510,000 And Counting

Odometer:  510,010

Fewer than 5 months have passed since the 500k Celebration at Acura Headquarters in Torrance, California and the Legend has easily completed another 10,000 miles.

I’ve got a few gauge cluster bulbs burned out but I knew tonight was the night, so on my way home from a friend’s place I was prepared to document the occasion – even if it meant needing a flashlight!  The site was Loop 202 Westbound in Mesa, Arizona at Greenfield Road.

This old Acura was spotted on my way to work a few days ago.

Looks like a pretty clean car to me for being about 25 years old.  The 1987 Legend coupe was for its time a revolutionary automobile, even garnering accolades like Import Car of the Year by Motor Trend magazine.  In comparison my car is still relatively young at “only” 18 years old.  This week the Legend went to my local dealership for its 156th oil change.

This particular dealership has a glassed-in waiting area where customers can watch their vehicles being worked on.  Naturally, I wanted to keep an eye on my Legend so I snagged this picture.

Aside from the oil change, the car also got a new “100-month” Acura OEM battery.  This is the Legend’s 6th battery counting the original that came with the car when it was manufactured in October, 1993.  The hot desert climate here is very tough on batteries – the last couple of batteries have been Optima Red Top brand and have lasted me about 3 years each.

All of today’s service was courtesy of Acura thanks to the company’s generosity extended during the Drive to Five Celebration last November at headquarters in Torrance, California.

The following have been done to the car in the last 10,000 miles:

  • 4 oil changes
  • Battery
  • Manual transmission service
  • Replace alternator
  • Replace front upper control arms

“Premium Unleaded Fuel Only” reads my car’s gauge cluster as well as a sticker insider the fuel filler door.  I paid $4.25 yesterday per gallon of 91 octane gasoline at the Shell station in Tempe, Arizona.  Ouch!  The pain was made only slightly better when I saw this promotional sticker on the gas pump.  Buy 8 gallons or more, get a free cookie!

I enjoyed every delicious bite – especially knowing that it wasn’t really free, but that I had in fact paid quite dearly for it.

Happy Friday!

9 Responses to “510,000 And Counting”

  1. Kevin Amoth Says:

    Gauge cluster bulbs and a free cookie. What a combination to be talked about in this great blog. From experience and work to be done on mine this weekend, cluster bulbs and cluster removal is a fun job. I’m loving my car after a Type II engine replacement. Yesterday when I pulled into work, my cluster showed 212,012.1 miles on it. A far cry from your fantastic 510,000 miles. Keep up the good work Tyson!

    • Hey Kevin! I know – I’ve been meaning to get to those gauge cluster bulbs. Half my temp knob on the climate control unit is burned out, too. Think they’re easy to get to without breaking clips and things? I’ve never dared dig into it! Glad to hear you’re back on the road with a fresh Type II. Legends never die. Keep that beautiful car on the road.

  2. Are those chrome wheels I spy on the now 510 (000?) If not you sure cleaned them up!

    Keep on keeping on Mr. Hugie

    • Hey Dave, those are just my regular set of GS wheels that I had refinished / powder coated several years ago. They sure clean up nice! Thanks for staying tuned to the blog – hard to believe another 10k miles have passed.

  3. did you get your GS wheels chromed? Or do you you have a set of each?

    • Duane, as I mentioned just now in my reply to Dave, those are just my regular GS wheels but for some reason they look particularly shiny in the video. The only spare set of wheels I have right now is my set of sporty 19″ Racing Hart wheels, but they don’t get used very often because the tires are old and in need of replacement. Drive on!

  4. Your friends really have an eye for detail (noticing clean wheels and all). Speaking of eye (I) spy, I saw a 2-door Legend here in Logan yesterday, black, in really good shape. We tried to catch up to it for a Kodak moment but a red light held us back as it sped off. The owner is likely another Legend enthusiast. It cracks me up that the Acura dealership allows their customers viewing of an oil change — reminds me of the nursery in a hospital where the babies are behind the glass as family members spectate them getting delicate care by nurses. Haha.

    I am guessing we will celebrate 555,555 miles in March 2014. Ride on!

    • Thanks for the attempt at getting a spy shot! Maybe next time. Yes, I love the waiting room area at Acura of Tempe because I can keep an eye on the service bay while the work is being performed. TGIF! Hope the weather in northern Utah lets you get out and catch some rays this weekend.

  5. Must have been the Scottsdale moonlight?

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