Friday Flashback: Mom’s 1993 Acura Legend L Sedan

Odometer (Legend):  522,209


Odometer (ILX):  38,438


To many people, a car is much more than a mode of transportation.  A vehicle carries with it a lot of memories.  I really liked this video about how a man sought after a 1948 Plymouth Convertible to give it to his parents for their 60th wedding anniversary.  The Plymouth was the same bodystyle as one they’d owned when they got married.

There’s one car to which I can attribute the root of my Acura fascination.

My mom purchased a Geneva Green 1993 Legend L sedan in the summer of 1997.  It had 53,960 miles on the odometer and was offered for sale by a small local dealership in St. George, Utah called St. George Auto Center that has since closed.  The car had an interesting history.  It had spent 2 years of its life in Maui, Hawaii.  Here is the screen capture of a recent AutoCheck report:


My mom picked up the car for $19,995.  I was 15 years old at the time and I loved the car.  She let me take it on dates through high school after I got my license.

Here’s a picture from the day we bought it in June 1997.

Temporary tag:


Other pics from over the years.

Detailing day.  Check my red 1989 Honda Prelude Si in the background.

A new set of 16″ polished aluminum Optima wheels, clear marker light lenses, and chrome fender trim had been added.  This would have been around 1998.

Later, we went for maximum “bling” and put on a set of 18″ Niche Bella wheels.  Mom had the hottest ride in town.

It was during this time that I also first started getting involved with the Acura Legend online enthusiast community, of which I’m still a part.  In the late 1990’s, one of the first sites dedicated to this car was launched by a California-based gentleman named Jim Trinh.  Jim’s 1991 Legend LS sedan, which he named Vivian, was the centerpiece of his site:

To this day, is still up and running, though only as an archive.  It hasn’t been updated for probably a decade.

I remember snail-mailing Jim some 5×7 prints of my mom’s car – yes, this was before I even knew how to scan and email, and Jim entered my name in the “2nd Generation” portal of the site under 1993.  Two pictures are still there.

And one in the Gallery:

I was away for a couple of years from 2001-2003 and my mom sold the car during that time (in essentially mint condition!) for $7,000.  Here is a picture of the date the sale happened in September 2002 at 137,984 miles.

That buyer traded it only a couple of months later on a Dodge pickup at a dealership in Boise, Idaho.  That’s the last I heard of the car.

I’d tracked the Legend over the years via Carfax, so I knew it was still in Idaho (and has sustained a couple accidents).  I had guessed the mileage must be well over 200k.

One day at work in 2009, I was waiting for an application to run on my computer, and (as I always do) I started browsing craigslist ads.  Of all the cities to search, I clicked Boise for the heck of it.  Searched for Acura Legend, and… there it was.   It took just one look at the picture, and I knew this was the car.  Aftermarket spoiler gave it all away.  That spoiler was a gift to my mom on Mother’s Day 1998.  The clear corner and bumper lights were things that I added.


I called the number in the craigslist ad.  I asked him if he could read me the VIN to the car.  When he got halfway through the number, I finished it for him.  He couldn’t believe I knew the VIN of the car he had for sale.  I told him the long story short about this car and asked him to send me some detailed pictures.

The story got even more interesting.  This guy ran a town yard and had only owned the car about a month.  The car, as it turns out, was involved in a high speed chase.  A police cruiser had to do two pit maneuvers to get the car stopped and arrest the driver.  That’s what the quarter panel damage came from.  When I shared this story with the my friends at the Legend forums, they started calling this the “Outlaw Legend.”

A friend helped me track down two articles about the police chase: News Article

Arrest Report Article

As officers picked up the suspect vehicle again on Fairview, the decision was made that the driver was placing the public at extreme risk and the decision was made by BPD supervisors to pursue the suspect. Officers pursued the suspect east on Fairview to Five Mile, south on Five Mile, and west on Executive. Executive turns into Pine. At Pine and Eagle Rd, the suspect turned south. Two Boise Police officers used the PIT maneuver to stop the suspect vehicle. The suspect vehicle tried to drive away after the first PIT, so a second officer used the PIT maneuver again which finally stopped the suspect vehicle. Both the officer’s car and the suspect vehicle came to rest on Eagle Rd just south of Pine on the railroad tracks.

These are the pictures I received from Rick at the towing yard.  The paint didn’t hold up too well, it appears.

And the next surprise:  At some point during the car’s life it got supercharged by Idaho Speed Center!  No wonder the police had such a time catching this guy.

The interior had seen better days.

Aftermarket stereo – probably worth more than the car was at that time!


The battery had been relocated to the trunk.

It was rough seeing the car in that kind of shape, especially after how well my family had cared for it back in the day.  If it hadn’t been for a steep $1,600 pricetag, I might have picked it back up for sentimental reasons.

