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NSX 110,000-Mile Mark, Integra Tint & Engine Detail; Upcoming “WestFest” in Las Vegas

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Odometer (Legend Coupe):

Odometer (Integra Sedan):  117,737


The NSX has been a great car for the 30,000 miles that I’ve put on it.  It received a new right axle and a 10W30 Castrol GTX oil change in preparation for this week’s upcoming trip to WestFest in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The original axle had flung a bunch of grease on the undercarriage and I started getting a ‘clicking’ sound consistent with speed, so it was time.  Science of Speed in Chandler, Arizona worked to squeeze in the car in the nick of time.

Thanks to Chris & his team for their help!

WestFest is slated to be one of the biggest NSX Club of America regional club events this year, anticipating 45 vehicles and upwards of 70 attendees.  Here’s a post from where I scouted out the proposed WestFest group drive earlier this year, and a write-up from last year’s program.  We will be in Vegas from Thursday through Sunday.

The Integra has been getting some more attention.  I had Desert Shield Window Tinting give it a new set of shades.  It’s a necessary update when you live in an area that has 300 days of sunshine per year.

You can see here how the clear rear window showed those faded rear headrests.

Little better here, especially to preserve the interior from further deterioration.

I have had Desert Shield work on 5 or 6 of my cars in the past, but I honestly cannot say I recommend them any longer.  I specifically asked for the side windows to be all the same shade, but the technician installed limo tint on the rear side windows.  I had it stripped and redone.  Then 3 days later, there was peeling tint from the left rear door.  It will be fixed under warranty next week.  But I’m tired of taking trips back there.

I spent an evening earlier in the week getting the engine bay cleaned up.  It wasn’t really bad to begin with, but just in case I end up showing this car at any events, I want things to be ready.  There’s a video below.

In other noteworthy news, my friend Vlad stopped by this week.  He drives an RLX that I featured in a Reader’s Ride last year.  It was great to catch up with him.

And yesterday, a friend and I joined 28,000 other runners in the 14th annual “Pat’s Run,” in Tempe, Arizona.  It’s a 4.2-mile race in recognition of our armed forces, past and present, named in honor of Pat Tillman who was a professional football player killed in the line of duty in 2002.  It was a well-organized event and served a good cause.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Birthday #35 and New Year 2017 Celebrations

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Odometer (Legend):  550,089

Trip Distance:  232 Miles


Welcome back to the start of a new year and a few more miles to be driven!

Here’s how my last few years have gone.

  • 2014:  128 blog posts, 115,740 views and 41,008 visitors
  • 2015:  95 blog posts, 113,438 views and 39,165 visitors
  • 2016:  84 blog posts, 107,955 views and 40,495 visitors

Clearly I’m posting less frequently and it looks like that also translates into fewer views overall, though somehow “visitors” remains steady.  Today’s post is just a quickie as I’m out the door (and in the air) at 7:05 a.m. tomorrow morning for my annual trip to the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Michigan.

Here was a fun 2016 annual mileage summary that I put together a few days ago with some notes at the bottom if you’d like to geek out with me.


We need to have a moment of silence for a newly-departed 2001 MDX that reader “Russell” emailed me about.  After 15 reliable years of service, his MDX succumbed to a rusty frame and had to be retired at 525,609 miles on the odometer.

Russell’s email stated:

Tyson, the harsh chemicals used to treat Connecticut roads took out my car today. The part of the body that bolts to rear axle was destroyed by the salts. Done at 525k. Picked up a certified RDX today w 55k.


Best of luck with your RDX, my friend!

Winter’s weather wrath is something we don’t really have to deal with here in the Grand Canyon State.  My backyard, in fact, is still green and I had to mow it the other day – even if only to pick up a few fallen leaves from the tree back there.


I celebrated a milestone of my own last week by hitting 35 years on my odometer a couple of weeks ago.


It was a memorable occasion for many reasons.  One of them was a visit from my friend Paul who’s based in Honolulu but happened to be passing through town with his mother and his girlfriend.


Later that evening, some of my friends took me out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants.


I pulled the Integra out on the grass for a couple of evening photographs.



One of the buildings in Tempe has windows that can be used to spell things out.  When the Super Bowl was in town a couple of years ago, it said XLIX.  Last week it simply said “2017.”


