I <3 Acura

Odometer:  490,826

Couldn’t help but capture a classic Arizona sunset on my way to dinner Wednesday evening.

In a prior life before my days in the prescription Rx biz, I worked a couple of years for an airline.  Without fail, any time I wore company-logo apparel around town I’d be signing up myself to be a customer complaint sounding board.  Seems everyone loves to talk about their missed connection, lost baggage, or uncomfortable seat.  I had to grin yesterday as I wore one of my new Acura Polo shirts yesterday because the experience was so very different.

I wore my black Acura polo shirt to the office.  By noon, three people had already commented on it.  First thing this morning, Tami who I work with said, “I really like your Acura shirt.”  She drives a TSX but is totally NOT a car person.  She somehow managed to run out of gas in a loaner TL once.  That’s how little she pays attention to her car.

Walking to get a sandwich at lunch, cutting through the parking lot of a medical complex.  A lady of senior citizen age got out of a red Jetta and I was text-messaging on my phone as I walked.  “Great cars,” she said.  I asked, “What?” as I looked up, thinking she was talking about her VW.  “Acura… they make amazing cars!”  I said, “Yeah I agree, that’s what I drive.”

After ordering a sandwich at the deli, one of the guys behind the counter asked, “Do you work for Acura?”  I told him that no, I just drove one.  He said, “Oh man, my friend just got a new TSX and I drove that thing and didn’t want to get out.  That car felt like it drove itself!”  I nodded and told him about how my friend just purchased the wagon equivalent and loves it.  I think I’ll be stocking up on more Acura clothes because it’s been a long time since I’ve felt so popular!

I was reminded of an Acura Legend “meet” years ago (March 2008) when a few of us local PHX-area enthusiasts met at Acura of Tempe and then took a scenic cruise in our Legends to Tucson.  We proudly wore our new T-shirts for the day.  This was a candid shot that surfaced in the meet pictures later on.  That’s Rosalinda, myself, and Ethan checking out Ethan’s latest additions to his 1993 LS 6-speed coupe.

Happy Friday to all my readers, and TGIF!  This weekend’s plans are yet to be determined, so if you have a roadtrip destination in mind, post it in the comments!  Safe travels to all this weekend.

3 Responses to “I <3 Acura”

  1. Let me know when you place an order! We could always order custom shirts tooting your horn, too.

  2. Penny~Lady6spd Says:

    How about hooking up with Irene in Long Island, New York this weekend? ha ha
    What ever you do this weekend, have fun and be safe!

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