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Tyson here.  I love Acura, I love road trips, and I love writing so all of those passions came together when I started Drive to Five in March, 2011.  I take my readers with me in my > 500,000 mile Acura Legend coupe and my 2013 Acura ILX as we discover offbeat destinations and enjoy the scenery along the way.  I’m based in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I encourage you to reach out to me if you’d like to get in contact.  Thanks for stopping by!  My email is:  tysonhugie@yahoo.com.  Follow me on Facebook or Instagram if you wish!

Here’s my current Acura fleet (as of December 2019):

  • 1992 Acura NSX 5-Speed Formula Red on Black
  • 1992 Acura Integra GS-R 5-speed Aztec Green on Black
  • 1994 Acura Legend LS Coupe 6-Speed Desert Mist on Taupe
  • 1994 Acura Legend GS Sedan 6-Speed Desert Mist on Taupe
  • 1994 Acura Vigor GS 5-Speed Arcadia Green on Cognac
  • 1996 Acura SLX Premium Automatic Radiant Red on Gray
  • 1999 Acura Integra GS-R Super Sonic Blue on Black
  • 2000 Acura 3.5 RL Nighthawk Black on Black
  • 2013 Acura ILX 6-Speed Silver Moon on Black



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  1. Hey Tyson, I came across your site from Jalopnik. Just wanted to say I love what you’re doing. You have a beautiful legend, the nicest condition Ive seen in probably 10 years. And most of the ones Ive seen probably were still under 200k. So I’ve always said I would drive my car into the ground, youve got me re-thinking that…..Ive got a 99 prelude, which took a number of styling cues from the legend coupe, and I would never dream of getting rid of it. Its got 135k, and not riced or beat to crap–all honda parts, which is a rare condition for that model these days. Taking pride in your car seems to be a fading trend, and I dont understand why people think its easier or cheaper to treat it like a throw-away appliance. Anyway, i have a gallery of the lude, check it out if you like….. http://www.racydesign.com/preludegallery.htm

    • Hi Justin, thanks so much for dropping a line! Receiving messages like yours definitely keeps me motivated to keep the blog — and the Legend — alive. I’ll email you separately but I checked out your website and I love it. Tyson

  2. Hey Tyson,

    Just came across your blog, good stuff! Can’t find a contact email, could you email me when you have a chance?

    I would like to do a post about your site.



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    Can you please contact us using our contact information. We would like to ask a car related question. Thank you.

  4. Hey Tyson,

    First. Its perfect what you’re doing with your Legend.

    I mean it when I say I have the same passion for these cars. My 92 Ls Coupe and I are celebrating its 20th birthday, and my 4th year of ownership, this weekend.

    Needless to say there are some items coming in the mail that should satisfy ‘Miles’ birthday wishes. I wish I lived closer to Arizona because we’d make the pilgrimage out to Scottsdale to see you and your car in a heartbeat.

    Too much to say about the Legend, and this has got to sound wrong, but I’d really like to chat with you more sometime about how perfect they are, maybe even let our two legends meet through means of exhaust chatter haha.

    Seriously though, congratulations on everything, and thanks.

    p.s.- I also have a question about a certain 34,000mile 94 Ls Coupe..??

    • Jeremy, thanks for the note! Glad to hear I’m not the only one crazy about my Legend. I’ve had mine since 2003 and I can claim about 412,000 of the miles on the odometer as my own. It’s been a great ride and it’s not over yet. I’ll send you an email separately so we can get better acquainted. Regards, Tyson

  5. Hey tyson, your car looking
    Beautiful “congratulations” i have the same car as you love my car but i have a question for you, !!!!! Did u find out from acura if this beautiful car will be a classic? Thanks

  6. Great site and great car! I currently have a 1997 Acura CL 3.0 and I’m at 328K! You keep me motivated and I never want to let go of this car now.

    • Mike, thanks for dropping a line! I’ve always liked that CL bodystyle. You’re well on your way to half-million status in that baby. What has your maintenance history been like? I’d love to hear more about how that 3.0 has performed.

      • Tyson,

        I bought the CL in December of 1999 with about 50K miles on it. The engine is still awesome (Same as the V6 Accord from around the same time) but I should get a valve adjustment pretty soon. I’ve had the transmission replaced twice. A used transmission was used first and the second one was rebuilt. Other than that, I’ve replaced various parts that go through normal wear and tear like the alternator, starter, belts, brakes, etc. The leather on the drivers side is showing its age and that’s to be expected. I have every receipt from everything that I’ve ever done to the car except gas receipts. Today my mileage is at 329,028. When should I contact Acura? Ha ha!



