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Nerdy Burger Destination: Group Drive to Globe, Arizona & More Home Improvements

Posted in Arizona, House, NSX, Road Trip on May 27, 2019 by tysonhugie

Odometer (NSX):  115,761

Trip Distance:  180 Miles

Talk about a one-stop-shop:  At Nurdberger in Globe, Arizona, you can get your hands on burgers, coffee, sweets, and… nerds?

You read that right.  This uniquely-themed hamburger joint prides itself in being nerdy.  Its main lobby has arcade games, and the walls are covered in posters of comic book characters.  Most importantly, the menu is nicely put together and I went with a “Power Nurd” 1/4 pound burger (or, berger) along with a side of onion rings with a diameter the size of pancakes.

Globe is a small mining town about an hour and half east of Phoenix that has about 7,000 residents.  When my friend Kyle pitched the question about taking a weekend group drive, we had no problem rounding up 11 people in 8 different (and I do mean, very diverse) vehicles to spend the day on the road for a burger.  Comprising the list of participating vehicles were:

  • Acura NSX x 2
  • Acura TSX
  • Ford Mustang Saleen
  • Hyundai Elantra
  • Pontiac G8 GXP
  • Porsche Cayman
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser

The initial 35 or 40 minutes were on largely flat, straight terrain, but after we crossed through Superior and made our way upward through the Queen Creek Tunnel on US-60, things got a lot more interesting.  It was here that I got to have some fun with the NSX.

At the same time, I enjoyed some of my recently downloaded road trip music from Tropical House Records (thanks, Conor!).  It was therapeutic.  This song was one of my faves.  Picture me blasting that at max volume while rowing gears through the Superstition Mountains.

And I must say, Donald’s FJ, despite being unlike some of the other contenders, held its own in the twisties.  Unfortunately, though, he said he burned through 7/8ths of a tank of gas on this trip.  It’s okay – the burger and the experience were worth it.

Greg brought out his rare 1989 fox-body Mustang “SSC” — one of only 160 vehicles built by Saleen that year, and with only 13,000 miles on it.  Speaking of rarity, Kyle’s immaculate 2009 G8 GXP 6-speed manual is a rarity in itself and put us all to shame with its impeccable tire shine.  James’ Elantra Sport rolled 3,000 miles along the way.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.

As someone who is 100% nerd, I can appreciate the allure of a place like Nurdberger and I was glad for an excuse to get some time on the open road and spend it with great people.  Below are some photos and videos of the day’s excursion.

Pre-departure at Kyle’s

Woody and Jack in the 2004 TSX

NSX passing NSX

Woody and James

Following the TSX through Superior

Check out that Saleen!

Shots from Nurdberger

Headed back home

Just call me Al Borland.  I’ve been busy upgrading my home with a few things in recent months, including a new garage floor and some driveway pavers.  The latest addition to the property is an awning in the backyard that gives me 2 additional covered spots.




Nice to have some shade back there now!

Also got a cool new banner from a friend!

Hope the holiday weekend is going well for everyone.

Mike’s Integra, Memory Lane Pics, Steve’s Visit, & a Driveway Upgrade

Posted in Arizona, House, Model Cars, Road Trip, SLX on May 23, 2019 by tysonhugie

Odometer (SLX):  178,689

We’ll call this post “automotive potpourri,” like the recent feature on my friend Tim’s blog.

Let’s kick things off with a for-sale listing, just because I’m all about helping a nice old car find a good home.  My friend Mike in Connecticut is selling his 1991 Integra RS Automatic with only 108,000 miles on it.

It needs some cosmetic work as there is rust on the right rear quarter panel and in a few other places.  But mechanically, the car is well sorted out.  In the past year, Mike has addressed the following:  Oil change, transmission service, springs, rear shocks (fronts were done a couple years ago), power steering pump & rack, timing belt/water pump, and the exhaust between the manifold and muffler. All of the above were done at an Acura dealership.  Mike’s not looking to get a ton of money for this so he’s open to offers.

The RS is a bare-bones model with manual-crank windows – probably my favorite thing about it.

There is also no moonroof.

