February News: NALM 2019 Announcement, ILX M/T Stats, & More Guests

Odometer (Legend):  565,101

A friend sent me a snapshot of an article with a “then and now” comparison.  It talked about how the average cost of a car in 1982 was $5,967.  His comment was, “You still pay that price.”  He’s not wrong!  Haha.  I love my garage full of $5k oldies.

I recently got my hands on some pretty sweet data recently regarding the breakout of ILX automatics to manuals.  My fellow Acura geeks won’t need this history lesson, but for the benefit of everyone else:  The ILX entry level Acura sedan launched in mid-2012 as a 2013 model, slotted below the TSX in the hierarchy.  There were three available drivetrains:  a 2-liter automatic, a 1.5-liter hybrid with a continuously-variable transmission (CVT), and a 2.4 liter with a 6-speed manual transmission.  I ordered my ILX as a manual and took delivery on June 12, 2012 with 16 miles on the odometer.  It was #00082 on the production line.  The rest is history.

In the years following the ILX launch, “take rate” on the 6-speed manuals was never very good.  Some surmised that it might be as low as 3-5% of overall sales.  To nobody’s surprise (but much to my own disappointment), the manual option was dropped when the car was first refreshed for the 2016 model year.  Newly-released information from Acura indicates that over the 2013 + 2014 + 2015 model years, only 2,786 cars were sold with a manual transmission.  That works out to about 4% of the overall volume, which was right in line with predictions.

What does it all mean?  Nothing, really, other than the fact that I can feel sort of exclusive in driving a “rare” model.  The vast majority of car buyers today don’t want to be troubled with a third pedal.  Chew on that data for a little while.

I had a couple of action-packed recent weeks, with my dad being here in Phoenix for a trade show, travels to southern Utah for a birthday party, and some out-of-town guests.  Keeping you up to speed on current & upcoming events:

Registration is now open for the 3rd annual “NSX WestFest” event in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It will be held April 11-14 and promises to be one of the best NSX events of the year aside from the annual NSXPO.  This year’s NSXPO is slated for October in Washington D.C.  More to come on whether I’ll be able to make that cross-country drive / flight / teleportation.

It’s also been announced that this year’s 15th annual National Acura Legend Meet (NALM) will be held in October as well and headquartered in beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida.  Here’s the official posting from the AcuraLegend.org forums with the latest information.  Lodging and registration details will be posted on March 1.  I’m looking forward to the journey – I haven’t missed a NALM since the event started in 2005.  This will be one of the longest trips in the history of my 1994 LS coupe, at roughly 4,500 miles round trip.  I’m even thinking of starting the drive from San Diego, California so I can make it a true “Pacific to Atlantic” adventure.

It would be the car’s longest trip since Alaska in 2006.

Daytona looks beautiful!

Here are some assorted pics from over the last few weeks.  This is my friend Mitch from Indiana.  He is a long-time fellow Honda & Acura enthusiast who was recently featured last month in an article by Hagerty about his restoration process of a rare Zanardi NSX.

I had dad’s MDX in town for a couple of weeks.  Tech has come a long way since the 1997 SLX!

Sedan out to dinner.

And a couple other random beauty shots on my way to work.

Legend sighting at the parking structure of the Phoenix Convention Center.  Name that color!

I finally sourced some “bumper plugs” for my 1992 Integra sedan.  Here in Arizona, we don’t have front license plates, so I needed something to cover up the unsightly holes where the bracket would attach in other states.

Helping dad set up his booth at the convention center – before.

And after.

Went and saw the latest LEGO movie, courtesy of Chevrolet, with James and Abigail.  Go check it out!

Legend coupe in for an oil change.

And a fairly clean bill of health – just leaks noted for the power steering & oil.  I already knew about those.

Check out my “safari sunroof.”

Got Branson’s Legend out for a little spin.

Road trip back to Utah in dad’s MDX.

