Fort Worth, Texas

Odometer:  485,740

Howdy from TX!  Departure from Jackson happened pretty early this morning as I was anxious to get some westbound miles behind me.   Here I am taking off from the posh Motel 6 off Interstate 40 exit 80A.

Only about 70 miles down the road, I went through Memphis (and thankfully, didn’t hit rush hour too badly). The Arkansas welcome sign is on a 3-lane bridge with no shoulder that crosses the Mississippi River, so the best I could do for a picture was this drive-by.

In Little Rock, I hooked into Interstate 30.

Arkansas has some of the coolest city names I think I’ve heard.  Arkadelphia?  I also passed cities called Hope and Friendship.  Aww.

I took this one for Kevin.  A real live operating Stuckey’s in Arkadelphia!  The characteristic roofline is unmistakable.

4,426 miles into my trip I had my first “on the road” Legend sighting (aside from the meet in NJ, of course).  This 1991-92 sedan in Arkansas had seen better days!  Love the mismatched front fender.  The driver didn’t even acknowledge me as I waved in passing.

So, Indiana has Brazil, Arkansas has England:

And Texas has Paris.  This has turned into a real world tour!

Approaching Dallas on Interstate 30 and crossing through Hubbard Lake.

I went to my good friend Jeff’s place and viewed his two immaculate Legend coupes.  He has a twin car to mine — 1994 LS 6-speed coupe, Desert Mist Metallic with Taupe interior.  I consider it my car’s “evil” twin because it’s got all of the toys I’d like to put on my car if I had the money and didn’t beat it up on the highway so much.  Acura A-Spec wheels, JDM one-piece headlights, sport tuned suspension, clear/red taillights, Remus exhaust.  The list is way too long.  I had the privilege of taking it for a spin and enjoyed every second of it.  Feels like a completely different car from mine.  Jeff also drove mine around the block.

Drove over to a local lake for a couple of shots with part of the Dallas skyline in the background.

His car at around 122k is just a baby!  And it drove like a new car.

Great looking rear end 🙂

Tonight I had a great dinner at Mi Cocina in downtown Dallas with my friends Scott and Peter.

Dallas skyline at sunset off I-35 South.

Spending the night with my friend Stein in Ft. Worth and then off to the 20 westbound!

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