Thunderbird School Tour

Odometer:  509,646

I took a Sunday drive last weekend over to the campus in Glendale, Arizona where I attended graduate school called the Thunderbird School of Global Management.  The International Master’s of Business Administration program is what brought me to Arizona in January, 2006.  The Legend had about 202,000 miles on it when I moved from Utah.  Thunderbird’s program has topped US News & World Report’s list of the “international” focus graduate programs for 17 years.  I had a great experience there, and many of my colleagues are now using their skills globally.

Here’s a series of 10 pictures that I took around campus, which gets its name from its roots as the Thunderbird airfield and dates to 1946.  The student center is a converted airplane hangar and the school embraces its military airbase heritage.  Campus was pretty quiet!  During the time when I was in the program, the on-campus student body was only about 600 students.  Enjoy the tour.

I attended a car detailing “party” with friends yesterday in south Phoenix at my buddy Brian’s place.  The Legend got some leather conditioning and an engine touch-up.  It came out looking pretty nice, especially considering the next highest mileage vehicle there (Phil’s Benz, pictured) had only about 167,000 on it.

This old Type II V6 engine still looks decent!

With Phoenix area temps forecast to be pushing 90 degrees by the end of this upcoming week, I’m glad the A/C is in good working order on the old car.  I’m just a couple hundred miles away now from my next oil change.  The Legend is also due for its next timing belt and water pump at 511,013 miles.  This will be 6th time the timing belt has been changed.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

4 Responses to “Thunderbird School Tour”

  1. The Legend gets another timing belt, its sixth, which is as many belts as I own hanging in my closet! Is this maintenance courtesy of Acura? Let’s now put a prediction on where and when you’ll turn over 555,555!

  2. Keep it rolling Tyson! Hope the new timing belt gives her another 100k of fun driving!

    • Thanks Marc! Yeah this next timing belt will get me down the road until 600,000. I’m driving fewer miles than before so it might take me a bit longer, but I’ll get there eventually!

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