First Week of Work; Another Honda Purchase

Odometer (Legend):  544,647


Odometer (ILX):  181,139


Owning a 544,000 mile car is not without its share of drama!  I just got the Legend back on Friday from receiving a replacement starter under warranty from Hon-Man in Tempe, Arizona.  The old one was an aftermarket unit installed in December 2015 that had intermittent issues.  A couple of weeks ago, I had to push-start the car (alone!) in a Great Clips parking lot in Fountain Hills after getting a haircut.  That was embarrassing.  Luckily, Hon-Man took great care of me.  I also had the car’s oil changed yesterday.

We are good to go!  On Tuesday evening, we (as in me + you, my readers) will depart on a 3,800 mile round-trip drive to Georgia and back.


The car received a backyard bath yesterday evening, though I know it’ll get plenty dirty on its cross-country journey across 6 states in the coming days.  I’ll depart Tuesday after work and do my best to post nightly updates like the ones I gave when Jason and I took our Alaska trip earlier this year.


I still have the training wheels on, but I made it through my first week (well, first 4 days) of work at my new job with Banner Health.  Luckily for me, I have a sidekick (Amanda) who started the same day as I did so I don’t have to feel like the only new kid on the block.  Tuesday was filled with a half-day or orientation followed by an introduction to our teammembers.  The Banner “Corporate Center” at Phoenix Plaza is comprised by two 21-story identical towers at the northeast corner of Central Avenue and Thomas Avenue.  My team sits on the 4th floor of the south tower.


As with any large organization, we had our share of hoops to go through this week to get up to speed.  Still, I have no work-issued laptop computer and I’m using a “loaner.”  And it took us until day 3 to get ahold of our parking passes and elevator badges.  In all, I’m toting around 6 different badges on my lanyard.  I’d better not lose it!

Access granted:


The team has been most welcoming and I’m starting to wrap my head around the new language and tasks.  My role operates in the Medicare & Medicaid realm which means I need to get acquainted with all the laws, regulations, and rules that govern those programs.  It’s been a crash course in learning acronyms!  EHR, CPOE, MIPS, MACRA, CQM, CAH… these all mean something and sooner than later, I’m going to need to be familiar with the dialect!


One interesting thing about commuting to my new office:  If I want to, I can use the “Suicide Lanes.”  These are on 7th Avenue and 7th Street in central Phoenix, which run north-south.  It’s basically a turning lane that becomes a through-travel lane during certain hours of the day to ease traffic congestion at rush hour.  It changes direction based on time of day:  From 6-9 a.m. on weekdays, the the suicide lanes run southbound.  From 4-6 p.m., they run northbound.  And at any other time of the day – and all throughout the weekend – they’re used as turning lanes.


The VW Jetta in this picture was using a suicide lane during my morning commute the other day.  Notice how the double-yellow lines are “broken” (not solid).  The suicide name – as you can imagine – comes from the fact that it’s possible to meet a clueless motorist head-on who doesn’t understand how the lanes’ directions are managed.


The last bit of this week’s fun comes from another Honda purchase (as if I needed another!).  This one is rear-wheel-drive, with a twin-blade design.  It’s a self-propelled, variable-speed, 21-inch Honda lawnmower that I snagged from The Home Depot yesterday afternoon.  I didn’t get a key-handoff photo (if there had been a key, I would have ) but it was love at first sight when I saw the box being brought out.  The slogan on the box read “Very Smart.”  Go Honda.


Assembly was a piece of cake – extend the handle, add oil, adjust cutting height, and fire it up.  The owner’s manual said that the mower had been started from the factory so I assumed there might be a little gas in the tank.  There wasn’t.  Luckily I had some fuel in the garage so I filled it up and let her rip.  Cutting time was about an hour to cover both the front and back yards.  I even got fancy and striped the front lawn diagonally.


Kyle and Dan stopped by to give their approval of my latest purchase.


Video of the first start-up.