Cloth seats are showing some wear.

Get in touch with Mike at if this is something you’re interested in.  I wish I had room for it!

On Sunday afternoon, I met up with my friend Mirel who recently had some paint work completed on his 133,000-mile 1994 Legend LS coupe.

Mirel might be taking this one to NALM in Florida in October.

I also happened to be going through some old photos and came across a couple of gems.  This one shows me on my 18th birthday in my bedroom, which had been toilet-papered by friends.  A couple of things stood out to me:  The “Justification for Higher Education” poster, as well as the BMW 3-series convertible die-cast model car that I still have 19, years later.

This was from around 1999 in my 1989 Prelude Si, with my brother in the passenger seat.  It was taken in Logan Canyon in northern Utah, crossing a bridge.  I do miss that car a lot!

I finally got around to purchasing the 2015 CD album “Ludaversal” by Ludacris, which features his Cashmere Silver Metallic Legend on the album artwork.

It’s in my showcase now.

I received some “Precision” magazines which are Acura’s new publication that’s only distributed to dealers.  And me.  I have a special hookup!

I was going through odometer pics to prepare for my 567,890 which is coming up soon.

I had company from my friend Steve from Missouri who I’ve known for about 13 years now.  We initially met at NALM 2006 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We took the SLX out to one of my favorite dinner spots called Hula’s Modern Tiki.

We also cruised around a bit in the NSX.

I took the Legend GS to work this week.

And drove the GS-R to a friend’s birthday party.

My friend Jason of Pawela’s Garage put together a window sticker replica for the SLX, complete with $35k pricetag.

Thanks Jason!

And finally, I had some work done at the house by having a contractor add some pavers to the front driveway to even it out, for ease of entry.  Check out the video and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Before & After:

Whew, I think that’s it for this week.  Have a nice holiday weekend, everyone!

At Last, a Showroom Floor: Metallic Epoxy Coating in the Garage

Posted in House on December 30, 2018 by tysonhugie

Odometer (Legend):  564.765

It’s that time of year once again where I give a summary of annual mileage.  Check out the chart below for highlights from 2018.  The car that I drove the most – the 2013 ILX – also cost the least to maintain at around 2 cents per mile.  But what’s interesting was how cheap my highest mileage car – the 1994 Legend coupe – also was to maintain, costing me only $311 to drive over 7,000 miles this year.

The NSX had an expensive year, but that didn’t necessarily translate into a pocketbook impact for me.  One of the service advisors at my local dealership covered a timing belt & water pump for free, in trade for some help I gave him selling a vehicle.  So in the end, of the $4,000 or so shown there, I was only out of pocket maybe half that.   Enjoy geeking out on some data with me!

My coworkers got crafty with Photoshop for my 37th birthday.

In the nearly 2.5 years I’ve owned my current home, I’ve always wanted to dress up the showroom.  Simple concrete is so drab, plus when you’re parking a fleet of 2+ decade old cars, you accept the fact that they’re all going to leak a little.  And my floor was starting to look like polka dot street art with the drips all over the place.  As you can see in this before & after photo, I’ve elevated the look of the garage in a big way.

To get this all done, I engaged the efforts of Eric and his team at Brilliant Epoxy Floors, Inc, based in Scottsdale, Arizona.  They completely transformed the look of my 988-square-foot, 6-car garage by fulfilling a 3-step process:  Base coat, metallic “Quicksilver” epoxy, and top polyurethane.  The sequence took about 5 or 6 days to complete because we had to wait (and weather is cooler than usual this time of year) for the surface to cure / dry in between stages.

Then I waited another 6 days before attempting to drive cars across it.  Meanwhile, my backyard was full of cars and starting to look a little bit hillbilly with cars parked every which way.  In all, the cars spent 12 days outside getting leaves & bird droppings all over them.

Yesterday was the big debut when I was finally able to park indoors.  I am thrilled with the results!  A couple of observations I’ve already made:  The new floor does show dust and dirt pretty readily – from footprints, tire treads, etc.  It’ll be extremely slick to walk on if it gets wet.  But, spills and leaks (oil or anything else) will wipe up really easily.  Let’s see how everything holds up over the next few years!

