March 13th NSX Meet at Eric’s House in Phoenix

Odometer (Legend):  542,210


Odometer (ILX):  157,162



What defines a Legend?  Discuss amongst yourselves.

I’m lucky to be part of an active local chapter of NSX owners and enthusiasts.  On Sunday afternoon, member Eric hosted several of us for a backyard BBQ at his home in central Phoenix.  When I arrived, his neighbor was outside on the sidewalk already taking pictures of the lineup.  Eric grilled up burgers, chicken, and hot dogs for his guests.  We also explored his awesome house and garage.  While only having 2 bedrooms, the historic 1950s home accommodates 5 or 6 cars, plus has a huge backyard with an RV gate.  Eric definitely has his priorities in order!

Keeping Eric’s “Formula Red” 1991 NSX company in the garage is an Olds Cutlass convertible, a Kharmann Ghia, several motorcycles and a vast collection of memorabilia.  The ceiling was lined with license plates.  And the centerpiece was a vintage two-seater car-racing game called Battle Gear (circa 1998) which featured a red NSX and a white Integra.  I raced Mike (beat him) and Westin (lost to him) and had a blast doing it.  Enjoy a few photos from our little get-together.


Welcoming us to the home.


Eric’s Great Dane kept an eye on everyone.


A living room with motorcycles in it?  Excellent.


Eric, Nevin, Tyson, Alan, Jhae in front of the house, with Westin in the road


Nevin’s NSX-T flanked by the reds


Westin’s 1995 Berlina Black with chrome wheels


Westin’s interior


Alan’s car (white) is actually black.  The white you see there is a wrap.


In some other recent events:  Last Friday, I had to shuffle the cars around the house so I thought it would be interesting to film the start-up of each.  Only the 1993 L started up on the first crank.

Believe it or not, there’s a group of about 600 people on Facebook called “Camrys with Dented Bumpers.”  I captured this one on my way out of the neighborhood the other day.


Also, I finally had the chance to (temporarily) install my Barrett-Jackson plate on my Legend GS.  Top car is my friend Chris Miller’s in Baltimore, bottom car is mine.  Both are 1994 6-speeds.


Speaking of plates, a couple of months ago I was looking on the Arizona DMV site and discovered that this plate was available:


Well, today I discovered that my friend Chris from Tucson ended up grabbing it!


Hope everyone is having a great week!

8 Responses to “March 13th NSX Meet at Eric’s House in Phoenix”

  1. LGNDRY video! Nice work, Rex! And I trust that you offered the owner of that Kaiser Silver a deal he couldn’t refuse for your good friend Conor and it’ll be arriving here in NYC anyday, right? Thanks!!

    • Haha, I did that video while I was stuck at the house preparing for the following day’s doctor exam! The things I do when I’m bored. The Kaiser has your name ALLLL over it. It would fit in perfectly with the the siblings in you fleet…

  2. autoscribe1974 Says:

    Eric’s Herbie-themed living room wall treatment is my new favorite thing. Brilliant!

    • I know! He laughed it off when we made comments about the automotive theme throughout his home. He said people frequently say, “You’re single, aren’t you?” And indeed he is! Now he’s got me on the hunt for a similar mega-garage so I can stop renting storage units.

  3. “I thought it would be interesting to film the start-up of each. Only the 1993 L started up on the first crank.”

    What more can I say but “93’s rule!”
    Amazing how reliably these vintage Hondas start.

    BTW, I’ve noticed when the ambient temps start pushing past 100 (and after the TSX has been driven) during restartup the starter will “sporadically sputter” (unable to initially start) while cranking… will usually turn over after 2nd try.

    And before you ask the battery is always replaced prior to this.

    Has this ever happened to your ILX?

    • Ha – I guess there’s something special about those 1993 model year vehicles! It was no surprise that a couple of the cars took an extra crank. They’d been parked for several days and sometimes don’t like to be awakened from their slumber. As for difficulty of starting – the ILX has never given me grief even in higher temps, but this summer I’ll keep a close eye on it. It’s weird to say “crank” when all I’m doing is pushing a button with the clutch engaged to get the engine to turn over.

  4. That NSX lineup is so awesome! Maybe it’s the speakers I have, but your Legend GS sounds different compared to the others. Have you put a exhaust system on the sedan?

    • Yes! The GS sedan is running an aftermarket Stromung exhaust system. That’s why it sounds different. Also, you may notice the cranking sound (and speed) is different across the 3 cars too. The coupe has a brand new (aftermarket Denso) starter as of a few months ago. Thanks for reading/watching!

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