Death Valley

Odometer: 488,417

Inevitably at some point during each work week I’ll get the question from coworkers:  “So, where’s this weekend’s trip?”  Maybe it’s because I have a giant US map pinned in my cubicle which serves no purpose other than to daydream daily about road trip destinations.  I got some odd looks from people when I told them I was planning on going to a place which has the lowest, driest, and hottest locations in North America — in August, too.

I set out yesterday to join a friend of mine, Brenda, for a visit to Death Valley.  We descended from about 3,500 feet in elevation to sea level – and below – within about 15 miles.  The landscape is a vast wasteland once you get into the valley.  No place to seek shade!  We packed in some water bottles to stay hydrated for good measure.

The following picture was taken just east of Stovepipe Wells Village in the park.  There are some sand dunes in the area.  Death Valley is known for its temperatures – the highest on record being recorded at Furnace Creek, at 134 degrees Fahrenheit in 1913.  Yesterday it was “only” around 113.

Check out the fuel prices in Furnace Creek.  I’m glad I filled up elsewhere.

This is a side-road off the main highway near Furnace Creek called “20 Mule Team” road.  It feels like another planet.  Desert Mist paint color sure does blend in with the desert.

Thanks Brenda for a fun afternoon!

You can’t pass by the World’s Largest “anything” without pulling over for a picture, so I did that here off Hwy 95 while en route to Vegas.

I stayed with a friend in Las Vegas last night and rolled back to the Phoenix area bright and early.  Shortly into the drive, I passed by Hoover Dam.  Until just recently, the highway went OVER the dam and it was notorious for being a traffic bottleneck.  A bypass bridge has since been completed that slices out the delay considerably.  This bridge is an impressive feat of engineering.  The road level stands 880 feet above the Colorado River, making this the second highest bridge in the United States.  I took a short detour to snag a picture over the edge of the bridge on the Nevada side (the river serves as the NV/AZ state line).  Hoover Dam is in the distance.

The Legend passed this week’s extreme heat durability test with flying colors.  Looking forward to the next adventure.

8 Responses to “Death Valley”

  1. Kevin Amoth Says:

    Tyson, great pictures and commentary once again! The gas prices at the Chevron station was true “highway robbery.”

    Desert Mist a perfect color for your car as well as the surrounding area where you were.

    500,000 on my birthday is looking like it could happen. (11-13)

  2. Kevin, you’re absolutely right – apparently along with extreme heat come extreme gas prices! Hey I might have to target a 500k roll-over on your birthday. Let’s make it happen.

  3. Want to train for the Death Valley Marathon with me? Me neither. Ha.

  4. Tyson! We need to plan a Lexus/Acura caravan and road trip.. send me the details!

  5. Death Valley has a marathon, you know. It’s one of my favorites ever. You can catch it on December 3rd this year, so it won’t be a cool 113; it’ll be a crisp 65. Check it out! One more road trip for a run trip, perhaps?

    • Rabid – that looks awesome! Only 300 participants, too, so it’s pretty exclusive! DV would definitely be a lot more inviting at 65 than it was at 113. I’ll have to let that marathon option marinate for awhile! Thanks for following the blog – I’m keeping an eye on yours too 🙂

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