Metal Mania & Fresh Tint

Odometer (Legend):  514,250

Odometer (ILX):  2,517

The above was as much excitement as the 2013 ILX saw over the weekend, parked at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport’s offsite parking for a few days.  That’s because I was playing on the east coast and getting my ears blasted by heavy metal.

New Jersey Travels:

I was one of 30,000 people who attended a 30-band music festival in Atlantic City, New Jersey called “Orion Music & More,” headlined by Metallica.  Say what?  Yes I still have my hearing!

One highlight of the trip right off the bat upon arrival in Philadelphia airport was getting to see my good friend Chris from the Baltimore area.  He was the single most influential person in stoking the fires of high-mileage aspirations for me.  I loved reading about his > 200k mile Honda Prelude over a decade ago when we were both active members on a now-obsolete online message board for Honda Prelude enthusiasts.

I’ve shared Chris’ story on Drive to Five before.  His original 3rd generation Prelude ended up kicking the bucket just prior to seeing its odometer roll over to 400,000, but a few months ago his old Prelude was reborn (in spirit) in the form of a gorgeous red 1991 Si 4WS 5-speed.  This is the ride in which he picked me up after my redeye flight on Saturday morning.

The local Acura dealership, Metro Acura, beckoned from just a few blocks away so we ventured over there after having breakfast at Denny’s.

Metro had only 4 ILX models in stock – one of which was a beautiful Crimson Garnet 6-speed manual.

Chris checks it out.

PHL skyline:

And following are some of the sights from the concert at Bader Field, after driving the hour from Philly to Atlantic City:

Laser light show during the performance of “One” from Metallica’s 1989 “… And Justice for All” album.  As a “Met Club” member, my friend Matt was able to get us exclusive access to the area right next to the stage.  I was close enough to have lead singer James Hetfield’s spit reach me!

This festival marked the first time the band’s song “Escape” was been played live since its 1984 release.  Big history for metalheads.  This is a video I shot with my iPhone of the big debut.

Along with the concert was a car show – including this display of a 1950 Buick (under construction, right before our eyes) that looked nearly identical to the 1950 Buick that my Grandpa Hugie drove in the mid 1950’s (and which I shared here).

Other sights from around Atlantic City during our visit:  My Acura Legend-driving friends better appreciate this sign I spotted at Bally’s Casino!  Legend love, baby.

Boardwalk looking southbound in Atlantic City from the Pier Shops overpass.

Looks like I need to work on that farmer’s tan.  The beach was the place to be.

What trip to the Philadelphia area would be complete without a cheesesteak?  Better yet – for breakfast!  At 8:30 in the morning on Sunday, we dined at Pat’s King of Steaks on Passyunk Avenue in downtown.

Because time allowed, we also took a look at the 2,000 pound symbol of freedom known as the Liberty Bell which since 2003 has been housed in a very nice museum right across the street from Independence Hall.  The bell dates to 1752.  History that goes back far is nearly unheard of in the western U.S.!  Hard to even comprehend what things must have been like over 250 years ago.

In the background of the picture is Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Hey look, a black Acura TSX with Delaware plates parked next to our Mazda 6 rental!

A memorable trip without a doubt!

Updates on the ILX adventure:

“Alex” as the ILX has been named, is doing well and enjoying his youth.  The TPMS error that I had been experiencing is now fixed.  Acura of Tempe took care of the car yesterday while I cruised to work in a pearl white 2012 Acura TL with the Technology package.  The additional power from the TL’s V6 motor made for a fun freeway onramp acceleration experience, but the car didn’t feel like it handled as nimbly as my ILX.  I liked that the TL has two power outlets (the ILX just has one).

As it turns out, the issue with the tire pressure system was simply a calibration / “learn” procedure that needed to take place.  Was great picking up the freshly washed car.