Here is a timelapse video showing stages 1 & 2 of the refinishing process.  In all, I captured about 1,000 pictures at a 20-second interval with a small camera mounted in the southwest corner of the garage.

NSX & Integra “before”

Blank slate ready for customization:

The Brilliant crew showing up for day 1

End of first / base / single-color coat

Coincidentally, while the Integra sedan was out back, I received an order for a 1:43 scale model car in the mail – a twin to it!

Day 2 complete!  You can see the metallic swirl starting to take shape here.

Meanwhile, the cars sat out back like this for almost two weeks.


Even the “new car” went inside for a bit.  Now you know what it is.

Few more shots of the garage, all staged & ready.

Thanks for reading & watching!

Extreme Garage Makeover: My 1990’s Acura Showroom

Posted in House, ILX, Integra, Legend, NSX, Vigor on October 12, 2016 by tysonhugie

Descending order!

Odometer (Legend Coupe):  548,712


Odometer (Integra):  237,380


Odometer (ILX):  183,721


Odometer (Legend Sedan):  150,668


Odometer (Vigor):  106,293


Odometer (NSX):  106,150


Total Miles:  1,332,924.  1.3 million miles!

Time-travel back with me about a quarter-century to those glorious early 1990s.  I was only about 10 but I still remember them fondly.  You turn on your FM radio and it’s Ace of Base “The Sign.”  Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, and Toy Story are big hits at the box office.  And if you stroll down to your local Acura dealership, you might see vehicles like this:




The Acura brand, at the time only about 5 years old, was having a heyday.  The NSX debuted as a world-class supercar with uncanny reliability.  The second-generation Legend was selling like crazy – some 65,000 units in the 1991 model year alone.  The Vigor was a brand new model with the touring comfort of its larger Legend sibling but with nimble handling.  And the Integra GS-R boasted a 1.7 liter VTEC motor with more horsepower-per-liter than any other motor in the world.  Life was good.

Oh, and all those cars in the picture?  They’re stick shifts.  Did you know that there is no new Acura sold today that has a clutch pedal?  That in itself is one more reason why I hang onto the past like this.


Last weekend, I called upon the expert services of the most efficient, hard-working construction crew I’ve ever known:  My family.  Between my dad and my brother, there is no home or car repair task that can’t be completed (in record time).  When I bought my new Phoenix home in late August, the main selling factor was the fact that it had two garages.

For the last 5 years, I’d been renting storage units in different parts of town to accommodate all of my vehicles, so when the opportunity arose to pick up a home that could fit them all, I worked quickly and made it happen.  (For reference, back in March at an NSX meet I had been lusting after a local club member’s place which similarly had gargantuan parking possibilities).

There was still just one hurdle:  The largest garage was split into two separate 2-car units with a garage door at each end.  This was fine for the previous owner, Charlie, who used half the garage for his woodworking & welding, and the other half for his two vehicles.  But I had other plans for the space:  I wanted to knock out the separating wall and create one gigantic Acura automotive storage mecca.  And that I did!  Or rather, my dad, brother, and stepmom did.


Here’s a look at the progression taken from the south entrance in just 4 photos.

1 – Prior owner’s stuff:


2 – Space cleared out, wall still there:


3 – Wall removed, finish work underway:


4 – Garage completed, vehicles staged:


The Friday morning after a 12-hour drive from northern Utah, my garage makeover crew set to work on the task ahead.  Due to limited time-off at my new job, I had to go into the office.  After settling in to check emails, I decided to walk across the street to Starbucks.  At 7:32 a.m., my brother sent me 2 photos.  He and dad had already torn down the wall!  There were dangling wires and a few boards, but I couldn’t believe how much larger the space looked.  It made my day.


Friday afternoon I joined the work crew and assisted with masking and taping off so that my dad could spray the paint on (a much more efficient way to tackle a large surface area than using rollers).  The garage turned into a cloud of misty white air as dad applied two coats.  Smartly we shut the garage doors so that the cars in the backyard didn’t end up with overspray.