Speaking of XLIX, and ILX, I had a 190,000-mile oil change (they call it a “B1” service) and tire rotation last week.  The technician noted a few maintenance items that may need to be addressed in the near future.  Among them:

  • Rear brake pad replacement
  • Leaking rear shock replacement
  • Air and cabin filter replacement
  • Serpentine belt replacement
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Clutch fluid flush

Guess it’s time to blow the dust off the old wallet (I learned that phrase from Josh) the next time I go in for service.



My friends and I took a drive to Tucson, Arizona for our New Year festivities.


My friend James let us stay overnight in his historic 1914 home near the University of Arizona.


On my drive home, I received a picture of myself from another friend who wasn’t traveling with us but who happened to come up behind me on Interstate 10 westbound just outside Phoenix.  The world is too small.


This morning I cruised down to Chandler, Arizona for an annual New Year Meet at Science of Speed, an NSX & S2000 specialty shop that I use for some of my maintenance needs.  There was a really nice turnout – probably 30 to 40 cars.  One of them was this unassuming 1992 Formula Red that looks a lot like mine.


Until you peek at the odometer:  347,216.  Wow!  The owner said he’d owned it for 14 years and the car is still on its original engine and transmission.


Have a great rest of your weekend!  I’ll be freezing my buns off in Michigan but seeing some hot cars (hopefully) at the auto show.

Quick Trip to Los Angeles: Historic Honda Roots & Dinner in West Hollywood

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Odometer (Legend):  548,869


Odometer (ILX):  185,579


Trip Distance:  758 Miles


Would you believe that American Honda, the powerhouse that sold a record 1.5 million vehicles across the Honda and Acura brands in 2015, got its humble roots selling just motorcycles out of this small office space in Los Angeles?  Some 57 years ago, here at 4077 W. Pico Boulevard, the company first took root in the United States, but it has forever since changed the landscape of the powersports and automotive industries.

American Honda's first corporate office - Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.jpg

Today, that same office space has changed hands probably more times than one could count, and is currently leased by an acupuncture & wellness facility.  Sadly the condition has deteriorated substantially and the neighborhood isn’t all that great.  I happened to be in the area yesterday morning so I stopped by for a pre-sunrise photo.  The building is available for lease, and it would sure be a lot of fun to move in and create a museum or replica of the way things used to be.  Dreams.


Looking westward down Pico Boulevard.  The roads were surprisingly quiet at this hour.


Thanks to the lady selling tamales on the street next door for taking this quick shot of me.


Last Sunday, I met up with a few fellow second-generation Acura Integra drivers at a park in Tempe, Arizona for a little meet & greet.  Now 26 years old, this bodystyle has aged pretty well and the few that survive are in the hands of enthusiasts like the handful of guys I met that day.  It seems most people consider the Integra a blank canvas upon which to express his or her own sense of style, but I’ve decided to keep mine original to its 1992 factory configuration.


It’s always fun to meet with other car-nuts at events like these.  Especially in cases, like this one, where the host brought out Dunkin Donuts to share with everyone.  Thanks to German for that!


For years I’ve waited for the right opportunity to take a photo of my “Vig” at “The Vig.”  The Vig is a restaurant on 16th Street in central Phoenix that has some of the best brunch in the valley.


The 1992 NSX has been under the knife for the past week or so, getting a completely refreshed Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) to rectify a warning light that’s been showing up for a long time.  Braking performance under normal circumstances have been unaffected, but the ABS is deactivated when the light is on.  This is a very common issue for the early NSX models like mine, and luckily Science of Speed offers an upgrade kit designed specifically for this application.  It involves retrofitting the later model year (2002-05) NSX components.


I’m picking up the car the first part of this coming week.  SOS did also recommend a few other maintenance items that will wait until my next major “90K” service coming up in 4 years.  The timing belt and water pump were changed in January 2011 under the previous owner’s ownership, so they aren’t quite due yet.  That was a $2,200 service at the time.

For having driven the NSX 26,000 miles in the 5 years I’ve had it, it’s actually been relatively inexpensive to own & maintain.  GEICO did just raise my 6-month premium to $179 because the street address at which I now reside is higher risk.  Interestingly enough, the NSX is still far cheaper to insure with full coverage than the 2013 ILX (which comes in at over $300) even though the NSX is certainly worth much more.


