’m just getting up & about now – feels weird given that my computer (and car) think it’s still 4 in the morning. Time zones are killing me this trip! Lindsay looks like a nice facility. If I wasn’t getting an oil change tomorrow morning at Bridgewater Acura in Morristown, NJ I’d probably swing through the service drive next door here. Thanks for following the blog! The next time I roll through CMH I’ll make a note to email you first and get your contact info so we can do lunch and a photoshoot with the Legends together.

      • I can only imagine how off your internal clock must be. The furthest I’ve driven my Legend is from here in Columbus to the Outer Banks, in North Carolina, and that’s all the same time zone. The Legend scene here is non-existant to my knowledge, there’s only one other I see around here that looks like the owner cares about it, the rest I see are in bad shape, so that’d be cool to meet another Legend junkie someday. I’m also on .org, my user name is bhi11, I look forward to hearing more about your trip and seeing pictures from the meet.

  3. Kevin Amoth Says:

    You and the car never take a bad picture Tyson! I drive by the Effingham cross on the way up to Minnesota and back in all of my Legend adventures. For me, it’s 550 miles from my house in Duluth, GA. As you probably saw, they are making an exit ramp now directly to it. How lucky you were to have a hotel right in behind an Acura dealership. Wish I could have joined you and the other Legend owners in New Jersey this year! I’m thinking the windshield is telling you something like replace me!

    • Hey Kevin, yep, it’s time for a windshield but it’ll have to wait until AZ! Loving life in Jersey and thanks for keeping an eye on the blog! Wish I had time to swing through Duluth this trip and say hello to you.

  4. Sorry we didn’t meet up, but glad you got to Columbus relatively unscathed … well except for windshield.

    • Thanks Gerry! I’ll give you more notice next time as I’m about to roll through your area. Though it sounds like you’re NC-bound in the not too distant future.

  5. How do you make it so far each day and still have time to stop and meet with friends and go to parks and dinner?

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