Hondas Last Forever

Odometer (Legend):  528,496


Odometer (ILX):  64,449



In case you (we) didn’t already know it, Honda vehicles are now “officially” known as the longest-lasting mainstream automotive brand in America.  From a Media Alert released from Torrance HQ yesterday:

TORRANCE, Calif., January 10, 2014 – Honda vehicles are the most durable and longest lasting of any mainstream automotive brand, according to Polk vehicle registration statistics from 1988-2012. No other mainstream brand had a greater percentage of vehicles on the road than the Honda brand. In the mainstream segment, an industry best 75% of all Honda vehicles sold in the last 25 years were still on the road.

Hey, duh!  For the detailed release, here’s the link to Honda’s Newsroom.

I took the old 500k-er out for a lunchtime cruise in Tempe, Arizona.



The weekly Saturday car show at Scottsdale Pavilions was bustling with hundreds of vehicles.  Each year at the time, the Phoenix area classic car scene revs up as the big auctions like Barrett-Jackson and Russo & Steele come to town.


Lots of American muscle cars dominated the show today.



I’m hanging up the car keys for a change and taking a flight to Michigan tomorrow for the North American International Auto Show.  Among the highlights will be the reveal of Acura’s newest sports sedan (slated for Tuesday) as well as big debuts from many other carmakers.


So excited!  Just not so sure I’m ready for this:


I’ll bring you news from the heart of the action next week!

14 Responses to “Hondas Last Forever”

  1. Amazing you have car shows going on in Jan! Here in NJ it is no where near car show weather! Jealous of that and your trip to the auto show!

    • Hey Marc, I’m definitely making the most of our amazing weather this time of year. The Saturday car show happens rain or shine, summer or winter. Numbers go down a bit when it’s spicy hot in the summertime, but the car show has been running consistently for YEARS and I predict will for awhile yet. I’ll definitely bring you all the latest updates from Detroit!

  2. Detroit!!
    Can’t wait to see what you think. Travel safe Tyson!

    • Thanks Dave! I was in Detroit in June for a huge rock concert at Belle Isle, but tomorrow’s trip will be the first time in 2 years that I’ve been there in the WINTER. Can’t wait to see what all the automakers have up their sleeves. Let’s hope US Airways is running on time tomorrow…

  3. After the -6 here last week, the 20’s sounds GREAT! I hope it’s not -6 up there this time next week!

  4. Hope you had a safe flight and got over here on time!

    Yeah, get a feel of some of my weather for once, lol.

    Can’t wait for the reveals:)

  5. Send me a photo of the TLX FIRST! I am your mom, after all! Moms deserve a sneak preview… 🙂

  6. Definitely can’t wait to see how the TLX turns out. If the TLX actually turns out to be good, it could potentially be a car that we would both considering adding to our fleet.

    Pretty cool that you’re going to get to see the prototype in person. Can’t wait to see your coverage.

  7. Hondas definitely do last forever! My 2008 San Marino Accord Coupe is at 91,000 miles (ok, I don’t drive much compared to SOME people 🙂 and I just had a 2 stage paint correction and CQuartz Finest application on it. It literally looks better than it did when new, and it runs the same way, too.

    • Ron, thanks for the update on your red Accord coupe. I’d love to see some current pictures of it. That bodystyle is one of my absolute faves, as you know. Congrats on keeping it showroom fresh. Looking forward to you 100,000 milestone not too long from now. You better be sending me an update when it happens. Thanks for reading the blog, once again.

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