This weekend’s travels took me to California on Thursday afternoon.  The Los Angeles Auto Show kicked off last week with Media Days being held on Wednesday and Thursday.  Typically, I would have been there as a journalist with the Redline Reviews team to cover the event’s new car reveals, but my work time-off situation wouldn’t quite allow for it.

Still, I was determined to participate in the after-hours stuff so I set out in the afternoon for what should have been a six-hour drive to Hollywood for a dinner engagement with about 30 other people.  Lucky for me, I also gained an hour due to time zones because that drive in reality ended up taking over 8 hours.  Construction zones in multiple places on Interstate 10 and the expected LA rush-hour traffic made for slow going.


My Garmin Nuvi GPS unit crept up its ‘delay’ timer the closer I got to my destination.


At least red is a pretty color!


I did finally make it to the venue at “Tortilla Republic,” though, and just 15 minutes before it started.  Here, I’m pictured with Sofyan, Aaron, Rob, and Peace who are the backbone of the Redline media group.  I’m hoping to partner with them in two months at the Detroit Auto Show if I can play my cards right with the time-off request.  Cross your fingers!


Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame” is home to 2,500 stars like this in the ground.  It was walking distance from my motel and I happened to snag a picture of one of the stars, Mariah Carey’s, while en route to breakfast on Friday morning.


Sunrise in downtown Los Angeles


I made one major pit stop on the way home, to see some friends in Palm Springs.  Scott & Sandy are a couple who I’ve featured on the blog previously.  Their ever-evolving automotive collection spans a wide variety of tastes, from their 1992 NSX to a 1980s Mercury Bobcat (rebadged Pinto), to their latest:  a 1964 Mercury Park Lane which they just had brought over on a transport truck from Houston.  It’s waiting for some brake work so we didn’t take it for a spin, but those guys sure have some great taste in cars!


I took a spin in their 41,000-mile (!) 1976 Cadillac Seville which rode like it was on a cloud.


Also checked out Scott’s latest toy:  a 1991 Civic “RealTime 4WD” wagon that he’s going to restore.


Many thanks to Scott and Sandy once again for their hospitality.

Finally today – I’d like to make a quick introduction to my friend Melissa, who has launched her own blog.  It’s called “Working from Home.”  In today’s workplace, thanks to the advances in telecommuting, you can be in virtually any part of the world and still be connected to your day job.  I’ve participated in conference calls from the road, logged into my email from airplanes and hotel rooms, and been on Skype meetings while in another state.  It’s starting to matter less and less that you’re seated in desk 4S018 at Phoenix Plaza Corporate Office staring at 4 cubicle walls.


Case in point:  I worked with Melissa on a daily basis for over 4 years, but I never met her.  She was over 2,500 miles away at our Rhode Island office and I was based in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Did the geographic distance make us any less productive as coworkers?  I honestly don’t think so.  And herein was born the opportunity for Melissa to create an outlet where she could share some of her learnings over the many months of working from home.

Be sure to check out the article “Are You On Mute?” under the “Real Work” section.  It’s one of my faves.

Have a great Thanksgiving week!

New Domain Name, Some Integra Maintenance, & A Visitor from Oregon

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Odometer (Legend Coupe):  544,040


Odometer (Legend Sedan):  150,439


Odometer (ILX):  176,539


I’m all grown up now.  After over 5 years on a free WordPress account, I’d reached about 85% of my allowed media capacity and kept getting warnings about going over.  I’ve shared 14,541 photos on the blog and they take up 2.6 gigabytes worth of space.  So, it was time to upgrade, and along with a paid registration came the opportunity to become an official “dot-commer.”  You can now find this page by typing in simply “”  Celebrate good times (c’mon!).

Today’s updates fall into the “hodge podge” category.  Surprise:  I didn’t go anywhere this past weekend.  I’ve had too many other things going on house wise, career wise, and otherwise.  But I did get to enjoy spending time with a visiting friend from Oregon, beat the heat at a Sunday matinee, and attend a planning call with the NSX Club of America (NSXCA) about current events and activities.

The NSXCA, by the way, is sporting a new website of its own.  Check it out.  I can assure you the internal member page is pretty slick – including downloadable copies of the Club’s quarterly magazine, NSX Driver.  Worth the $40 membership annually if you’re an owner or even just an enthusiast.