According to AutoCheck, as of April 2011 the car was still on the road in Boise because the registration was renewed that month.  This means that someone must’ve spent the money to repair the body damage that happened in 2009.


Something tells me I haven’t seen the last of this one.  I tried checking with the tow yard just a couple of months ago to see if they’d share any information about where it ended up, but they weren’t cooperative.

I guess it’s only a matter of time until it pops up again.

I picked up a GoPro camera this week so I played around with it on my commute to work this morning.  Here is my 10-mile commute (15 minutes) shortened to just a little over 2 minutes.  Enjoy!


I’m off to southwestern Colorado in the ILX tomorrow!  I parked next to one of my favorite Hondas at lunch today:  a 2001 Electron Blue Pearl Honda Prelude SH.  Love that color.  Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

14 Responses to “Friday Flashback: Mom’s 1993 Acura Legend L Sedan”

  1. I used to own a ’99 Electron Blue Pearl Civic Si, amazing color and a fun car to drive!

    • Absolutely love that color. There’s a 99 EBP Si at my office that’s so clean, I left a note on it asking the seller to call me if he/she decides to sell! Most of those Civics by now have been highly modified or junked out in some other way. Hope you have a great weekend, Terry!

  2. Nice history and follow up on your moms legend, Congrats on the Go Pro, I am sure we will see more vids from you down the road.

  3. That was a very nice 1993 Acura Legend you guys had. I love the color and stock wheels. What was the official name of that color?

    Also, since you are going to Colorado, don’t forget about the San Juan Skyway road. Will you be driving close to this road? It is one of the roads I would like to drive one day. It is an All American road.
    It looks like it is in South west Colorado!

    Will the ILX become familiar with this road? 🙂

    If you do go, please be very careful. Check out the drop on the side of this road! and no guard rails!!

    • You read my mind, Carlos! I’m driving that very stretch of road tomorrow! I arrived in Durango a couple hours ago. Tomorrow morning I’m taking my mom and stepdad up Hwy 550 to experience the sights of the San Juan Skyway. Pics to come 🙂

  4. Pretty bizarre you were able to track the car down, and especially cool it has such a celebrity status history. I bought my first Legend 1993 LS sedan just a few weeks (05-28-1997) before your mom got hers for $20,500. Mine had 36K miles on it, and even had the spoiler. I kept it until it had 193K miles. I sold it in 2008.

    Too bad the DMV records aren’t public. I sure would like to track down a few of the cars I had back in the late 70’s / early 80’s.

    Great story Tyson!

    • Thanks Duane! Wow, sounds like you were in the Legend market about the same time we were back in 1997. You put quite a few miles on your 1993 LS over the years. Do you have record of the VIN for any of your cars from the 70’s and 80’s?

  5. Tyson, this was a great post. I almost can’t believe you were able to track down your Mom’s Legend after all those years. And, the history that car now has is really impressive. I’d say if you see it again for sale, pounce on it! (For the right price, of course) It would be a great project. I often wonder if someday I’ll ever have the chance to buy back my RSX. I’ve been a fan of the Prelude too. There’s a really clean SH down the road from me that I admire often. It’s “slammed” to the ground but otherwise stock-looking. Enjoy your trip!

    • Jason, you bet I’ll pounce on that car if I ever see it listed again! A friend today told me about a site called “Check My Ride” that’s run by AutoCheck ( The idea, from what I gather, is that you go on there and log your vehicle ownership history. It supposedly gives you the ability to see where your old vehicles are currently registered and whatnot. I haven’t had time to look too deeply into it, but it sounds like something I’d be fascinated with! Just arrived for the night in Chinle, Arizona. Back to Scottsdale tomorrow. It’s been a great weekend! Hope yours is going well, too.

  6. Your video about the Plymouth reminded me of this one:

    • Cody, I thought about sharing that one on the blog too! The chances of that guy tracking down his dad’s ACTUAL 1965 Impala were pretty slim, but he did it! Pretty awesome story right there.

  7. I remember you posting about the “outlaw Legend!”

    I can’t believe you added the chrome fender well trim to your Mom’s Legend! UGH! Live and learn I guess.

    I was looking at the GoPro black last week. I like the idea of the chest and head attachments you can get for them. A good way not to miss something when you want to film.

    • Dave, I know! I have to roll my eyes about how much we “riced out” that car back in the late 1990’s. It was such a gorgeous car in stock configuration and we had to endlessly add bling to destroy the clean design. If I ever get my hands on it again, it’ll go back to stock 1993 L condition, complete with those impossible-to-clean 16-spoke 15″ alloy wheels.

      I’m LOVING the GoPro. Shot over an hour of video today atop the ILX on the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado. Looking forward to going through the footage this week to see what I can come up with, video wise. You’ll see it here soon enough!

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