Saguaro Lake

Odometer:  510,206

Let’s talk about a legend of another sort today:  Rachel Veitch!

This lady at age 93 has finally decided to retire a vehicle that she bought in 1964 and put 576,000 miles on.  If it weren’t for her degrading eyesight, no doubt she’d press on and shoot for the 600,000 mark.  I love this lady’s enthusiasm and sense of adventure – not to mention commitment to her vehicle.  If I ever find myself road-tripping through Orlando, I’m picking her up for a few miles as a passenger in my own high-miler.   Many thanks to Rachel for her inspiration and I hope her Mercury Comet continues to drive on.

I do however have to point out that Rachel’s car went through 3 sets of shocks, 18 batteries, and 8 mufflers.  My Legend (though it’s still 60k miles behind her car) has the original struts, its 6th battery, and original muffler.  Not too shabby!

I decided it was time for a mini roadtrip adventure in the old Legend, so after work yesterday I set off for Saguaro Lake. This 1,264-acre reservoir is about 30 miles from my home in Scottsdale, located right off the Highway 87 “Beeline” Highway, and then a few miles down the Bush Highway.  The lake gets its name from the Saguaro cacti that are abundant in the area.  These cacti may survive for up to 150 years and can grow up to 50 feet tall.  The views at Saguaro Lake are remarkable at any time of day, but especially noteworthy at sunset which is when I happened to be rolling through.

Come along for the ride.

Also a quick shout-out to my friend Ian who allowed me a few minutes behind the wheel this week of his 2012 Honda Civic Si 6-speed.  What a blast to drive!  Ian found Drive to Five by stumbling across my YouTube channel.  He’s local to Phoenix and an enthusiast of high-mileage vehicles.  We met up briefly for a Frosty at Wendy’s and a picture in the poorly lit parking lot of the 510k mile Legend and the 3k mile Civic.

For anyone who’s keeping up on current automotive events:  Remember that this is the week of the New York International Auto Show!  There are many exciting things to come from Acura.  Among them, a brand new flagship model to be revealed.  Tomorrow’s Acura press conference will be held at 1:50 p.m. Eastern time so expect to see plenty of documentation about the new model later in the day.

Cheesy grin because I love being behind the wheel of my Acura!

7 Responses to “Saguaro Lake”

  1. Kevin Amoth Says:

    Another great read and the part about Saguaro Lake brings back memories. My father’s place at South Saguaro Way in Mesa is only 20 miles from the lake and recreation area. Many years ago the day after Christmas we went up there for a picnic lunch. When I drove my father’s minivan back to Minnesota one year I went up the 87 Beeline Highway. What a lot of fun that was driving in a curvy road with a cat that got sick 30 minutes out! I bet the drive is a lot more fun with your 510,000 mile L E G E N D.

    • Kevin, you need to get me the addy to your dad’s place and I’ll go park the 510k miler in front of his house for a picture for you! That’s a funny story about the sick cat – poor thing though! Look forward to seeing you in Milwaukee this summer.

  2. Jeff Rushe Says:

    Looking good Ty. Glad to see the Legend still very much alive and kicking.

    • Thanks Jeff! Indeed it is. Been a little while since I last touched base with you. What are you piloting these days? Seems like I saw a GTO on your page the other day.

  3. What is it about a photo of the sun hitting red rock cliffs in the background and a nice clean car in the foreground? It makes me just want to sigh. Good photography, Tys! The only that could complete the picture of that little road trip is me sitting shotgun and listening to good music!

    I will catch up to you soon — very soon!

  4. * please insert the word “thing” between words “only” and “that.” Haste makes waste!

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