Friday Flashback: 2005 Seattle Trip

Odometer (Legend):  519,415


Odometer (ILX):  26,733


I wore my black Acura Polo shirt to work on Thursday (as I do frequently!) and was asked by my coworker Virginia, “Shooting a commercial today?”  Haha, I love my coworkers!  I went ahead and drew up an “A” logo to pin it to my cube wall just to further let everyone know where my automotive loyalties lie!


I took the ILX to its lowest “range” a couple of days ago.  First time I’ve had this in the low 20’s before.


It’s fun to leave the car’s ignition in “ON” position and watch the range creep up as the fuel is being pumped in.  I even thought to take a video.  Range went from 22 miles to 422 miles in a matter of a few minutes.  The ILX fuel tank has only a 13-gallon capacity.

A fellow ILX driver on Loop 101 southbound in Scottsdale, Arizona today gave me a peace sign through the moonroof!  I don’t know who this guy was but he had a Nevada plate and a really clean looking ILX 2.0 base model in Crystal Black Pearl.  Thumbs up right back atcha!


In other ILX-related news, Dillon’s been at it again.  He goes by “Hondatalover,” and he loves putting together photoshops of anything Acura.  This is his latest rendering of the ILX featuring a few key enhancements:

  • Oversized wheels from the ILX Hybrid
  • Updated taillights
  • Wing spoiler
  • Decklid badging
  • Dual exhaust

I think it turned out pretty sweet!


High Mileage Success Stories

High mileage S2000!  A post from my friend in Florida showed up on my news feed this morning.  Impressive mileage at over 282,000.   Even if this car is the oldest S2000 (model year 2000) it’s still averaged about 21,700 miles over the last 13 years.  Just shows that even a sportscar is capable of being a long-hauler.


Hondabeat’s latest story in the High-Mileage Club is about a 2007 Honda Fit with over 369,000 miles on it.  That works out to over 60,000 miles per year!  These people drive even more than I do!


Car Chases & “Slimer”

I love a good car chase – and any car movies, for that matter.  Gone in 60 Seconds is one of my faves.  But my friend Marc shared a video link with me this week that was of particular interest because of the car that it featured.  This chase is 7 minutes ‘ worth of abuse to a 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport.  It’s from a 1973 film called “Fear Is The Key.”  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  That thing handles like a yacht!

When I was 10 years old, my dad had one of these as a carpool car.  It was bulletproof.  He’d take us out to empty parking lots covered in fresh northern Utah snow and we’d do donuts in the wintertime.  The car’s lime green exterior and dark green exterior were very 1970’s.  The car also leaked antifreeze, so we named it Slimer.  As in, Ghostbusters Slimer:


There are only two pictures we have of Slimer (hidden in the background).  It was parked on the side of the house, behind my dad’s pride and joy 1989 Ford F-250 4×4 pickup.  My youngest brother Payton is riding his bike on the driveway.  Payton is now 25 years old, married, with one child and another on the way!  Time truly does fly.

1972 Gran Torino_Slimer

Here’s another picture we were able to dig up.  Slimer is in the background, but I’m standing on the lawn with my brother in front of my mom’s 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix coupe 5-speed.  That was a fun car!  The speedometer was digital, as I recall.  And the glove compartment had a combination lock on it.


I’m not sure where that Gran Torino ended up, but even in 1992 at 20 years old it was fairly rusted out as I recall.  Here’s a clean one on Ebay in Houston that I’d love to pick up.

Legend Updates

The Legend is doing well but I’m wondering how much longer I’ll be able to milk the original clutch.  Back in 2009 when I was pricing out replacement clutches for my Legend sedan, I was quoted nearly $3,700 parts & labor!  Gulp.  I think I’ll try for a few more miles on the original unit.


Flashback – First Road Trip to Seattle

In July 2005, I took my Legend to the Pacific Northwest for the first time.  Following is a post I shared with the Acura Legend forums recapping the event.  The purpose of this trip (aside from just an excuse to take a drive) was to visit my friend Patrick who lived in the Seattle area and to enter my Legend in a car show called the Lakeland Hills Rockin’ Auto Show.

At this time, my Legend had 195,000 miles on the odometer.  This round-trip drive was about 1,700 miles and I departed from Logan, Utah where I was going to school at Utah State University.

