Acura, Please Build This ILX

Odometer (ILX):  56,629


It’s amazing what just a few simple updates will do for an already great vehicle design. Now that the ILX is going into its second model year, the Acura design team has already been in full-swing of deciding what “mid-model changes” to implement on the vehicle.  It’s always fun to see what people can come up with.  One graphic designer even rendered the a version of the ILX as a 5-door wagon, as seen on Acura Connected.

Acura enthusiast Dillon from North Carolina, who goes by the handle “Hondatalover” in online forums, has put together some amazing renderings that I wanted to share with you.

This is a picture I took of my ILX last week in northwestern Arizona, but with some special ‘tweaks’ by Dillon.  Notice that the vehicle has been equipped with red/clear taillights, dual chrome exhaust tips, and an accent chrome strip along the edge of the trunk lid.

ILX rear sunset2logo

Here is another one that Dillon put together with 18″ wheels off an Acura RDX.


Following are the enhancements (both seen & unseen) to this special ILX, written by Dillon:


  • 18×8.5″ Wheels (Larger Genuine Accessory wheel or 2013+ RDX wheel)
  • Genuine Acura Ground Effects
  • Dual Exhaust
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Revised taillights and license plate area with a chrome strip to ‘bridge’ the the taillights together


  • A-Spec suspension with IDS System (Integrated Dynamics System/ Comfort, Normal, Sport).
  • All Season Performance tires or optional Summer Performance tires
  • LSD (Limited Slip Differential)
  • Larger Brakes
  • AHA System (Agile Handling Assist)


  • Free-flowing intake with noise tube (Opens when Sport mode is engaged to allow sound into the cabin).
  • Free-flowing exhaust with bell mouth header, revised mufflers and high flow cat
  • Hondata ECU Reflash
  • Slightly larger intake valves with more aggressive VTEC cams on both the Intake and exhaust valves.


  • Front brake calipers are painted black with “Acura” written in white on them
  • Subtle strip of carbon fiber is present in between a (newly added) silver trim piece and the perforated leather trim on the front and rear doors (Interior)
  • Dark silver interior trim throughout the cabin
  • Black headliner
  • “A-Spec” engraving on the illuminated door seal trim (front and rear)
  • “A-Spec” Badging
  • Ambient interior and exterior lighting are all LED.  Door handle (interior and exterior/ Front and rear)
  • Puddle lights in the mirrors
  • All lighting systems are LED (Headlight high beams are LED low beams are Xenon HID)
  • Further sound deadening the car through out to remain the premium ride quality (when not in Sport mode)

What a hot ride that would be!


I’ve just returned from an adventurous weekend drive in my ILX.   Picture 400+ curves in a 100-mile stretch of road!

Don’t change that dial – you’ll read all about it in a couple of days.


7 Responses to “Acura, Please Build This ILX”

  1. The funny thing is that after I played with the RDX wheels on the ILX, I went over to the Acura Legend forums to read up on your 1G Legend restoration and just so happened to look around and find that someone had put them on a ’91(?) Legend Sedan. They look pretty good on the Legend, but I prefer 3G 04-06 TL wheels.

    I was actually expecting to see the RDX wheels on something other then a Legend. That blew my mind, I thought I was seeing another photo shop artist. lol

    Your 1G ’88 Legend is coming along so nicely. Keep that up, the car it’s self and a lot of people are enjoying seeing it happen just as you are.

    Thank you for this blog post. It’s really kind of you to do such a thing. Hopefully Acura has a few cards up their sleeves to pull in some more ILX sales and really give the car some added detail.

    I’ve seen leaked photo’s of the RLX SH-AWD Hybrid surface before it’s scheduled day view in November at the L.A Auto show!! Confirmed Horsepower is 377! 7 more then Acura had promised! You just know it will have gobs of torque on tap coming form the rear electric motors!

    All that’s left is the TLX concept and a coupe (entitled CLX) to go along with it.

    Again, thank you for the share, Tyson.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Dillon, yeah I thought of that Legend sedan when I saw your photoshop work! The RDX wheels are a nice design. I wouldn’t have thought to put them on one of Acura’s sedans but the look definitely “works.” I’ll keep you updated on the ’88. I’m excited for the LA Auto Show – I’ve confirmed my Media Days access and I’ll be there for the RLX SH-AWD reveal. Let’s keep crossing our fingers for a coupe being in the works.

  2. Jason Pawela Says:

    Wow! Those subtle changes by DIllon sure would be nice. Hope Acura takes note. I bet in the ILX community, even just a dual exhaust upgrade would be a huge hit. Looking forward to your post about our weekend drive!

    • Yeah, Dillon’s got a great eye for automotive design! He needs to be working for Acura HQ! The dual exhaust would be awesome. The car already sounds like it has a ‘sport’ exhaust system. They might as well make the tips visible 🙂

  3. The wagon – meh. Dillon’s small changes – top notch!
    Its the small detail stuff that I enjoy. Well done Dillon.

    • Yeah, agreed on Dillon’s updates. Love what he did with the taillights and the exhaust tips. Subtle details. I will be very curious to see how “true to life” these renderings become when the ‘refresh’ ILX comes out (maybe 2015 or 2016).

  4. Such a huge difference the exhausts adds – this is a subject I will never let go.

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