Reader’s Ride: Chuck’s Acura Legends

Odometer (Legend):  522,654


Odometer (ILX):  47,310


When I moved to Arizona nearly 8 years ago, the Acura Legend enthusiast network was one of my means for meeting new friends in the area.  Chuck was one of those first people who I connected with.

In February 2007, I owned a 207,000 mile white Acura Legend GS 6-speed manual.  At the time, Chuck had two beautiful Sirius White Pearl 1993 Legends.  We decided to have a “Pearl White Block Party” and I shared a few pictures on the Legend forums at the time.


Chuck’s sedan had 61,000 miles on it.  His 6-speed coupe had 17,000 miles on it.


Today, Chuck’s sedan is gone but the coupe lives on, now with just under 31,000 miles on the odometer.


Purchased in December 2004 with 16,000 miles on it, this car sees the road only when it’s time to head to the golf course (once a week or so).


The license plate “AZLEGND” is synonymous with Chuck’s username on the Acura Legend forums.


The wheels on the coupe are 16″ aftermarket wheels that were once on Chuck’s sedan.


Underneath those sheepskin seat covers, the condition of the leather is near-new.  In fact, the whole car smells fresh.


All-weather mats protect the perfect carpet.


Even the door panels are immaculate.


Here’s a start-up and very short drive video of this amazingly well-kept Legend.

Readers with a keen eye may have noticed a first generation Legend in Chuck’s garage.  There’s a story behind that one.

In March 2010, I went to take a look at a rare custom Legend convertible about 75 miles from my home.  I posted a pretty detailed write-up to the forums at the time, but I didn’t end up pulling the trigger on it for myself.  The car was a 1988 L model automatic.  It had 87,000 miles on its 2.7 liter engine at the time I took it for a spin.


Over 3 years later, the car popped back up on Phoenix craigslist a couple of weeks ago, and Chuck had the honor of scooping this beauty up.  It became the 5th Acura Legend that he’s owned.  Now at 111,000 miles, the car is in worthy Legend enthusiast hands and I’m excited to see what he’ll do with it.  I can’t think of a better ride for enjoying the perfect Phoenix winters with the top down.


Supposedly this convertible was one of only 12 conversions completed at the time.  It’s nicely put together.


Can’t wait to take this one for a spin!  Thanks, Chuck, for your friendship and for letting me borrow some tools from time to time!

I happened to be driving my Legend GS sedan when I stopped by on Tuesday evening.


This old girl is sitting at about 144,200 miles currently.  It resides in storage but comes out to play about once every 2-3 weeks.


Thanks for reading!

8 Responses to “Reader’s Ride: Chuck’s Acura Legends”

  1. Chuck has (had) some GREAT Legends! Defiantly an enthusiast!
    So wait – if the Legend coupe is over 500k miles, and the GS sedan is “This old girl is sitting at about 144,200 miles currently” is the coupe the “older” gal? LOL
    Have a good weekend Tyson.

    • Thanks Dave – nice to have a Sunday to relax a bit! I’m laying low in the great indoors. I’m trying to think of a good drive to take the sedan on sometime. The last time it went further than around the neighborhood was at the local meet in April (around 300 miles round trip). Hope your weekend is great as well!

  2. That sedan of yours is a stunning looker Tyson!

    • Thanks Aaron! I’ve had that car for over 5 years now and only put about 12,000 miles on it. It took my a long time (and a hefty price) to get it the way it looks today, but it’s pretty much as mint condition as it ever could be. In fact, it hasn’t seen a drop of rain since May 2008. Garage queen for sure. Hope you’re doing well!

  3. Tyson, nice feature and boy does Chuck’s Legend look near mint! Hope to some day see your sedan. The shape it’s in looks like it has only 30k.

    • Well thanks Jason! I try to keep it clean. I’m excited to see the write-up from your upcoming trip to Grandpa’s house. I’m going to think of him every time I pass by the Pilot Service Station near Continental Divide on I-40 now.

  4. Tyson, thanks my friend, for including me and my Legends in one of your write ups. There is progress on bringing the 88 Coupe back to life as a daily/weekend driver, but more needs to be done. Of course the 93 Coupe sits quietly, watching the progress, all the while waiting for our next trip to the golf course!

    • You’re very welcome, and thanks for letting me post a few pictures of your rides. I’ll definitely want to share “Phase 2” and so on, of the convertible’s restoration progress. I know my readers will find it interesting. Stay in touch!

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