Following are a few pictures that Pat posted of the car show itself.  His 1991 Persian Red LS coupe out-shone mine by a long shot.  There’s a good reason why we called this guy the “Detail King.”

The following was what I posted to the forums on 7/31/05:

Home sweet home at last!  That was quite the trip.  I won’t go into a lengthy report, but a few items of note…

Round-trip was about 2,400 miles.  I left Thursday night and just got back now (Sunday afternoon).  Slept in the car in Boise, ID going and coming back and had one night in a hotel room in WA.  Had clear skies for the entire drive — and believe it or not Pat, my car still looks great minus the bugs plastered all over!  Didn’t see one other G2 coupe on the roads the whole way there or coming back.

Washington is very scenic… Huge pine trees all over, a few fun tunnels to go through and plenty of nice bridges to cross.  Wish I could have stayed longer.

I decided to come home through Portland.  Oregon is also very scenic — but let me just rant for a bit.  Did you know you can’t pump your own gas in Oregon?!  What is up with that?  For some reason, that just irritates me.  #1 – I showed up at one gas station and no attendant came to assist (I didn’t want to break the law like I did the first time when I didn’t know better :)) #2 – Many gas stations close up at like 10 p.m.  What are people supposed to do when they need to fill up after that time?  I’m lucky I got to the station when I did.  Also — Oregon speed limits max out at a whopping 65 mph.  I was DYING by the time I finally got to the Idaho border and could throw the cruise control on at 82 mph again.  Why 65?

All in all — it was a really fun trip and I must say, for those who haven’t seen 91LSMAN’s car, it is EVEN BETTER looking in person than in the pics!  The shine is unbelievable.  This kid knows his stuff!  I was privileged to have him work on my car!  On to my pics…

Here’s where it all started!

Pat’s vault of supplies!

The result:

Chris’s car (SBWooder):

Pat driving:

On my way back through Oregon, I saw a photo-op I couldn’t pass up. As the sun was setting, the river alongside the road looked awesome.  These pics were taken last night on Interstate 84 just outside Portland, OR.

A shot of the scenery:

A nice TL that was at my hotel:

And finally, this is what my “office” looks like when I’m on the road for 17 hours at a time… cruizn 6th gear, atlas, MapQuest directions, phone, drinks, CDs, etc etc. 😀  Gotta love my ‘plasticked’ carpet!  (Thanks Mastervtec)

Amazing how times have changed!   Back when I took this trip in 2005, I printed up page after page of directions & maps from Google Maps.  I had no GPS.  No iPhone.  And no iPod.  Just a regular Sprint flip phone, a giant road atlas, and CD’s!  I’ve still kept in touch with Patrick, Chris, and the other Legend fanatics who I met on that trip.  Patrick’s in a Torch Red C5 Corvette now, and Chris has an absolutely stunning Milano Red 1994 Legend LS coupe automatic.


I have since traveled back to Seattle a couple of times.  I’ll share a write-up of my subsequent trips in a future flashback.  Is the phrase ‘future flashback’ an oxymoron?

Everybody go rock out to this song!  It sure sounded awesome in the ILX 7-speaker Premium sound system.


Company coming into town tonight!  There will be some car-related adventures this weekend, so stay tuned.

19 Responses to “Friday Flashback: 2005 Seattle Trip”

  1. And what sort of looks did you get from people as you took video of filling your car up with gas? And you didn’t even top off (at least not on video) Very kind to the environment!

    • Duane, I actually didn’t get any crazy looks at the gas station that time! But even if I did, it wouldn’t phase me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped my car in the middle of a road or some other random place to get the “perfect” picture. People always look at me funny.

  2. PACIFIC NORTHWEST! I just can’t believe how long, and how many miles you have driven without any GPS.

    • You’re right – it makes me wonder how I ever survived without it! I remember my first several cross-country trips to NALM. I’d print out Mapquest directions (page after page after page) and take them with me, along with that giant atlas. It was all I had! Today, I don’t leave home (for a long trip anyway) without my Garmin GPS. The “ETA” feature on that thing is always spot on! An absolute must-have for any road trip. Hope I can make it back to the PNW soon.