We installed 3 matching ceiling fans and hung up two banks of cabinets in the southeast corner for my detailing supplies and tools.  The final step was general clean-up and the hanging of a few banners and signs.  Dad sprayed the garage out with the hose to get rid of the dust and debris, and then we did a quick wipe-down of each of the 5 cars that would be going into the showroom.  Even my 4-year-old nephew Beckam gave us a hand for that chore.


I’d had months to think about how best to position the vehicles within the space, and I wanted to keep things symmetrical.  We ended up putting the two sedans at the north end, the two coupes at the south end, and the NSX centered in the middle at a 45-degree angle.  I even finally had a use for the aluminum display stand that my other brother, Payton, had built for me earlier this year.


I couldn’t be happier with the results.  When the 7 fluorescent light tubes kick on and gleam against our bright white ceiling & wall paint, it’s shocking.  Next on the list (but a ways down the road) will be a floor coating, which means I really ought to get some leaks addressed on the cars before I do that.  The Vigor is dropping oil, and the Legend coupe leaves a trail of power steering fluid virtually everywhere it goes.

My family members and I finished out the weekend by planting a couple of citrus trees in my backyard.  For 10 years I’ve been living in Arizona and my dad has been wanting to harvest oranges and grapefruits, so we are finally making it happen.  Below are the rest of the pics!


Edit 10/15/16:  Just confirmed for kicks that I can get 6 cars in the main garage pretty comfortably.  Sweet.





Taking a look at the plans


Before – south garage (prior owner)


Before – north garage (prior owner)


Before wall removal – north garage


Cars parked in the backyard awaiting their new home


Wall coming down


Dad working on wall removal


Getting ready for paint


Visit from friends Kyle and Matt


Out on the town with my brother Bentley, Lance, and Rob


Cars got rained on while they were ALL outside!


Nephew Beckam gives us a hand with weed removal


Cars parked in the back – with Beckam’s Power Wheels pickup


Taking a break


Getting closer!


Posters ready to go


Family dinner at Switch Restaurant on Central Ave


Final spray down of the floor


Posters getting put up


Vigor wash


Legend sedan wash


Tucked away


Dad and Beckam with the finished product






Artwork is ready to install, like this framed Legend coupe poster:


New NSX interior!  I don’t think I’d shown this yet.  Fresh leather.


And a bath for the ILX so it doesn’t feel forgotten in its separate garage.


First Week of Work; Another Honda Purchase

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Odometer (Legend):  544,647


Odometer (ILX):  181,139


Owning a 544,000 mile car is not without its share of drama!  I just got the Legend back on Friday from receiving a replacement starter under warranty from Hon-Man in Tempe, Arizona.  The old one was an aftermarket unit installed in December 2015 that had intermittent issues.  A couple of weeks ago, I had to push-start the car (alone!) in a Great Clips parking lot in Fountain Hills after getting a haircut.  That was embarrassing.  Luckily, Hon-Man took great care of me.  I also had the car’s oil changed yesterday.

We are good to go!  On Tuesday evening, we (as in me + you, my readers) will depart on a 3,800 mile round-trip drive to Georgia and back.


The car received a backyard bath yesterday evening, though I know it’ll get plenty dirty on its cross-country journey across 6 states in the coming days.  I’ll depart Tuesday after work and do my best to post nightly updates like the ones I gave when Jason and I took our Alaska trip earlier this year.


I still have the training wheels on, but I made it through my first week (well, first 4 days) of work at my new job with Banner Health.  Luckily for me, I have a sidekick (Amanda) who started the same day as I did so I don’t have to feel like the only new kid on the block.  Tuesday was filled with a half-day or orientation followed by an introduction to our teammembers.  The Banner “Corporate Center” at Phoenix Plaza is comprised by two 21-story identical towers at the northeast corner of Central Avenue and Thomas Avenue.  My team sits on the 4th floor of the south tower.


As with any large organization, we had our share of hoops to go through this week to get up to speed.  Still, I have no work-issued laptop computer and I’m using a “loaner.”  And it took us until day 3 to get ahold of our parking passes and elevator badges.  In all, I’m toting around 6 different badges on my lanyard.  I’d better not lose it!

