Getting Settled at the New House; Career Changes Underway

Odometer (Legend):  544,575


Odometer (ILX):  181,009


I’m a week into ownership of my new home and it’s feeling like a great place to be!  Along with getting my bearings in the neighborhood and getting a few things unpacked, I’ve added 18 entries to my guest book.  There’s just one thing that’s become a bit of a nuisance:  I’m in such a centrally located area of town that my friends are always passing by, and they’ve taken it upon themselves to say hello each time they do.  Take Jack, for instance.  Each morning he drives down my street and gives me a hefty series of honks.  The neighborhood may never be the same!

I actually love the visitors and I feel more connected to my friend network than ever.  Travels have taken a backseat for now, but I’ll get my fill of the open road next week when I head out on a 3,600 mile round-trip drive to Atlanta for NALM.  It’s been nice to have a chance to stick in town.  Best of all, I had some special visitors here to help me break in the new pad.  Like Grandma, who came down with my mom for the Labor Day holiday weekend.


There are also some changes in the works for me career-wise.  After nearly 8 years with CVS Health, I had my last day with the company on Thursday.  My departure was quiet and uneventful – just the way I’d wanted it – but I will definitely miss many of the great folks who I’d worked with there.

Out with the old:


In with the new:


The next chapter in my career path will take me to the corporate office of Banner Health, a health system based in the Phoenix area that operates 23 hospitals.  I’ll be one of about 40,000 colleagues working for the company (making it the largest employer in the state, with Walmart a close second).  My role is in the “Meaningful Use” department at the corporate office.  It’s a 3.5-mile one-way commute.  Breeze!  You know I’m obsessed with timelines and tracking.  Here’s how this one played out:

  • July 18:  Online application completed
  • July 21:  Contacted by recruiter via email
  • July 25:  Phone interview with recruiter
  • July 29:  Received follow-up email from recruiter
  • August 2:  Phone interview with hiring manager
  • August 10:  On-site, 1-hour, 4-person panel interview
  • August 11:  Offer extended
  • August 15:  Offer accepted
  • September 1:  Last day with CVS
  • September 6:  Start date with Banner

I’ll let the photos tell the story about my last week or so.

Here’s a photo of my home while being irrigated.  It’s a little unnerving to see the water level like this but it’s all by design and the yard is specifically “dished” to hold the water in.  Flooding takes place once every two weeks.


View looking south to the backyard from the rear-facing garage door.


My new license plate came for the Integra this week!


CVS main office.


And my new office.  I’ll be on the 9th floor here, I think.


Just for kicks, I pulled 4 of the cars into the backyard for a photo.


The new neighbors will soon learn I’m nuts, just like my old ones did!


Arrival of grandma and mom from St. George, Utah on Friday afternoon.


Dinner group out on the town that evening with a few friends.


Car wash party at Kyle’s on Saturday morning, with Kyle’s pup “Cowboy” supervising.


I gave mom’s 2004 G35 a bath.  It only has 27,000 miles on it.


Lance and grandma playing Boggle before our BBQ.


Dinner group.


Following is a short video about a very special Honda fan.  Helen Musselman has now been featured in the Honda “Kokoro” series of videos for her role as the founder and operator of a Tucson-based motorcycle dealership that has been around since Honda’s earliest days.  Thanks to my friend Charles Schnieber for sharing it with me.

Have a great week!

22 Responses to “Getting Settled at the New House; Career Changes Underway”

  1. Can’t wait to come add my name to the guestbook!

    Good luck on your first day!

    • THANK YOU!! Most of tomorrow will be spent in orientation, and it’s pretty cool that I’m starting on a short work week, but I’m looking forward to hitting the ground running! Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. That’s a lot of Acura’s in that back yard! Hmm I think you can fit one more!

  3. Brad Heffran Says:

    Good luck at the new job!

    • Thank you Brad! The first day went well. Information overload, as can be expected, but I’m hitting the ground running. Best of all, I have a 4th floor view of Central Avenue now 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your new role. What is “meaningful use” anyway? Looks like you’ve been very busy with the shift & new role. You big road trip soon should be relaxing! Cheers Adam.

    • Thanks Adam. Meaningful Use has to do with the adoption and management of Electronic Health Records (EHR). The healthcare industry is becoming more and more technologically advanced. I’ll be working with a team of about a half-dozen people to monitor and track provider performance in adopting those new technologies. Fun stuff!

      • Midnight Mystery Says:

        FYI, if you mean electronic medical records and forms, the people who chart in medical offices feel that this modern system is anything but “fun”…

        Well, I don’t know know what aspect you work with…

        Enjoy the job… Please create things that make since, hahaha!!!

        I looked up a route from Phoenix to Atlanta… Long drive…

  5. Congratulations on the new home and the new job! Great news all around!

    Also, cool shot of the 90’s Acuras.

    • Thanks, Tim! Can’t wait to get the last of my 90’s cars in the lineup for a more formal photoshoot, and dress up the garage to look more like an Acura showroom too.

  6. I like that Vtec license plate. My Tsx also has Vtec. 😀

  7. Midnight Mystery Says:

    New job, new house… “New” car, well, a few months ago now…

    Let’s see how the neighborhood likes all of the cars and honking… Haha…

    Enjoy your new carrer and new home!!!

    NALM is next week?

  8. Yowsa, I’m not feeling the irrigation system or whatever it is in the front yard. Looks a bit scary to me. Looking forward to seeing you again in Georgia in nine days. Maybe this time we can drive each others cars.

    • Sure, you’re more than welcome to take the coupe for a spin! I know – the irrigation system is a little scary for sure. Plus the schedule is inconvenient sometimes. There are times when I’m supposed to be watering my lawn in the middle of the night. No way I want to set up an alarm so I can go outside and turn on a valve. I’m hiring it out…

  9. Sherry Dompier Says:

    Congratulations on the new job and new house!!! Love the pictures and update!

    • Thanks Sherry! It sure was great having grandma down here to help me out with a few chores around the house. She’s a great sport. If you ever make it to Arizona let me know and I’ll be happy to show you around 🙂

  10. Congrats on the new house and job Tyson! House looks awesome!

  11. Midnight Mystery Says:

    Tyson, I just sent you a PM on A-Zine…

    I hope all is going well with getting settled in at the new house, and new job… And getting ready for NALM, busy week…


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