9th Annual National Acura Legend Meet Pictures

Welcome to Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  This small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains has been overtaken by a swarm of Acura Legends for a multi-day event.  It’s heaven on earth for a Legend fanatic like me!

I just had to share our awesome ‘backyard’ from here at the Creekside Lodge.  We’ve got a great little river out there and we’re about to dine on BBQ dinner in just a few minutes.


Alex installed my NALM 2013 sticker.


I’ll proudly sport that!


Kevin calls his car the Old War Horse.  It’s an L model but with some tasteful GS trim level upgrades.


We dined at Legends Sports Grill.



Table #1:  Kevin, Gerry, Chaka, Joe, Will, Waseem, Tyson, Eric


Table #2


Gerry ordered the “Joker” burger which has peanut butter on it!


Chris, Tyson, Ben.  Chris drove from Maryland in his 1991 Prelude Si 4WS.  Ben drove from San Francisco in his 1992 Legend LS coupe.  Both have been friends of mine for many years.


I gave Chris the chance behind the wheel of my Legend for a couple of miles after dinner.


Gerry had to take off.  He is the original owner of his 1992 Vineyard Gray Metallic Legend LS sedan.  It has 253,000 miles on it now and still runs great.


Here is our group outside the lodge drawing straws.  Alan, event co-chair, used this as a way to tell who would be going first during the following morning’s dyno runs.



Finally, Alex took my coupe for a spin.  He knows how to build a fast Legend.  It was an honor to have him behind the wheel.


Today was an action-packed day of activities.  This was the scene in the parking lot when dawn arrived.


First order of business was a very scenic 30-minute drive into Asheville.


Alex’s 1994 Legend coupe went on the dyno at Redline Performance.  Videos to come!


Ben also subjected his 1992 coupe to the same treatment.


Meanwhile, I had the chance to also wander around and check out the insides & outsides of some of the other Legends in attendance.  Many of the cars were ultra clean!


This GS 6-speed was particularly nice.  It has the exact same license plate as my Legend does, just from another state!  (North Carolina)


Chaka’s highly modified Legend went up for a test, too.


Here’s the man behind that build.  He was proudly wearing a “Congratulations, Tyson – 500,000 Miles” T-shirt.  Thanks for your support, Chaka!


Ryan and I are representing the Desert Mist Metallics out here.  Showing some love for paint code YR-506M.


Mike from Georgia came out in his amazing Canterbury Green sedan with custom red/clear/red taillights.


This is Jon.  I drove his Legend this morning and it’s a monster.  Dual exhaust, fully modified, and it rides like it’s on rails.  An awesome car that represents many hours of time & effort invested.


Ryan’s car only has 91,000 miles on it.  I drove it this afternoon and it handled like a new car.


A few of the guys in the parking lot talking cars.


We had lunch at Zaxby’s for some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten!  They have a warning sign in there “WARNING:  ZAXBY’S CAN BECOME ADDICTIVE.”  They weren’t kidding!


This Legend came all the way from Connecticut.  It started out as a stock 1991 LS but now has a 3.5 motor from an Acura RL and a 6-speed manual transmission.


Alan’s straw hat comes out to every NALM.


Here are this afternoon’s “formal” group pictures.  We were missing a lot of the cars, but the photos still turned out awesome!











Signing out from Maggie Valley for my last night here.  Tomorrow:  Back on the road to the Wild West!

It’s been an amazing reunion with great friends here.  Thanks for coming along.

10 Responses to “9th Annual National Acura Legend Meet Pictures”

  1. A job WELL DONE to the N.A.L.M. crew and Tyson for letting those who couldn’t make it feel like we were almost there.

    • Thanks Dave! I’ve got a few more pics & stories to share – and of course a video one I get time to do the editing. I’m in Atlanta now meeting some friends for brunch, but the homeward trek has begun.

  2. Jason Pawela Says:

    Amazing time it loos like! I especially like Ben’s with the HFP rims. 🙂 Pictures turned out great! Also, I bet the green landscape of NC was the icing on the cake. Are you going to sport the NALM sticker for a while?

    • Good eyeball there on the HFP rims, Jason! The green landscape is definitely a contrast to what I’m used to in the southwest. I’ll leave the NALM sticker on for awhile, definitely!

  3. Ryan Copeland (BigCope) Says:

    Today marked my inauguration for NALM. I’ve really enjoyed being around other people who share the same passion about Legends as I do. Got to put faces with names & cars and was also able to finally meet a lot of the people who have shown me love on the forum. The desert mist sedan got lots of love today! Inspired me to continue maintaining the sedan and bring my coupe to life.

    Great meeting you Tyson! Really enjoyed the conversation and be safe on your journey. Hope to see you again one day. Looking forward to seeing the 6 SPD sedan next time 😉 .

    • Ryan, I’m really glad you made it out to NALM. I must say, the Legend family is pretty much the best. Glad you are a part of it. Thanks especially for the test drive in that gorgeous Desert Mist sedan. I appreciate it. Enjoy the rest of the NALM festivities today and hopefully our paths will cross again soon. Love that 1990 Chev pickup btw!!

  4. Beautiful collection of cars, must have been fun to see so many friends again.

    • Terry, it definitely was. This annual event is a reunion for me since I’ve been involved with the Legend enthusiast community for so long. Great people and great cars. It’s interesting to see how different peoples’ tastes are when it comes to modifications and upgrades. A lot of these guys and gals put a lot of effort into making their Legends personalized.

  5. Kevin amoth Says:

    I feel honored to have my “Old War Horse” pictured in your blog.

    • Well thanks for playing a key role in making NALM happen, Kevin! Next year, we have a few things to remember: 1) Top Gun, and 2) I want to test drive OWH.

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