We even occasionally get “insider” deals on stuff like, say, the new NSX.  Berlina Black, anyone?


Also in the cool car category is this stellar-looking 1982 DMC DeLorean.  Believe it or not, my boss drives this car and she’s the original owner!  She was proud to show it off last Friday at the office and the next time we get the chance, we’re taking it for a spin.  Maybe I can even get some time behind the wheel.  Unfortunately Shea Blvd doesn’t have anywhere we could safely get up to 88 miles per hour, so maybe another time we could try that.


My friend Kyle and I did an overnight car swap which was a nice change of pace.  He borrowed the ILX and I got the keys to his 400-hp 2005 Pontiac GTO 6-speed.  It has just a little over 101,000 miles on the odometer but looks showroom fresh inside & out thanks to Kyle’s attention to detail.  I was a little paranoid to even drive the thing, but I greatly enjoyed my commute home on Friday afternoon.   The GTO is a car that demands brute force to drive.  The clutch is heavy, the gear shift takes effort, and the doors close with a resounding thud.  There is nothing delicate or dainty about this car.  Not to mention the fact that the exhaust note will awaken anyone within earshot – a mile away.


The Integra came back into service after a couple-week hiatus.  Tait Johnson, better known as “Hon-Man” of Tempe, Arizona, went through the old 1992 GS-R and gave it a real thorough once-over.


The main service item he addressed was a timing belt & water pump change.  This is a routine maintenance item in most 1990s Honda cars, due every eight (?) years or 90,000 miles.  In the Legend, I routinely hit the mileage limit before the time limit over the years.  Additionally, I had Tait address a couple of suspension/braking concerns and install a new catalytic converter.  Some of you may recall that this car failed emissions last month when I tried getting it registered for the first time here in Arizona.  Now she’s passed with flying colors.


List of completed maintenance items


Emissions report – success!


And Arizona’s newest resident!  “Action Auto Title,” by the way – shown in the background – is a third-party DMV agent that I’m trying out for the first time.  Do you hate going to the DMV as much as I do?  This place was a breeze!  I was assisted immediately.  The plate was cozy and smelled of a scented candle.  And the rates are only a fraction more expensive than the DMV.   $55 for two year tags – you just can’t beat that.


I whizzed out to Tonopah on Saturday in the Legend to get its fluids up and moving.  This car won’t be seeing much action until the National Acura Legend Meet (NALM) in Atlanta this coming September.




I polished tips on both the sedan & the Integra.


Later that evening, I stopped by the weekly “Pavilions” car show in Scottsdale.  My friend Michael was attending in his black 2006 Acura TL that he wanted me to check out.  It’s in great shape for being 10 years old!



My friend Justin made his arrival from Roseburg, Oregon on Sunday afternoon.  He’s a fellow car nut who I’ve followed on Instagram for some time now.  And for whatever reason, he decided to leave his beautiful, green state and subject himself to summer’s wrath here in Phoenix during the hottest time of the year.


His 2010 Audi A3 TDI wagon got him around in style, though.


Speaking of Oregonians, congratulations are going out to my buddy Ira in Portland who took delivery of a 2016 TLX in Crystal Black Pearl on Monday.  His new ride is outfitted with the complete Sport Underbody Kit and the accessory wheels.  Instead of a key handoff, his drive-away was accompanied by a (very) “high five.”


And lastly, I don’t know how my buddy Alex does it, but he has a way with capturing odometer readings.  Check this one out.  Rolling over 95,000 miles, with a 95-degree external temperature, driving 59 miles per hour.

Thanks for sharing, Alex!  I can’t compete with that!


Alaska Road Trip 2016 Begins in 4 Days

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Odometer (Legend Coupe):  543,199


Odometer (Legend Sedan):  150,241


Odometer (ILX):  163,382


It was Saturday, May 6, 2006 when my dad and I departed from Salt Lake City to begin a very long journey.  For months, I had researched and planned a nearly 8,000-mile road trip across North America and ending in Fairbanks, Alaska.  It took us only 4 days to get there.



A decade has passed, and I’m ready to go back.  The Legend, which had 220,000 miles back then and has 543,000 miles now, will sit this one out.  I’m taking my 2013 ILX.  The pre-work began long ago:  I have a recent copy of the “Milepost” trip planner in hand.  Milepost is known for being the Bible of the Alcan, with detailed turn-by-turn directions.  We relied heavily on the book in ’06 as we were unaided by any sort of GPS or smart phones at that time.  This year, we’ll have some help from technology but I still want to keep the navigation somewhat “old school.”