  3. Francesco Says:

    Next W-e me and my friend Albino will go to Lucca for this…

    The panda is nearly 270kkm 😉

    we also plan a Coast to Coast (NY to LA)for the 2014 summer…we

    are crazy!

    and You??the ILX and the Legend are doing well?

    • Wow, that dirt bike event looks like a ton of fun. I didn’t know you were into motorcycles! You will have to let me know how that goes next weekend. You’re almost to 270k on the Panda, very nice. Definitely let me know when you start planning your 2014 coast to coast trip because I might like to come along for the ride! Things are great here; thanks for asking. Hope you had an excellent weekend Francesco!

  4. Tyson, I didn’t know Acura has a clothing line! Where can I buy a shirt like that?

  5. Ah-ha! Now I know how the clearcoat on your Legend looks so perfect! Your friend Pat did a great job. The side panels look like mirrors. And I’m sure since then you’ve kept it up to where it’s as nice as it was then. I’ve been trying to get into detailing, but I feel my patience just isn’t up for snuff. I hope the Legend’s clutch hangs on for a while. I felt it was working well despite some feeling of wear. It didn’t slip, chatter or have any goofy engagements…all from my observation though of just a couple of miles. lol I enjoyed the posts…keep it up and I’ll be in touch for your trip to NM. I have some ideas I wanted to run by you.

    • Jason, you’re right – Pat and others taught me well when it comes to preserving a car’s paint finish. People often ask me what my “secret” is in keeping it looking nice, and I tell them there isn’t really any special ingredient except hard work & regular upkeep. Once you’ve done an initial deep-clean & polish, it becomes a lot easier to maintain things at that level. Your Accord already looks phenomenal. Look forward to chatting with you more about the upcoming NM trip!

  6. Another great write up and lots of trivia and history. Nice detailing by Pat.

  7. regarding the range…my ILX reads 0 miles left with 2 full gallons left in the tank. I often take it down to 0 (and “beyond”) before refilling.

    • Eric, that’s good to know! I’ve always wondered what kind of “reserve” capacity the ILX has when the range gets down that low. It’s always been interesting that the car rarely takes more than 10 or so gallons, yet the range says empty and I know it holds 13. I guess I’ll push my range to 0 next time just for fun :). Remind me, are you in the 2.0 or the 2.4?

  8. I have a 2.4. The gas tank is 13.2 gallons, and the gas light comes on with 3 gallons left in the tank. The range usually reads about 30 or 35 at that point. Then at 0 there’s 2 gallons left in the tank. I did get a little nervous testing that out the first time, but I trusted the manufacturers claimed 13.2 gallon capacity and it works. With the way I drive whenever the gas light comes on I just add 90 miles to my odometer and remember that’s my range, and usually fill up after about 50-60 additional miles.

    • Wow, that’s great to know. Alright, now I know that I can push those limits comfortably. Typically, though, I fill up around 1/4 tank “just because.” Any unscheduled maintenance for you on your ILX? What’s your odometer at?

      • I’m at 7600 or so. I went over a speedbump a little too fast and got a tire-pressure warning. I went in and they topped it off. That’s it. Just had my first oil change a bit ago. Everything’s going smoothly.

  9. Thanks Tyson. I checked out that website but it did not look like they have that specific type of polo shirt. If this means I can only get that shirt if my car breaks 500,000 miles, that is going to be tough! I am now only about to break 100,000 with my 2005 TSX. It has taken me eight years to get there. My goal right now is just to make it to 250,000 miles. I would be very happy with that.

    As a sidenote, I was just remembering what someone recently pointed out to me. The Acura insignia on that shirt and on the front of our cars very closely resembles the original Star Trek shirt insignia and communicator pins from Stat Trek The Next Generation. I had not noticed this before. Being a big fan of those shows just makes me like my Acura so much more.

    • You will without a doubt get to the 250,000 mile mark, it’s just going to take you another 12 years! Hang onto that TSX forever. Hope you take a picture when you hit 100k. Regarding the Acura logo, I had never really thought about a Star Trek connection but I think I can see what you’re referring to. The “A” itself actually represents a caliper, referring to the instrument that’s used in charting and graphing, since the brand’s focus is precision. Pretty cool background.

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