Hope everyone else had a great week!  Here are the rest of my pics.

I was greeted with a welcoming gift and this sign in my cube:  The cow comes from “MU,” or “Meaningful Use,” which is the department in which I’m working.


Doing some heavy-duty training on Day 2 at work.


The new lawnmower had my name on it.  Literally.


“Legendary” performance.  This thing is perfect for me!


Finished product.  I love the backyard.  My swing is still broken, as shown here.


Lastly:  My friends Scott and Sandy were featured this week on Petrolicious!  Check out the video segment on their story, including awesome visuals of their 1959 Mercury Park Lane and their 1992 Acura NSX.


24 Responses to “First Week of Work; Another Honda Purchase”

  1. Brad Heffran Says:

    That’s gotta be the most hilarious first start video ever. Congrats on the newest member of your Honda product collection. Lawn looks beautiful!

    • Thanks Brad, for giving me a nudge in the right direction with Honda Power Equipment. I’m liking the experience so far. But I won’t be running out to buy a Honda snowblower any time soon 🙂 Btw, I put a little Sta-Bil in the tank yesterday.

  2. But does the lawnmower have VTEC????? 😉

    Fun fact: there is a lawnmower on display at the Honda Heritage Center in Ohio.

    Congrats again on the new job, and glad things are going well!

    • Thanks Tim – I didn’t know that about the mower on display, but I suppose any Honda is eligible! I’m not sure about VTEC but at full throttle my mower really scoots right along. Torque for days, too 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Now you just need a Honda power washer

  4. Love the yard! I am glad you’re incorporating yard work into your new home routine. Georgia awaits you; I look forward to following you along on your adventures.

  5. That was some reaction when you first got the lawnmower started. I haven’t heard such an loud reaction on this blog since Josh at Tsx Travels broke thru the 500,000 mile barrier. I believe you screamed out that time “You the man!” or something like that. 😉

  6. In my opinion, the video below is the best ever posted on your blog. Disclosure: I own an identical car to the one seen in the video so I may be a little biased. 😉

  7. Congrats on the new Honda! I hope there’s room on the bookshelf for another binder full of sales brochures, photos and maintenance record spreadsheets!

    • Haha, oh, you know it! By the way – and since I’m totally new to owning yard care equipment, this is a serious question: When is the first oil change due on this lawnmower? What kind of power equipment are you using out in O’Fallon?

  8. Nice looking mower! Drive safe on the way to Georgia, look forward to hearing about the trip.

  9. Midnight Mystery Says:

    If anyone asks, you can say “I have seven Honda’s”!!!

    Getting everything ready for the trip?

    Are you really getting to GA Thursday?

    Oh, enjoy the mower!!! I’ve used a Honda mower before, they’re simply excellent!!!

  10. Tyson, did you plan a vacation in Georgia or is it for work? I just got back from a trip to Nashville, TN. It was a 1200 mile round trip, but on the way back I decided to go through Chicago, so I have put over 1600 miles within a week.

  11. Shaubhik Roy Says:

    I forgot to mention I now have about 261k 🙂

    • My Georgia trip is a vacation for this year’s national Legend meet. Sounds like you are putting on a lot of miles too!

      • Sorry about my late response, I wish there was a notification to when you get a response lol. Recently, I have been driving a good amount. I have noticed the quality of gas is not what it once was. I just hit 262k yesterday. Not sure how new my car would be considered as the block was done in 2014 (end of November). However, the odometer still says 262k! 🙂

        I will take a look at the pictures you posted from the Legend meet. The Legend might be my next car, they post some solid hp/torque numbers.

  12. Chris Green Says:

    Finally you have a Honda again! Congrats. And enjoy the Legend meet trip! I was just in Texas last week, too bad I missed you!

    • Thanks Chris! I’m loving my latest Honda. I have a feeling I’ll get my money’s worth out of it with that big yard. Now if only they offered an accessory odometer for it!

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