Mom’s New Ride: Crystal Black Pearl 2016 Acura RLX Technology P-AWS

Odometer (ILX):  212,846

Odometer (RLX):  21,554

Things have gone full-circle – it was 4 cars and 9 years ago when my mom last drove an Acura, and she came back to the family in fashionable style earlier this week.  After a Lexus, a Volkswagen, and an Infiniti:  Please welcome mom and this black beauty to the fleet:  a 21,500 mile RLX with the Technology package.

Originally sold at 137 miles on March 28, 2016 at Cardinale Way Acura in Las Vegas, Nevada, this RLX ended up at the local Honda dealer in St. George, Utah where my mom first test-drove it on February 18.  It was love at first drive.  Just look at her text message.

Without even knowing it, she’d just discovered P-AWS:  Precision all-wheel steering – one of the car’s most innovative features.  By the next day, she’d brought all the financials and logistics together, and drove away a happy new owner.  The car had been listed at $28,810 for a President’s Day sale price, which was a deep discount considering it had sold new for $54,450 just a couple of years prior.  Depreciation hits these cars pretty hard – but in this case, someone else has already taken the initial hit.  Nice how that worked out.

I’ve shared some of the RLX chronology in the past – I’ve watched the model throughout its evolution, from the November 2012 debut for the 2014 model year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, to the debut of the 2018 mid-cycle refresh in August 2017 in Monterey.

I also had a 2014 on test for 7 days and put it through its paces on a drive up Mount Lemmon in the Tucson area.

While Acura’s flagship is certainly at the top of its game from a packaging and performance perspective (310 or 377 horsepower from its 3.5-liter V6), the competitive marketplace has given it a hard time from the get-go.  As of the January 2019 sales figures, since the RLX went on sale in March 2013, it has sold only 15,080 units, and most were at the front end of its model launch.

To get even more granular:  Mom’s car is one of 1,620 cars sold during all of 2016.  And to put that in perspective:  Acura sold 4,172 MDX models in the month of January 2019 alone.  And Honda sold 21,553 Civics.  That month!  Now you start to realize why you never see an RLX on the road.  And we are perfectly fine with that kind of exclusivity.

This is, in fact, the second time we’ve had a black RL(X) in the family – it was May 2, 2005 (pictured above), when I flew to San Francisco to pick up a 2000 model year 3.5 RL with only 22,000 miles on it and drive it back to southern Utah.

We’ll be having some fun with this new one for sure.  I’ve already ordered an OEM rear trunk spoiler and splash guards for it, both pre-painted to match.  It’s amazing to have parts readily available when I’m used to dumpster diving at the local pick & pull junkyard.

Congrats, mom!

Original listing

Photos from the listing

Speaking of new cars and key handoffs, my 1990 Accord EX met its new owner on Monday night.  “Sid” flew out from Dallas and drove the car home the next day.  The car made the 1,000 mile trip without breaking a sweat.  This was the last pic of it in the garage.

24 Responses to “Mom’s New Ride: Crystal Black Pearl 2016 Acura RLX Technology P-AWS”

  1. Love that RLX, but not NEARLY as much as Mama T!

  2. That RLX sedan looks awesome. I have always liked RL and RLX sedans. I like them even more when they are black and have a light interior. So classy, luxurious, and practical.

  3. Congrats mama tia! That’s a beauty!

  4. Sean Brindley Says:

    Congrats to your mom on the new purchase! The car looks great and I’m sure it will bring many years of great service to your family.

    I regret not getting a key hand off pic when you bought our ‘93 (not that it was possible since we shipped it). We will have to recreate the moment one day.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Oh we’ll figure out a way to make a meet-up happen! I’m still bummed your dad didn’t have time to pop over while he was in Scottsdale last month for the auctions. Hope you and your family are doing well!

  5. Thank you! Today was a “snow day” in St. George (we received a skiff of the white stuff) and my new ride is tucked away safely in the garage, waiting for a sunny day.

  6. Congrats, Tia! What a gorgeous car. The paint finish alone is terrific. And talk about a great deal- let someone else pay for the depreciation and then pick up a basically new car! I’ll be eager to hear your thoughts on it after you drive it for a little while… maybe a post on fitfollowing50? (hint, hint)

    Tyson, glad the Accord found a good home, although I’m a little sad seeing it go – what can I say? You know how I feel about Accords!!!

    • You noticed the hiatus I have taken from my blog! Last year got a tad crazy. I will certainly keep you in the loop as I am certain many memorable road trips will be had in this beauty. I am already establishing strict rules for this ride as I want to preserve it until I can hand it off to someone worthy…. like Tyson! 🙂

    • That’s what struck me too, this car was clearly maintained because black is a challenge to keep up! I think she has some floor mats on the way – and an owner’s manual that’s guaranteed to be 1,000 pages long.

      The Accord went to a deserving home. In fact, the new owner insisted that we reinstall the sheepskin seat covers and the dash mat before he even left town!

  7. Good for Tia! That RLX is gorg to the nines and looks classy in black. Mama gonna be looking super fly and for so cheap!

  8. A beautiful car, and what a great deal! Congrats to mom!

    • We thought so, too! There are high-mileage 2014-15 models already hitting prices in the teens. A ton of bang for the buck, and a more status than a TLX. I’ll sneak away the keys sometime in the next few months for a road trip. Hope you have a good weekend, Brad!

  9. Hi Tyson,

    Congratulations to your mom Tia, it was nice car! I love it. This price was awesome for president week sale and great deal. How many miles on your mom’s red Infiniti before she bought 2016 Acura RLX? I did watch this video review of your mom’s car, it looks amazing. I hope you are doing well and have a great weekend.

    • The Infiniti had low miles on it as well – only 61,000 for a 2004 model year and incredibly well kept. She’d owned it for just under 3 years and was ready for a change. It went to a good home. Thanks for reading & watching, Josh!

  10. Congratulations on the new addition – Acura obviously not a make we see over in the UK but that’s a really great looking car!

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