2015 Acura TLX Sedan to Debut in Detroit

Odometer (Legend):  528,197


Odometer (ILX):  62,384



This was some great news to start my morning yesterday when I checked my phone.


TL + TSX = TLX, at least according to Acura.   The company’s current TL and TSX bodystyles have been around since 2009, and both models will be killed off in 2014 as a new model takes over.  The new TLX, Acura reports, will be “the perfect blend of style and muscle with its elegant, well-proportioned exterior that cloaks the true sport sedan chassis and powertrain beneath”  (Mike Accavitti, Senior Vice President of American Honda Motor Company).

TLX will serve as a mid-range model between the entry level luxury ILX and the flagship RLX, which I road tested last month.  Its heritage can be traced back to the Acura Vigor.  Back in 1991, Acura had only two sedan models:  the Integra and the Legend.  The Vigor was born in 1992 and sized between those two vehicles.  It even came with a 5-cylinder engine that bridged the 4- to 6-cylinder gap.  Since then, the car’s evolution has looked something like this:

  • 1992-1994:  Acura Vigor
  • 1996-1998:  Acura 2.5 TL (5 cyl) and 3.2 TL (V6) – 1st Generation
  • 1999-2002:  Acura 3.2 TL – 2nd Generation
  • 2004-2008:  Acura TL – 3rd Generation
  • 2009-2014:  Acura TL – 4th Generation
  • 2015+:  Acura TLX

As a side note, I owned a 1993 Vigor GS 5-speed for a short time in 2010.  It was Frost White with black leather interior and had 241,000 miles on it.  This was the key hand-off, taken in May 2010.


The Vigor, especially equipped in manual transmission form like mine was, exhibited fun around-town behavior.  It felt a lot more light and nimble than the Legend.  Here is the car pictured in my garage next to the Legend sedan:


My family also owned a Cayman White Pearl 1st Generation 1997 Acura 3.2 TL in 2003.


Bonus points for anyone who can identify what Acura model those wheels were swapped from.


You’ve already seen examples of Devan‘s 3rd Generation and Jason & Paul‘s 4th Generation TLs.  That brings us to the TLX, which has not yet been seen by the public eye except in heavily camouflaged form, while out for testing.


I’m excited to see what this new car is all about.  The TLX Prototype is set to debut on Tuesday, January 14th at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Michigan.  The best news is:  I’ll be there to watch.  I’ve finalized my flight arrangements and media credentials, so I’ll be bringing you all the latest updates from the show.


Two directed-injected engines will provide the power and an “all-new transmission” will put that power to the ground.  I really hope there will be a manual transmission offering.  Acura will be keeping details about the TLX under tight wraps, but for now here’s the press release that highlights a little bit about what we can expect to see from the company’s all-new sedan.  Keep on driving, my friends.  And Happy Friday!


16 Responses to “2015 Acura TLX Sedan to Debut in Detroit”

  1. You’re flying to Detroit the weekend before PR&R?

  2. Kevin Amoth Says:

    You need to do a blog with a picture of all of the media credentials you have obtained over the years. Have a great time in Detroit.

    • That’s a great idea. Hmm, I could put something like that together. Of COURSE I’ve saved all the credentials from over the years. I hope there are many more to come, too. Hope your weekend is going well! Junkyard run for me tomorrow!

  3. Oh no. Say it ain’t so. Acura is killing off the TSX? This is sad news for me. As an owner of a 2005 TSX and absolutely loving the car, I had hoped that the model would continue to be made for a long time. Long lasting cars that come to mind are the Corvette and the Mustang. Heck, I would settle too for the legacy of the Accord and the Civic. 😦

    • Carlos, yeah it’s official that the TSX is on the chopping block. It’s too bad the name didn’t endure longer. I guess you could look on the bright side – your car is kind of a collector item now that it’ll no longer be available!

  4. So physicked for this. Hoping Acura pulls this one through though. I’m hurting just a little bit of the discontinuing of the TSX. It had a great name and reputation. I guess Acura can no longer ‘ruin’ it now. Almost the same goes for the TL, though it keeps most of it’s name the same.

    On the bright side, All of Acura’s Sedans follow a “LX” line up while their SUV’s follow a “DX” lineup. And with the return of the NSX soon, “SX” should be the coupes! Just gotta wonder what they would name a ‘everyday’ coupe. The CSX? That was a re-badged Civic from Canada! TS-no wait.. RSX!

    It might work with a lot of proper advertisement and serious attention to enthusiasts and detail though.




    Each category has a entry, mid, and upper class offering.

    Looking forward to 1/14/14!!

  5. Tyson, I’m no doubt as excited about the TLX debut as you are! I really hope it comes in the tidy dimensions of the third generation TL. The fourth gen…as much as I love it…is just a hair too big in my opinion. And please, Acura. PLEASE offer a manual tranny! Never knew you had a Vigor. Those are quite rare and even in a 5spd! When I get the TL paid down, I’d like to look into a clean Integra GS-R to play around with. Nothing like 90s Acuras.

    • Jason, I have the perfect Integra GS-R in mind for you. My friend Marc in New Jersey has a mint condition 1993 in Aztec Green. He’ll probably see this comment, but for the right price I’m sure you could pry it out of his hands! Agreed on your sentiments on the TL. I really hope it comes with a manual trans too. Crossing fingers here!

  6. Speaking of the Acura Vigor, this guy bought one recently.. In rough shape though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgKqLr353VY

    • Todd, thanks for the link. I’ve known of ETCG for awhile but didn’t know he’d snagged a Vigor. Will be watching to see how his project unfolds – just subscribed to his channel. Hope you’re doing well!

  7. Here’s to hoping that the new TLX will have an all-new new front grille!

  8. Tyson- just catching up on a few of your blogs.. I also had a 93 vigor 5spd for a short time. It was a fun car as you mentioned. I had also found my brother a 92 GS model in silver with auto and low mileage. It had black leather and I always thought that interior was real classy. Similar to the legend but also different in many ways.
    So far as the gsr…it is a 92 and may be possible to pry from my grip. 🙂

    • Thanks for checking in. Sorry the volume of blog posts this month has been a lot to keep up on. I do love the silver on black color combination for the Vigor. Have always wished the Legend came with that. I guess the closest available was Seattle Silver in 1992, and that always had a Type E interior. Haha, I’ll send Jason your way about inquiring on that GS-R 🙂

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