The fun begins this coming Friday, May 20th.  Joining me for this adventure will be Jason from Las Cruces who is preparing to take his 2004 Mazda 6.  It’s tough (impossible) to know exactly where we’ll be stopping each night because there are so many variables in play.  Just a couple of weeks ago a piece of the Alaska Highway was shut down due to wildfires, and one such fire in Alberta necessitated the evacuation of an entire town of 80,000 people.  Beyond that hazard, there are the inevitable delays due to road construction this time of year, potential weather uncertainty, and general concern of our health and safety.  We don’t want to push our limits on daily distance (even though longer daylight hours up north may tempt us to) so that we can stay alert throughout the trip.


For some time now, I’ve been compiling a to-take list.  Here’s an excerpt:

  • 3 spare tires.  I have a full size 17″ wheel that matches the existing wheels, plus the donut the car came with, plus an extra tire that I saved the last time I had my new set installed.
  • 4 walkie talkies.  Battery life under constant use is about 1/2 day.  So if Jason and I each carry two and charge them at night, we will have constant communication which is critical especially in areas where cell signal is nonexistent.
  • 1 GoPro camera, 1 Canon Rebel digital SLR camera, and my iPhone for documentation of the trip.
  • 2 iPods (one with about 1,300 songs, and one with over 15,000) plus 3 huge CD cases carrying 64 discs each.
  • Milepost Guide Book editions from 2006 and from 2015 with step-by-step, detailed travel helps.
  • 2 laptop computers:  My personal laptop as well as my work one, so I can check email occasionally as time and Wifi permit.  In the 9 business days I’ll be gone, I anticipate almost 2,000 emails coming in.
  • My “I drove the Alaska Highway. Both Ways, Dammit!” bumper sticker.

Oh, and a valid passport!  When was the last time you took a ROAD TRIP that required one?


This afternoon, the ILX got an oil change at Acura of Tempe with 0W20 oil which should be good to last me for the entire length of the trip without having to have it serviced whilst en route.  The last oil change prior to this was in February, about 7,500 miles ago.  Maintenance minder and trip meter are now reset at 0.00 miles.


It might not be this clean when I get back.


In an untimely fashion, my credit card was compromised over the weekend so I’m waiting for a new one to arrive (quickly) so I can take it on the trip.  I’ve already alerted the credit card company that I’ll be traveling through 7 states and 4 provinces in case my charging activity looks suspicious (because it will).  Here’s my most “determined” look to pull this trip off without a hitch.


Couple other news bits:

Anybody already read the article about Victor Sheppard who drove his 2007 Toyota Tundra to a million miles?

Link Here

Toyota is going to dissect his truck!  A shame, I say.  Keep it rolling.

Here’s a photo from Saturday morning in Phoenix while I had the Legend sedan out for a spin.  “Mr. Lucky’s” has been a landmark along Grand Avenue since 1966 when it was built to be Phoenix’s first casino.  That plan didn’t go through, but the place ended up being a nightclub for 40 years.  Today it houses a furniture store but that crazy (creepy?) sign out front still catches everyone’s eye on a daily basis.


The twins were put back away for the next few weeks.



I got a kick out of this gas station the other day.  “Super Plus 2000:  New Gas for the New Millenium.”  And “millennium” isn’t even spelled correctly.  I wonder if I should tell them that Y2K was 16 years ago.


Spare tires for days!


My friend Michael who flew out to buy his new Vigor recently has been really enjoying it.


That shine though!


And a friend sent me this photo of a neighborhood in Paradise Valley, Arizona where I need to look at real estate.


Until next time!  Not sure when or where that’ll be, but I’ll post whenever I can.

EDIT:  WordPress just told me this was my 555th post since I started Drive to Five.  Gives a whole new meaning to the name, doesn’t it?  Drive on.