Access granted:


The team has been most welcoming and I’m starting to wrap my head around the new language and tasks.  My role operates in the Medicare & Medicaid realm which means I need to get acquainted with all the laws, regulations, and rules that govern those programs.  It’s been a crash course in learning acronyms!  EHR, CPOE, MIPS, MACRA, CQM, CAH… these all mean something and sooner than later, I’m going to need to be familiar with the dialect!


One interesting thing about commuting to my new office:  If I want to, I can use the “Suicide Lanes.”  These are on 7th Avenue and 7th Street in central Phoenix, which run north-south.  It’s basically a turning lane that becomes a through-travel lane during certain hours of the day to ease traffic congestion at rush hour.  It changes direction based on time of day:  From 6-9 a.m. on weekdays, the the suicide lanes run southbound.  From 4-6 p.m., they run northbound.  And at any other time of the day – and all throughout the weekend – they’re used as turning lanes.


The VW Jetta in this picture was using a suicide lane during my morning commute the other day.  Notice how the double-yellow lines are “broken” (not solid).  The suicide name – as you can imagine – comes from the fact that it’s possible to meet a clueless motorist head-on who doesn’t understand how the lanes’ directions are managed.


The last bit of this week’s fun comes from another Honda purchase (as if I needed another!).  This one is rear-wheel-drive, with a twin-blade design.  It’s a self-propelled, variable-speed, 21-inch Honda lawnmower that I snagged from The Home Depot yesterday afternoon.  I didn’t get a key-handoff photo (if there had been a key, I would have ) but it was love at first sight when I saw the box being brought out.  The slogan on the box read “Very Smart.”  Go Honda.


Assembly was a piece of cake – extend the handle, add oil, adjust cutting height, and fire it up.  The owner’s manual said that the mower had been started from the factory so I assumed there might be a little gas in the tank.  There wasn’t.  Luckily I had some fuel in the garage so I filled it up and let her rip.  Cutting time was about an hour to cover both the front and back yards.  I even got fancy and striped the front lawn diagonally.


Kyle and Dan stopped by to give their approval of my latest purchase.


Video of the first start-up.

Hope everyone else had a great week!  Here are the rest of my pics.

I was greeted with a welcoming gift and this sign in my cube:  The cow comes from “MU,” or “Meaningful Use,” which is the department in which I’m working.


Doing some heavy-duty training on Day 2 at work.


The new lawnmower had my name on it.  Literally.


“Legendary” performance.  This thing is perfect for me!


Finished product.  I love the backyard.  My swing is still broken, as shown here.


Lastly:  My friends Scott and Sandy were featured this week on Petrolicious!  Check out the video segment on their story, including awesome visuals of their 1959 Mercury Park Lane and their 1992 Acura NSX.


Getting Settled at the New House; Career Changes Underway

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Odometer (Legend):  544,575


Odometer (ILX):  181,009


I’m a week into ownership of my new home and it’s feeling like a great place to be!  Along with getting my bearings in the neighborhood and getting a few things unpacked, I’ve added 18 entries to my guest book.  There’s just one thing that’s become a bit of a nuisance:  I’m in such a centrally located area of town that my friends are always passing by, and they’ve taken it upon themselves to say hello each time they do.  Take Jack, for instance.  Each morning he drives down my street and gives me a hefty series of honks.  The neighborhood may never be the same!

I actually love the visitors and I feel more connected to my friend network than ever.  Travels have taken a backseat for now, but I’ll get my fill of the open road next week when I head out on a 3,600 mile round-trip drive to Atlanta for NALM.  It’s been nice to have a chance to stick in town.  Best of all, I had some special visitors here to help me break in the new pad.  Like Grandma, who came down with my mom for the Labor Day holiday weekend.


There are also some changes in the works for me career-wise.  After nearly 8 years with CVS Health, I had my last day with the company on Thursday.  My departure was quiet and uneventful – just the way I’d wanted it – but I will definitely miss many of the great folks who I’d worked with there.