Visiting niece Ava Mae.  Beckam had blue hair that day.

And celebrating grandpa’s 88th birthday.

Late night meet-up with my friend James who has a Moroccan Red 2007 TL-S 6-speed.

Little bit of EGR carbon clean-out in the Legend, courtesy of my friend Shaun who paid me a visit from SLC.

Shaun at the wheel of the GS.

And doing a little junkyarding.  We pulled the center console vent trim out of this 1991 LS.

Donald stopped by to join the party in his Vortex Blue 2009 TSX.

My 1990 Honda Accord EX, recently sold on Bring a Trailer, (finally) goes away tonight and is headed to Dallas, Texas tomorrow!

More to come on that soon!

18 Responses to “February News: NALM 2019 Announcement, ILX M/T Stats, & More Guests”

  1. Happy Birthday, Grandpa! Love that guy!!

  2. Hope you left a note on that Canterbury sedan. It looks great from a distance! It seems the ’15 ILX manual will be the rare one to aim for!

    • You are the winner today! Canterbury Green is the correct answer. It was in really nice shape, LS automatic but I couldn’t quite see the odometer digits through the window tint.

  3. For 88 your Granddad looks great! It’s amazing that the Coupe still gets such a clean bill of health after all these years. Will you do anything with the powersteering leak before NALM? Hope you’re having a good week!

    • Gpa has had his fair share of health challenges – this year especially – but he’s a trooper. I really do need to address the PS leak on the coupe, but for now I just carry a bottle of fluid in the trunk. As far as I know, OEM rack & pinion components are discontinued but I might be able to find something suitable that’s aftermarket. Hope you are having a great week too Adam!

  4. I guess my first question is WHERE is the EGR valve on your C32A1 engine??? Or does your friend do his best work while on top of the motor? 😀 It’s located on the front right of my Accord’s V6, but I’m guessing from the photo it’s less helpfully placed on your car.

    Very cool post. Happy Birthday to your grandpa! That’s great that you can still celebrate with him. Great updates all around, and I’ll be looking forward to reading about your NALM trip for 2019! Will you do any major repairs or maintenance to the sedan and coupe before that trip?

    Have a great week!

    • This year I think it’ll be a 1-Legend NALM for me. It’s a lot of expense and effort to try and get a second car that far away. The coupe is pretty much ready to go. And as you guessed, yes, the EGR system is along the back of the engine next to the firewall. Luckily Shaun is pretty comfortable sprawling out to get best access! Have a great week as well.

  5. Chris Miller Says:

    There are about 15 manual ILX’ on Autotrader right now. Your twin, from 2013 is VIN #644 for sale at Fox Valley Volkswagen in St. Charles Illinois. 37,000 miles for $15,850.

  6. *Sips on coffee* Perfect read for the morning! So much good stuff here. That Vortex Blue TSX always catches my eye. Moroccan Red TL is always tasty as well. Happy Birthday to grandpa and hope the trade show for your dad was successful. I noticed the Wataburger cup…golden choice! 🙂 The ILX data is interesting, but not surprising. Hang on to her…possible future collectible?

    • Wow, eagle eye Pawela! Yes – I got us each a Green Chile Double (duh!) from Whataburger when I took dad lunch, haha. So tasty. Glad I could provide some morning entertainment while getting your caffeine fix.

  7. Hello Tyson.

    I am only 4 hours south of Daytona. I am thinking of driving up from Miami in my 2005 Acura TSX to say hello. 🙂

  8. I will mark the date down.

    Tyson, if you fill up the power steering reservoir on your Legend coupe, how long will it last you before having to refill again?

    The reason I ask is that you may be better off leaving it alone.

    Years ago, i also had a power steering leak on my Acura TSX. A refill would last me several months before having to refill again. I decided to fix the leaky gasket. Fixing the gasket caused my whole rack and pinion to fail. It was a very expensive and time consuming repair.

  9. You need to slightly modify your route to come through Austin!

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