Houston, We Don’t Have a Problem: Getting Ready for NALM 2015

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Odometer (1994 Legend Coupe):  535,330


Odometer (1993 Legend Sedan):  178,352


Odometer (1994 Legend Sedan):  147,051


Combined Legend Miles:  860,733

Now that my fleet of Acu-rides has grown to a half-dozen, one of my readers requested a photo of all the keys in a lineup.  Well, this one’s for you, Sunny!  In order here L to R are 1992 NSX, 1993 Legend sedan, 1994 Legend sedan, 1994 Legend coupe, 1994 Vigor, and 2013 ILX.


It’s that time of year again when the Legend fans of the world (all two dozen of us, ha!) get together at an annual event called the National Acura Legend Meet (NALM).  It’s tradition – even obsession – for some of us to make sure it happens each year.  For 2015, our host city will be at the fourth most populous city in the United States (at a staggering 6.3 million residents in the metro area):  Houston, Texas.  This destination marks a homecoming of sorts, since the inaugural NALM in 2005 was held in Dallas a few hours to the north.


For this voyage, you’ll be joining me for a trip length of 1,178 miles each way, which according to Google Maps should take 16 hours & 24 minutes of drive time.  Get your road snacks ready.


This will be my 11th NALM.  The last few years’ events are detailed here:

Here’s a photo of last year’s program in Los Angeles.  I think we had 30-someodd cars in attendance.  Panorama!


A 2,400-mile round trip journey is no small undertaking, so I have to make sure my Legends (2 of the 3, anyhow) are up to the challenge.  For this trip, my 1994 coupe and 1994 sedan will be making the drive.  Thanks in advance to a yet-unnamed friend who will be driving one of the cars on my behalf.  On Saturday morning, I took the Vigor over to swap it out for the 1994 Legend sedan in storage.



Back at the house, it was nice to start “seeing double” again.  I’ve had the coupe since 2003 and the sedan since 2008.  They were built 5 months apart (9/93 versus 2/94) but they are the same model year, color, and drivetrain.


Let’s take a peek under the hood and check out a few fluid levels.  Here’s the 4-door.


And here’s the 2-door.  Identical, right?  Only to the untrained eye.  The coupe is missing a sticker on its airbox (Kevin, I know you sent me one – I just haven’t installed it yet!) and has some aftermarket stereo wiring.


For kicks, the new 1993 sedan.  Some clear differences here.  Let’s ditch that aftermarket air intake soon.


The coupe went in for maintenance on Thursday afternoon and received a full inspection and 5W30 oil change at Acura of Tempe.  I added a new page to my 2-binder collection of receipts, and a 257th line to my maintenance spreadsheet on that car.  The technician noted some (known) oil leaks and he said the front tires are “yellow” status so I should probably rotate those on my next oil change.  Otherwise, a clean bill of health and Dana, my service advisor sent me off with “Have a great trip!”  Even she has no doubt the car will get me to TX & back.



We will depart on Wednesday evening.  I’ll post as best I can with regular updates, so come back soon!

I have a few fun high-mileage topics to share with you:

My coworker, Todd, achieved the 320,000 milestone in his Volkswagen Passat this week and sent me a photo. Congrats, Todd!


My friend Spencer sent me photos of an Accord his dad took on trade at the family dealership in California.  It’s a 2000 model year with 509,000 miles on it, and the original automatic transmission!  Looks pretty decent for that kind of mileage!


509,000 miles on a 2000 comes out to 33,933 miles per year!


And finally, I’ve reached out to the folks at The Smoking Tire who are on a mission to get to the 1 million milestone on a 1996 Lexus LS400.  Site founder Matt Farah bought the car not long ago with just a little fewer than 900,000 on the odometer.  He’s passing it around to various automotive journalists around the country and letting them help the old Lexus get to 7-digit territory.

I thought this article (and video) about the LS were great.  The article discusses how most often it’s the type of OWNER responsible for achieving high-mile status, rather than the type of car.  Take care of your vehicle and it’ll take care of you!


A couple friends and I took a trip to Bartlett Lake, northeast of Phoenix, yesterday with the ILX.


A little dirt road didn’t scare me away.


Perfect weather now that we’ve dipped out of triple-digit temperatures.  Welcome, fall.


Hope you’re enjoying the weekend too!

140,000-Mile Maintenance Cost Comparison: Then & Now

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Odometer (Legend):  534,432


Odometer (ILX):  139,755


A 2013 Acura costs half as much to maintain long-term as a 1993 Acura.  And I can prove it.


