I’ve Got Competition

Odometer: 487,035

This morning, I relaxed in the Customer Lounge at Acura of Tempe and enjoyed the amenities while the Legend received an oil change – 3000 miles, yet only 8 days since the last one.  Everything looked great, they said.  I’ve never deviated from standard 5W30 oil throughout my maintenance history on this car.  I declined the wash, as I always do, because I planned to spend a little bit of time doing a hand-wash & wax with my preferred detailing arsenal of Meguiar’s products later in the day.

My friend Chris works at Tempe Honda and had told me about a high-mileage Honda Accord on display that had recently been taken on trade there.  I stopped by to take a look.  The 1990-1993 Accords are some of the most indestructible vehicles on the road.  Another Accord of this vintage is quickly approaching the 1,000,000 mile mark. See below for article link on “Million Mile Joe.”


This particular 5-speed LX sedan was in pretty remarkable shape, inside & out, and has just over 429,000 miles on the odometer.  The salesperson I spoke with, Daniel, was surprised to learn that I had this Accord beat in the mileage realm.

As planned, I spent some time this afternoon in car-detail mode and applied a coat of Meguiar’s carnauba wax by hand to the coupe.  The results are always rewarding.

Mechanically, things are reportedly good to go for the next 3,000 miles per Acura of Tempe but I’m still going to have those control arms in the rear checked out in greater detail.  I’m enjoying a (somewhat) relaxing weekend at home after having been on the road for so long.

4 Responses to “I’ve Got Competition”

  1. Yeah, if I had just spent 80+ hours behind the wheel in a the span of a week, I would want to sit home this weekend, too. I still think Acura should get behind your Drive to Five and promote your quest. It says a lot about Acura.

    Are you going to have the Legend bronzed? I read once about a guy who was buried in his car… as in he used it for his casket. I hope you’re not even remotely considering that….

    Save up for your trip north in a couple!

  2. Tyson,

    I have been watching this since I joined the .com and have watched it all transform! I have to congradulate you on your accomplishment! Its been an honor watching this happen and I look forward to watching everything happen. Would it be alright with you, if I called Acura of Tempe, along with a few other people that have made mention about this, and try to get them to cover this/sponsor it?

    Shoot me a text and we can chat a bit!

    Happy motoring!

    Ian – 425-351-9835

    • Ian, glad you’re enjoying the blog! Yeah it’s been a fun ride for sure. Please do feel free to reach out to whoever you wish – I’m happy to share my experience with others. I sent you a text too.

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    Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

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