Dealership Debut

Odometer (Legend):  515,208

Odometer (ILX):  13,396

For this post we’ll take a ride in Marty McFly’s time machine DeLorean to the year 1994 when Acura Legends were still sold new.  The old 515k Legend found its way into the dealership showroom for some display time.  Here are the latest images of the half-million miler at Acura of Tempe, courtesy of John Bazay.

Many thanks to John for his efforts in capturing these awesome images!

Service Manager Bob Santa Maria said that they received a lot of positive comments about the car during its stay there.  When I picked it up today, it fired up on the first try after having sat in the showroom for 10 days straight.  It also hadn’t leaked a drop of any fluid on the dealership’s tile floor.

This was the 4th time the old Legend sat inside the comfort of a dealership.

In May 2006, I put the car in the showroom at CU Auto Sales in Salt Lake City, Utah with my friend Branson’s “twin” 1994 LS coupe.  Mine had 218,530 miles on it.

In November 2007, Acura of Tempe, Arizona had it for a couple of weeks at 302,801 miles.

In June 2008, Planet Acura of Buena Park, California had the car for a day at 327,698 miles.

If only I had an air conditioned garage at home, it’d be a lot more comfortable place to putz around on the cars!

ILX News

ILX August 2012 sales numbers are out:

  • June:  1,081 units
  • July:  1,410 units
  • August:  1,733 units

The great news is that the car is catching on!  September will probably be the month when we see sales crest the 2,000 mark.  For a recent review of the 2.4 ILX like mine, check out this write-up by Winding Road.  They definitely captured the car’s “addictive” nature, as noted in the following excerpt:

In general, the ILX 2.4 comes together well as a package. Especially because of that motor/gearbox combination, it’s easy to find it a bit addictive. Don’t be surprised, as an owner, if you find yourself offering to drive to dinner more than your fair share.

Shout out to my friend Rich for sharing this picture of his “Legend Coupe Farm” in Georgia.

  • 91 Wht/Blk L 5MT 238K
  • 94 Blk/Blk LS 6MT 194K
  • 95 DMM/Type E LS AT 300+K

There’s just something about these dang Acuras!  They’re a lot like Lay’s Potato Chips:  You can’t have just one.

17 Responses to “Dealership Debut”

  1. Tyson, your coupe looks great! I’m glad you freshened her up! What a suprise to see the coupe farm out here… the poor DMM is another rescue project dropped in line with no pulse. I guess I should have included the ugly/abused/rescued green GS (aka “The Goblin”) but then “Coupe Farm” wouldn’t be nearly as appropriate.

    I always enjoy a visit to your blog… keep it up!


  2. I did not know The Legend was in display again, new paint and all! It would sure look good as a permanent fixture in the museum at Acura headquarters in Torrance!

  3. Marty McFly – 1984 had me confused there for a minute. (just because that was my high school graduating year. LOL)

    the pictures look a bit over saturated? Or maybe its that brighter Az. sun shine.

    Da coupe looks like a million bucks!

    Maybe one day Tia – The > 500k Legend in the HoA museum!

    • Hey Dave, the Back to the Future trilogy is my fave! I could watch those movies over and over again. Great Scott! Yeah John did say that the fluorescent showroom lighting was difficult to work with. Tonight’s the SLASH show at Celebrity Theatre! Would’ve been fun to have you in town.

  4. The Legend looks better than ever under those showroom lights. I love it and thanks for some wallpaper pictures. Did you get new shoes recently, those tires look new. Whose sig is that on the dash?

  5. Tyson- nice to see the coupe enjoying the showroom floor once again and with a facelift :). Problem with the museum is your coupe would be sent to a life of immobility which it is not meant for at this point!

    • I totally agree, Marc! The car’s not used to this level of “laziness.” I think it’s only been driven a couple thousand miles since I took delivery of the ILX in mid-June. I will make an effort to get the Legend out on a decent road trip sometime in the near future. We need to get your deserving coupes inside a showroom for a photoshoot soon! Maybe Bridgewater would allow you to pull them both inside for a time?

      • Funny you mention that.. not sure about them allowing me a showroom spot, but I was considering bringing my white coupe there sometime soon as I had promised them I would

  6. Is that Bridgewater Acura in NJ?

    • Yes. Bridgewater was the host dealership for NALM 2011 and we had a BBQ there. Marc was able to pull his black/tan 1995 Legend LS coupe 6-speed into the showroom for the day. It looked right at home there. Is Bridgewater in your neck of the woods, Dominik?

      • Yes it is, I purchased my MDX there and have ocassionally used them for service on both the MDX and TSX. What a small world, well not for you Tyson and you amazing road trips. 🙂

  7. Where do you live Dominik? I am about 40 min south of Bridgewater in Robbinsville. My black coupe was bought at Bridgewater Acura so it’s return there last year to the showroom was pretty neat. Marc

  8. Ok- not far from me at all. Are you on the forum. I am on there as MarcD. Maybe catch you on there!

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