Let’s talk about maintenance costs.  I love to ‘geek out’ about facts & figures, so bear with me here.  My friends and I frequently comment about how owning an old Legend gets pricey – like this recent dialogue with Kevin from Georgia, who I’ll see at NALM in a few weeks:


Well stated, Kevin.  And we love our expensive hobbies like your 1994 LS coupe.  Last Wednesday, I dropped another $250 on maintenance for the ILX.  This got me wondering just how much the car has cost overall to keep on the road since new.  That total is $4651.26.  Considering that it has 139,755 miles on it, the cost-per-mile comes out to 3.3 cents.  Here’s a detailed spreadsheet look at my ILX’s complete maintenance history since new (on June 12, 2012 @ 16 miles on the odometer).



If the ILX has taken $4,650 to get to 140,000 miles, how much did my other cars cost to get there?  Luckily, on 4 of my 6 current Acuras (most of you haven’t ‘met’ the most recent – but you will soon), I have complete records back to brand new.  And for each of those cars, I’ve created an Excel spreadsheet just like the one you’re looking at for the ILX, so it’s an easy calculation.

  • 1992 NSX:  This car only has 101,000 miles on it, but has already cost $16,908.74.  [17 cents per mile]
  • 1993 Legend sedan:  Cost $9,777.44 to get to 140,000 miles.  [7 cents per mile]




  • 1994 Legend coupe:  Cost $7,403.56 to get to 140,000 miles.  [5.3 cents per mile]




Conclusion:  The average cost of getting a 1993-94 Acura Legend from zero miles (brand new) to 140,000 miles was $8,590.  When compared with what the ILX has cost me so far ($4,651), this is a substantial savings – especially considering 20 years of inflation!  Did you know that $8,590 in 1994 dollars is $13,831 in 2015 dollars?!

So why is it that my new car is so cheap to keep on the road?  How can it be that you’ll spend HALF as much getting your new Acura into the 100,000+ mile range today as you would have spent in the 1990’s?  I have a few ideas:

  • Cars are more reliable in general.  Fewer things break.  Contributing factors might be:  Enhanced durability testing techniques, higher quality materials, more rigorous development processes over the last 20 years.
  • Scheduled maintenance intervals are longer.  While my Legend grew up on 3,000-mile oil changes, it’s not uncommon for my ILX to go 3 times that distance thanks to longer-lasting “0W20” synthetic oil.
  • Fewer “major” services.  The Hondacars of yesteryear required strict adherence to a 90,000-mile change interval for timing belt & water pump replacement.  My ILX, on the other hand, has a timing chain, which requires little/no upkeep.  This is a $1,200+ savings for me every 90,000 miles!
  • Improved technology.  Thanks to the many computer systems at work in today’s cars, we leave it to the car to tell us when it needs something, rather than leaving it to a mechanic who may just want extra money.
  • External conditions:  Are roads less likely to put wear and tear on suspensions today than they were 20 years ago?  Am I a more careful driver than my Legends had when they were new?
  • Or is it that the Legend was simply a more complex car than my ILX is (it did have two additional cylinders) and thus was inherently more involved to keep on the road?

There’s so much to consider, but these are just a few ideas that I had.  I know we have a lot of other road warriors in the audience out there.  What do you think?  Are cars of today more economical to maintain than cars of yesterday?

Chew on that while you look at this safari-ready, lifted 1998 Acura SLX that a friend sent me.


Finally, the Phoenix area has been getting hit hard this week with late-summer “monsoon” thunderstorms.  We had a pretty severe one roll through town on Monday night.


I was out to dinner with a friend in Old Town Scottsdale when I noticed that every time the restaurant door swung open, people were ducking indoors to seek cover, soaking wet.  The rain outside was coming in sideways and the wind was howling.  Sadly, when I went back out to my car, I saw that a dumpster had rolled into it.


The pics were taken AFTER I had rolled the dumpster away and folded the dented sideview mirror back out.


Somehow, miraculously, the mirror took the only impact and the door has zero damage.  The dent mostly popped out and I threw some touch-up paint on it Tuesday.  This will have to do for now!


Poor car has been through a lot in the last year – I got backed into overnight at a Motel 6 parking lot in Las Vegas, a busted out rear window in Salt Lake City this summer, and now this.  Always an adventure!  Hope everyone is having a good week!