Out with the old:


In with the new:


The next chapter in my career path will take me to the corporate office of Banner Health, a health system based in the Phoenix area that operates 23 hospitals.  I’ll be one of about 40,000 colleagues working for the company (making it the largest employer in the state, with Walmart a close second).  My role is in the “Meaningful Use” department at the corporate office.  It’s a 3.5-mile one-way commute.  Breeze!  You know I’m obsessed with timelines and tracking.  Here’s how this one played out:

  • July 18:  Online application completed
  • July 21:  Contacted by recruiter via email
  • July 25:  Phone interview with recruiter
  • July 29:  Received follow-up email from recruiter
  • August 2:  Phone interview with hiring manager
  • August 10:  On-site, 1-hour, 4-person panel interview
  • August 11:  Offer extended
  • August 15:  Offer accepted
  • September 1:  Last day with CVS
  • September 6:  Start date with Banner

I’ll let the photos tell the story about my last week or so.

Here’s a photo of my home while being irrigated.  It’s a little unnerving to see the water level like this but it’s all by design and the yard is specifically “dished” to hold the water in.  Flooding takes place once every two weeks.


View looking south to the backyard from the rear-facing garage door.


My new license plate came for the Integra this week!


CVS main office.


And my new office.  I’ll be on the 9th floor here, I think.


Just for kicks, I pulled 4 of the cars into the backyard for a photo.


The new neighbors will soon learn I’m nuts, just like my old ones did!


Arrival of grandma and mom from St. George, Utah on Friday afternoon.


Dinner group out on the town that evening with a few friends.


Car wash party at Kyle’s on Saturday morning, with Kyle’s pup “Cowboy” supervising.


I gave mom’s 2004 G35 a bath.  It only has 27,000 miles on it.


Lance and grandma playing Boggle before our BBQ.


Dinner group.


Following is a short video about a very special Honda fan.  Helen Musselman has now been featured in the Honda “Kokoro” series of videos for her role as the founder and operator of a Tucson-based motorcycle dealership that has been around since Honda’s earliest days.  Thanks to my friend Charles Schnieber for sharing it with me.

Have a great week!

My New House in Central Phoenix: Introduction and Quick Tour

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Odometer (U-HAUL Truck):  52,122


Odometer (Legend coupe):  544,457


Odometer (Legend sedan):  150,595


Odometer (Vigor):  105,948


Odometer (Integra):  237,259


Odometer (ILX):  180,646


Odometer (NSX):  I don’t know!  It’s coming back from my brother’s place in a few weeks!


I’ve moved into a garage.  Well, not literally, but pretty much.

On Friday, August 26th, I officially closed on a new house that has more garage space than living space, and I’m totally okay with that.  Allow me to introduce my residence in central Phoenix.  Conveniently located in the up-and-coming “Uptown” area, this 1949 place started life as a simple, brick, 3-bedroom, 1-bath home.  It was later remodeled to incorporate an additional bedroom, bathroom, and laundry on the east end.  Then finally – and most importantly – a massive multi-car garage was tacked on and the existing carport was enclosed as well.  Here was the photo from the for-sale listing that I first saw.


My (2 or 3) avid blog followers may recall that it was Friday, May 27th when Jason and I drove to the Arctic Circle in Alaska.  Later that same day, my friend Rob in Phoenix sent me a text message saying that there was a home with a 5-car garage for sale near him.  My interest was piqued but I was far too busy road tripping to think about real estate transactions.  Besides, I was perfectly content in Scottsdale even though it meant renting out storage units in other parts of town for a couple of my cars.  I’d been doing it for over 7 years and was used to the routine.  Here was Rob’s text convo (a screen shot from his phone, and the photo is now missing).


The Alaska trip concluded and I got back to my daily grind without thinking twice about the Phoenix home.  About a week later, Rob sent another text.  “Price drop of $20,000 on the 5-car garage.”  “Oh yeah,” I thought.  “I should at least do a drive-by.”  And I did so that weekend.  I liked the home.  While sitting in the car – my Legend sedan, as it were – in front of the house, I pulled out my phone and shot a quick email over to my friend (and real estate agent) Leif.  That was June 11th.  Here’s what I said:


The rest of the story – and it’s full of twists and turns, I assure you – I’ll leave for another day if I end up sharing it at all.  But hundreds of emails, thousands of dollars, and almost three months later, I own the home.