This means it’s time to start keeping track of maintenance on my new car and hanging onto all of its paperwork.  Anyone who’s followed Drive to Five for awhile knows that I obsess over details and recordkeeping.  I’ve tracked every dime spent on maintenance in the Legend over its lifetime, and I’ll do the same with the ILX.

Legend receipts, for any who were wondering, now total $33,000.

The ILX receipts total $8.08, and that’s because I picked up a bottle of Silver Moon touch-up paint from the Parts Department.

Bring on the binders!  At left are my 2 volumes on the Legend, and at right is the newly started ILX record.

My friend Jordan stopped by to check out the new ride yesterday.  Jordan drives a 187,185 mile 1991 Legend L coupe automatic in Phoenix Red with some nice performance upgrades.  I’ve always had a love for red Legend coupes!  Nice ride, Jordan!

While living in the desert is great if you love 300+ days of sunshine per year like I do, it also has its drawbacks.  Phoenix turns into a giant dust bowl at times.  The wind kicked up last night and we got some severe weather.  If this picture looks grainy, it’s because of the sand particles in the air.

Today, I had the windows tinted on the car.  Even though the ILX is in covered parking at work during the hottest times of the day, the privacy and comfort of tinted windows is a necessity for me living in Arizona (also, notice external temp at 112 degrees on the odometer shot above).  I took the car to a local place called Arizona Cars and had them install some quality 3M window film.  I also took this opportunity to have the same company go ahead and install a clear shield on the nose of the car, in hopes that this one doesn’t end up looking like the battered old Legend by the time it gets to 500,000 miles.

I think the results turned out awesome!

Acura ILX Facebook Group:

Six years ago I created the Acura Legend Owners & Enthusiasts group on Facebook and membership has grown steadily to today’s 752 members.  The group makes an excellent venue for encouraging discussion, sharing pictures, and coordinating events.  I’m proud of how well the Acura Legend online community continues to thrive today even 17 years after the model was discontinued from production.  It is a testament to how much timeless “soul” Acura instills into its vehicles as well as the owners who drive them.

For those who just can’t get enough ILX content via Drive to Five and web-based forums like Acurazine, remember to join the Acura ILX Owners & Enthusiasts group to stay connected with other folks who share the common interest.

TireKicker Feature Story Follow-Up:

Michael Hagerty authors TireKicker, a place where since 2008 he’s reviewed over 100 cars a year and shared his insights with the world.  In a post last August I shared a little about my story of meeting Michael and how he went on to call my Acura Legend a “time machine” because of how well preserved it was, considering its longevity.  Check out Michael’s latest TireKicker entry here where he talks about the updated outcome of all my Drive to Five happenings.

Thanks again, Michael, for keeping in touch!

Over and out, until next time!  Safe travels everyone.

7 Responses to “Metal Mania & Fresh Tint”

  1. FoxCruiser Says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a great weekend. Escape is one of my favorite all-time songs and it was great seeing that video.

    Also glad the ILX is working out for you. Sounds like you’ve found a suitable ‘younger brother’ to the KA8! Do you still have the GS by any chance?

    • Adam, glad you enjoyed the video! I have more footage but the sound quality from an iPhone camera doesn’t do the concert justice at all. The KA7 GS is still here, too. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Pats what the FIRST place I stopped after flying into Phx Intl. on my quest to buy my GS 6MT. After Pat’s I had to walk across the street and try GINO’s. Both were very similar, but the onions that Pat’s came with were not as sauted as Gino’s and at that time and moment, I prefered Pats over Ginos. (plus there is a scene from the original ROCKY that was filmed at Pats!)

    You’re still young, those red eye flights won’t bother you for years down the road!

  3. Your ILX (still waiting for name) just keeps getting better and better. Be easy on him/her as I have dibs if and when you decide to pass it down (or up, as the case may be). I am anxious to give it a test drive this week!

    • ILX = Alex! Said it right here in this post. And you are definitely going to get some behind the wheel time this week. No, I won’t be trading you for your Lexus! 🙂 See you in a couple days!

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