TireKicker Feature

Odometer:  491,877

I’m just 88 mph short of being able to take a trip back to 1985 — or 2015, depending on which of the Back to the Future trilogy you prefer.  The Legend today was named a “time machine” by automotive enthusiast and journalist Michael Hagerty, owner & operator of TireKicker.


Since 2008, Michael has road tested an average of 100 new vehicles per year and provided the everyday driver with a concise and un-biased look at the cars and trucks hitting the showrooms today.

Michael and I met in mid-2009 when he at the time was working for a local Phoenix-area news station and doing a short story on people who’ve kept their cars beyond 200,000 miles.  At the time, my coupe had a mere 378,000 on the odometer.  It was a pretty unreal experience turning on the morning news before work and seeing my car on the big screen.

June 2009 – Scottsdale, Arizona

Michael and I have kept in occasional contact via email since then, and today, he posted about the “time machine” Legend on his blog.

Have a look at some of his reviews and you’re bound to be pulled in like I was.  How jealous I am of his chance to savor so many different vehicles.  Take a look at TireKicker’s “Top 10” vehicles on the right hand margin of his blog and other “Top” cars in other categories.  It makes me feel a bit boring to have stared at the same 1994 dashboard for the last 9 years and 397,000 miles.  Thanks, Michael, for the shout-out!

Check out TireKicker here:


8 Responses to “TireKicker Feature”

  1. Great read! I don’t recall reading any other stories on TireKicker, but now I’ll have to keep a watch on that site. And, of course, your coupe looks awesome.

  2. Great visibility on your car from the Tire kicker guy.

    Have you driven your car through the park at Yosemite ?
    Beautiful place, and not too terribly far away for you from AZ.
    Have you driven up PCH1 from LA to Monterey and SF. Lots of beautiful sites as well. I’m sure you’ve been on those highways sometime in those 491K miles. Or maybe the car hasn’t seen those places since before you took ownership. Mine rolled over 197K 2 days ago. It’s going to be close (you 500, me 200), no big trips planned for me. Maybe Tahoe this weekend. Have you been to Tahoe? Yet another beautiful place!

    • Duane, I’ve never been to Yosemite but it’s always been on my list of places to see. I’d also like to do the PCH but the only time I’ve been to the Monterey area was for a Legend meet in 2007 or 2008 when I was actually in my pearl white Legend GS 6-speed at the time. Been through Tahoe a couple of times – gorgeous area. You should head up there this weekend! I’ll be hitting up the southern Utah scene again to spend some time with family. Enjoy your holiday and watch for updates soon.

      • Yosemite is just like the Grand Canyon, but way different at the same time. It’s one of those places that you say to people, “you haven’t been there?, You’ve got to go there at least once.”

        We’re heading to Tahoe on Sunday and Monday. Another must see place for anyone to go at least once, ids Jackson’s Hole and The Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming. Have you been to the Rockies west of Denver (Vail, Breckinridge, Aspen, Telluride, Ouray, Steamboat Springs, Durango, Another beautiful place is Vancouver, BC, Victoria BC. So many places, so little time. I’ve got 20 years on you, I’ve had more time to go places, just not as many miles in the same car. Ft Lauderdale and surrounding areas is pretty darn nice too, and so many more. Have fun in Utah.

  3. Agreed on the Grand Canyon analogy. I know of many lifelong Arizona residents who’ve never been there – even once. There are so many destinations to be discovered in our vicinity and so little time to do it. I’ve never been to any of the CO cities you mentioned but I got within 30 miles or so of Durango when I did a Four Corners tour a few years back. I’ve been to Victoria BC but I’d love to go back – and take the car this time. I believe there’s a ferry that runs from Seattle. And Fort Lauderdale is another must-see. Another Florida destination I need to experience is Key West. I really want to drive across all the bridges leading up to it. Here I go daydreaming about roadtrips while I’m at work again…

  4. I grew up in a Wash DC suburb in VA. Two friends and I took a 2 week road trip which went down the west coast of FL all the way to Key West, and back up the east coast. We stayed at camp grounds every night. It was a lot of fun. Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Daytona, Clearwater and Key West were all great destinations. Even saw one of the qualifting races at daytona a few days before the Daytona 500. And then 34 years went by.

    • I know the feeling! Time flies for sure. Would love to see a Daytona 500 at some point. I may pick your brain about some of these destinations as I get deeper into Florida trip planning mode. I’m actually flying to Tampa next month for a wedding so I’ll experience that area of the state for the first time. Enjoy your 3 day holiday weekend!!

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