Or rather, my mortgage company owns it, but my name’s on the paperwork!  Here’s a summary of the timeline:

  • May 27 – Notified of the house
  • June 5 – Return from Alaska
  • June 6 – Price drop of $20k
  • June 11 – Emailed my agent
  • June 21 – Sellers accepted my contingent offer, my home listed
  • June 29 – Lowered my price $4,500
  • July 8 – Lowered my price $5,000
  • July 18 – Lowered my price $5,000
  • July 27 – Offer accepted
  • August 4 – First buyer fell through
  • August 8 – Back-up buyer’s offer accepted
  • August 12 – Inspection performed
  • August 26 – Final repairs completed, both properties closed!

It really was a miracle that things came together in the time that they did.  I cannot say enough about the level of professionalism and skill of my real estate agent, Leif Swanson.  He was so organized and on the ball.  Every meeting we had, his paperwork was filled out in advance and he had the ultimate of respect for my time.

Here’s the verbatim summary from the for-sale listing of my new home:

Beautiful 4 Bed, 2 bath, 1552 sq ft, 5 car garage (split into 3 separate garage units, 2/2/1) lovingly remodeled by artist and engineer. Large back yard, fully landscaped with garden/utility shed, w/ irrigated lot. Split, open floor plan, neutral color palette, 6″ baseboards & crown molding. Large screened patio, breezeway, dusk to dawn outdoor lighting. Interior tile flooring, newer dual pane windows, shutters/blinds, soft water unit, electric hot water tank, and updated 200 Amp electric service. Renovations have been legally permitted & approved through the City of Phoenix. Open kitchen offers pantry, Granite Island, stainless French door refrigerator, and in-island convection oven. See Doc tab for list of additional items to convey.

The property itself is a corner lot with over 10,000 square feet in area — twice as large as the piece of land I sold in Scottsdale.  Can you say yard maintenance?  That will be a new experience for me!  Guess it’s time to start shopping for a Honda lawnmower.

I wasted no time in having company over, as my friend Branson flew down from Salt Lake City to spend the weekend with me.  Following are just a few of the many photos sharing the events of this exciting transaction!

Check the 6-minute video for a full tour.  Be sure and watch to the very end for a fun blooper.

Home before remodel (taken from Google) – May 2014


After remodels – June 2016.  Extreme makeover?


U-HAUL time!  I put 78 miles on this thing and it took 2 trips to get my furniture transported.


Retrieving the last load from Scottsdale.


This is how my die-cast model cars were transported.  More on that in a second!


Starting to get settled in.


Retrieving the Legend sedan from the storage unit where it had lived for the last 2 years.


Clean-up time at the Scottsdale home!


The banner was the last thing to come down.


Unloading at the new house, with some help from Rob and his Ford Escape.


James paid us a visit in his Fiat that day.


Visit from Lance from Seattle who I bought the Integra from.


Enjoying my back patio.


Saying goodbye to the Scottsdale place one last time.


Friends Chandler, James, Jack, and Rob at the new pad


Following up with Charlie and Cindy, who I bought the new place from.  They’d left me detailed (and laminated) notes on each of the plants on the back patio, with care instructions!


Charlie and Cindy were great.  They’ve even now sent me photos from throughout the home’s remodel!  There was a fireplace removed, a wall pulled down, and the original casement windows were repurposed as a gate in the backyard.


Original windows


Gate to alleyway


The final transaction details came to me via text.  The deal was final as of 2:01 p.m. on Friday the 26th!


Making it official with a key handoff.  My neighbor Drew took the photo for us.


This is now the first time in over 4 years of ILX ownership that the car will have a garage space.


Removal of the for-sale sign the following morning.


Visit from Justin


Climbing on top of the roof with Branson to find a new home for the model cars.




Pulling the Vigor out onto the back driveway for a day-trip.


James and his mom paid a visit, too.


Official change-of-address confirmation received!  Pretty sweet!


Now, time to try out some of the neighborhood cuisine…


Come visit me!