The Big 3-0

Odometer:  504,771

A milestone of another sort has come to pass!  My friend Grant from Marquette, Michigan shares my same birthday today.  His message to me today:  “I’m going to celebrate in two states, but the way you rack up mileage, I bet that’s pretty much every year for you!”  And another just now from my friend Nate:  “You probably drove to Chicago for the day or something.”  These people know me!

My Legend turned 18 years old in October, and I’m turning 30 years old today.  We’re getting up there.  My friends have endlessly teased me about hitting this age, but I’m excited for what next decade will bring.  I’ve now driven an Acura for 9 of my 14 driving years and don’t plan on shifting brands anytime soon.

I enjoyed a long Christmas weekend in my hometown in Utah visiting family and friends.  I checked out my friend Clint’s recent acquisition that I told him I’d share on the blog – a mintalicious 1992 Acura Vigor GS with 88k on the odometer.  Now here’s a car you don’t see in this condition very often!  The 5 cylinder engine was pretty revolutionary for its time.  I’ve owned a Vigor before and loved its nimble demeanor.

My Legend was able to stay tucked into its warm garage all weekend but fired up right on cue on Tuesday morning when it was time to roll into the office.  Yesterday I decided to pull a Carfax on the Legend for the heck of it – hey, it’s appreciating in value!   Look at that – it’s worth $1,390 above retail book now.  Some things do get better with age (miles).  Ha!

So for today:  I’m lucky to have my dad and step-mom Tanya in town this week spending a few days with me.  My dad is Mr. Handyman and I’m taking advantage of his skills.  As a side note:  It’s thanks to his careful training that I became such a car fanatic.  I remember how he’d pull our family car or truck out onto the grass on the front lawn and have me assist with detailing.  He’d even take pictures of the cars on “display.”  A neighbor one time asked if we were hosting a car show at our house.  When I was around 3-4 years old I’d assist with cleaning these giant tires on this 1979 Ford pickup – because that’s all I could reach on it!  My young mom pictured here underneath the monster truck…

Here are a couple of the things we tackled today.

First off, we hiked Camelback Mountain – having lived in the Phoenix area for 6 years now, I’ve always wanted to do this but never had the chance!  My dad, Tanya, and my friend Matt and I enjoyed the perfect 70-degree December weather and reached the summit.

I put my dad and Tanya to work with some household upgrades, including some painting, installation of a new light fixture, and mounting of my Acura banner – finally!  Fits nicely on the garage wall.

Since the garage was getting cleaned out, there was no better place to store an extra set of Acura Legend wheels than the kitchen.

Also took this sunny opportunity to climb on my rooftop and check on a “science project” of sorts.  About 2 years ago I put some die-cast 1:18 scale model cars up there to see how they’d fare in the Arizona weather.  Geeky and fun.  I check on the cars about once every couple of months.  As predicted, the temperature and elements have weathered the miniature fleet much like they do with the full size versions!

And a great birthday dinner at Firebirds Wood Fired Steakhouse in Chandler, Arizona with friends to top off an amazing day.

I’ll be taking off a week from Sunday for Michigan!  I’ll be packing my warmest weather gear and I’m looking forward to the experience.

Hope all my readers are having a safe and happy holiday season.

7 Responses to “The Big 3-0”

  1. Happy birthday, my son, Tyson!

  2. Happy birthday my friend!

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  4. tys, i cannot believe you have a “fleet” of miniature cars on top of your house. this pleases me immensely.

    • Oh yes! This car-addiction sickness runs pretty deep around here. Please feel free to come test-drive any vehicle from the bite-sized fleet! It will require scaling a ladder to get to the hot weather proving grounds… Love ya Katie!

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