Reader’s Ride: Vlad’s 2015 Honda Legend

Odometer (Integra):  239,459

The one and only Honda Pro Jason (“HPJ”) has a network of Honda and Acura enthusiasts that puts mine to shame.  (85,000 YouTube subscribers, 128,000 Facebook followers, and 82,000 Instagram followers).  He’s kind of a big deal in the community but he’s still humble about it!

Jason put me in touch with one of his followers who’s taken an Acura RLX (successor to the Legend & RL, which debuted for the 2014 model year) and completed a badging conversion to Honda Legend.  Overseas, the RLX continues to be called the Legend.  Here are a few words from my new friend Vlad from Seattle, Washington:

I had about 16 Hondas in my life and currently have 5.  I bought my Acura RLX back in 2015.  It is the Advance model.  I went on my first trip with my wife in August 2015 to Scottsdale; I really love that place.  Right now, I only have 13,900 miles on it, and I just completed my Honda Legend conversion.  I found a guy on eBay who shipped me all Honda parts to me.

However, I still want to find and somehow get the airbag from Honda Legend with the “H” emblem on it and floor mats with”LEGEND” on them.  I can only get those from the Philippines since they have left-hand-drive Honda Legends there and those floor mats will fit.  I have only had this conversion for one week and already have many compliments.  So many people stop by and look at it and are surprised that this car originally is Honda Legend.

Below are some photos that Vlad shared with me.  Hope you enjoy!  Such a clean ride.

I escaped the heat over the long holiday weekend to head 45 minutes up the hill from Phoenix where it was 20 degrees cooler.

Car of choice for the day was the 1992 Integra.

Since everyone got such a kick out of the 1982 Chevy Citation in the last post, how about another fine piece of 1980s General Motors metal?  This is my friend Spencer’s 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix SE.  It’s seriously one of the cleanest I’ve seen in decades and it only has 82,000 miles on the clock.

It’s a lot like my mom’s of the same year when I was a kid.  Except, mom’s was a 5-speed manual!

I sought out a spacecraft yesterday.  Back in February, an artist thought of a clever way to repurpose a concrete truck tank.  He painted it up like a space capsule that had parachuted out of the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the shiny speck in the distance here was about as close as I could get, thanks to it being right along the busy I-10 freeway and set back from the road behind a fence and a good distance away.

Fireworks last night from my friend Greg’s 16th-floor condo balcony!  Not a shabby way to close out of the holiday.

Hope everybody had a great one!

6 Responses to “Reader’s Ride: Vlad’s 2015 Honda Legend”

  1. The Legend conversion is very cool. Would love to see Acura someday get rid of the three-letter codes and go back to proper vehicle names.

    How’s the Integra doing? Anything need to be addressed, or is it running well?

    Great view for the fireworks!

    • The Integra is doing great! Has some nice cold a/c and fun handling. The ABS light is perpetually on – replacement parts are no longer available, so I just drive it and get used to it. But for a little get-around car it’s a joy to have around. Hope you had a great 4th!

  2. Brad Heffran Says:

    Well done Honda Legend conversion. It’s easy to forget that in most of the world, Acura isn’t even a thing.

    More 80s GM! I feel like I should put Pandora on 80s hits and go back in time. The funny thing about the Grand Prix coupe this week is that my OTHER neighbor had one of those. Haha. It was an ’88 LE trim, in what might be the same red color as the one your mom had. I thought it was a really nice car.

    • Haha, I can dig 80’s music. All day long! My two favorite things about Spencer’s Grand Prix are the heavvvvvvily button-covered dash and steering wheel, and the 3-digit combination lock on the glove compartment. What an interior!

  3. That RLX/Legend update looks amazing!

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