100th Post!

Odometer:  509,250

Time for a little celebration.

Drive to Five has made it to 100 posts since its first entry on March 28, 2011!  It’s been a fun ride, and I thank my readers for joining me in the passenger seats.  On March 26th, I’ll also celebrate my 9th year of ownership of my 1994 Acura Legend.  Anniversaries all around.

Over the years, the old Acura has achieved a fair number of award-worthy accomplishments.

Here are a few of the fun memories:

  • 2nd Place, Best Import, Lakeland Hills (Washington) Rockin’ Auto Show – 2005
  • Best Engine, Best Interior, OCDetails Fall 2005 Car Show, Salt Lake City Utah
  • 3rd Place Imports, 19th Annual Rotary Easter Car Show 2004, Hurricane Utah
  • 2nd Place Imports, 26th Annual Rotary Easter Car Show 2011, Hurricane Utah
  • 2nd Place Touring Division, 100 mph Class, Bonneville 100 Open Road Race, June 2007, West Wendover Nevada

And I’m still driving it daily!  Grocery run on Friday afternoon.

And the clouds have rolled in today.  We haven’t seen any moisture for at least a few weeks around here!  So naturally like any Arizonan who rarely gets to see “real” weather, I got a little too excited and took the chance for photo opportunity.

I never dreamed that driving the wheels off this old Legend would someday afford me the ability to play a small role in the launch of a brand new car for Acura.  The below picture was taken in January at the Detroit Auto Show.  Behind that translucent wall (and underneath a cover) sat the ILX concept car, yet unseen to the public eye.  I admit, I peeked around the corner of the wall, but I could only see the bottom half of a wheel!  Suspense was killing me.

Since that day, not only have I been able to see and touch the ILX, but I’ve been able to drive it!  There are questions and answers being posted to the Acura ILX Facebook tab where I am able to interact with people who are interested in finding out about this 2013 model.  Following are a couple of video examples of my experiences in meeting with the designers who play a role in bringing new Acuras to life.

Exterior design video with Jon Ikeda:

Interior design video with John Norman:

There is more to come, so stay tuned!

4 Responses to “100th Post!”

  1. Tyler S. Says:

    Beautiful detail shots with the rainwater — love that closeup on the wheel!

  2. “Rain – its part of your everyday life in Washington State. Except for the two weeks in August when it doesn’t rain EVERY day”
    (my new slogan for the soggy NW)

    Great pictures Tyson

    • Thanks, Dave! Yeah you can send us your leftover rain clouds any time you like. We could sure use the moisture. I’m generally a blue sky addict, but every once in awhile I love it when the weather throws us some variety. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

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