Vienna, Virginia

Odometer:  484,339

The “Pacific to Atlantic” mission was accomplished this morning when I left Marc’s house in Robbinsville and headed about 30 miles east on the 195 freeway to a very neat town called Belmar, New Jersey.  The ocean looked amazing!

Approaching the 195 east to head toward the Jersey Shore.

From there, it was a straight shot down the NJ Turnpike (I-95) toward the DC metro area where I had some friends and family to reconnect with.

This bridge crossing into Delaware cost me $4 in tolls to cross.

It was weird to look at the GPS and see BLUE all around the road.

Welcome to Delaware!

That was a pretty quick state to get through 🙂  Before I knew it…

Welcome to Maryland!

In Havre de Grace, Maryland, I visited my friend Chris.  He’s one person who can truly appreciate a high mileage ride, as his 1989 Honda Prelude Si was one of the first > 250,000 mile vehicles I ever remember reading about online.  It ended up getting retired at only 500 miles shy of 400k due to a motor issue, but prior to that the body had already been rusting out.  Chris is very meticulous about his cars and he appreciated the chance to take the Legend coupe for a spin.  He and his wife sent me on my way with some fresh baked chocolate cookies!

Chris and I took the car down to the harbor at the Susquehanna River.

Starting to see signs for something that caught my eye.  The exit to my cousins’ place in Virginia was also the exit for “Tysons Corner.”

Getting a head-on view of the Mormon temple off I-495.

Tollway approaching the DC area.  Cost me a fortune to get down here!

This is the Fort McHenry Tunnel on I-95 south.  It’s 7,200 feet long and goes underneath the Baltimore Harbor.

Welcome to Virginia!

Finally just as I was about to hop off the 495 to head to my cousins’ place, I hit a traffic snarl that delayed me 15 minutes.  Tysons Corner!

Received a visit from a long time friend of mine, Ivan, who’s local to this area.  He’s a former Legend driver and current Acura RL driver.  Great guy – thanks for stopping by!

Finally I enjoyed a smoothie with my cousins at a newly-opened Robeks down the road.  Westbound leg of the trip starts tomorrow!

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  1. I am anxious to get to my computer and review your last few days complete with pics. Your story is truly remarkable. Long live the Legend!

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