  7. Sandi McClary Says:

    You’ve inspired me to keep on keeping on with my 1990 Legend LS. I bought it new in 1990 and now it has 205,000 miles. I never imagined I’d keep a car so long and love it so much. In 2007, a guy backed into me at a slow speed, but the car was “totaled.” I had it fixed anyway, and it’s even better.

    Please keep up your blog !

    • Hi Sandi! Wow, an original owner of a Legend! It’s an honor to have you stop by and visit my blog. I wish I had been fortunate enough to buy my Legend brand new off the lot. Is yours a 2-door or 4-door, automatic or manual? I would love to see some pictures. Congratulations on your 200k achievement. It’s just the beginning!

  8. Jim Lemyre Says:

    Hey Tyson,
    I found out about you through the Acura site…I was perusing the TSX wagon then fell in love with the ilx. I have no intention to give up on my 1st generation Cadillac SRX with just 47K (it is the right package for two people with 2 dogs), but always keep abreast on things Acura…just in case. Your car has the best proportions of just about any car ever made and love the old school Honda interior ergonomics. I think the ilx is a leap forward in capturing the original Acura design statement. If they keep on that path then by the time I’m ready to replace the Caddy they may have a wagon for me…or I might indulge on a second car…I’ll be reading your updates and hope you can keep it going ’till 600K.


    • Hello Jim, I appreciate the feedback. The SRX sounds like a good fit for your 2 dog, 2 car family. I’m glad you’re staying tuned in to the latest on Acura, though. The launch of ILX is significant because it marks the beginning of Acura’s “second” 25 years of existence. The level of technology that they have squeezed into an entry level premium car is impressive (especially since I’m coming from a vehicle that’s nearly classic car status). I hope you give the ILX a close look when it goes on sale next month. Might make a fun & economical second car! Thanks for the well wishes on my drive to 600k. The Legend is getting a new alternator today but will be pounding the pavement again shortly. Keep in touch! Tyson

  9. Jim Lemyre Says:

    I’m in Manhattan and do many road trips to Chicago and upstate NY, eastern LI, Michigan and Canada.

  10. Hey, It would be interesting if you had a section for all the maintenance you’ve done to the car. Are you still on the original engine? I think Legends have terrible transmissions (probably wrong) and wanted to know how many you had been through but then realized yours is a 6 speed.

    • Hey Mike, yes the 6-speed is quite a bit more reliable than the 4-speed automatic. Believe it or not, I’m still on the original engine, transmission, and clutch. I posted some maintenance history here just before hitting 500,000 miles:


      I’m due for another update post I guess. Spreadsheet is current so if you want me to email a copy, I would love to share it. Post-500k maintenance includes a timing belt and some oil changes but nothing too crazy that I can remember offhand.

  11. After taking one look at your blog, I am amazed. I am a lover of Acuras as well. My realistic dream car is the 2004-2008 Acura TL. I actually did two Acura reviews, a 2005 Acura TL and a 2007 Acura RL. Feel free to check them out!

    How did you get the six speed? Because I know they are rare and have a low take rate. Did you have to order it, or buy it off the lot? Anyways, I look forward to reading more from you and your Acura.

    • Hey, thanks for reaching out! I took a look at your blog and I’m impressed too. You’ve got a skill for writing and it looks like you’ve had access to some pretty sweet cars to review. The ILX 6-speed that I got in June 2012 was special ordered with the manual. I agree with you, they are very rare. It’s too bad the upcoming TLX won’t be available with a manual. Btw, are you local to Arizona by chance? Some of your pictures look like familiar landscape.

  12. I don’t own much in that category But I would love to own that black legend coupe for starters.

  13. Hi all,

    I have the opposite of what most are saying here and wanted to post a question for your input. I have a 1988 Acura Legend with 40k miles. Father in law car who has passed. So my question is this…what is this worth? Is it a collector? I will need to spend $2000 to get it in running condition (it has not run for 5 years), so my question is should I spend the $$$ to get it running to sell, or just donate it to a charity? Thanks for your input and advice.

    • Hi John, I emailed you directly. It’s tough to pin a value on the car without additional detail (trim, transmission, bodystyle) but it sounds like something that may have collector potential.

  14. Hi Tyson, I have followed your journey for quite some time and totally love your passion for the Legend coupe. I have a 1995 red Legend L coupe. I bought it in 1997 when it had about 24,000 miles on it. Surprisingly, I am the third owner (the first was a fickle young man who got and and decided he wanted something else, the second owner was a guy having a mid-life crisis who quickly figured out the Legend coupe wasn’t the ideal car for a soccer dad) and I have loved every minute with it. The Legend currently has about 179,000 miles on it and I am at a bit of a crossroads. I don’t drive it very much (it’s always been garaged) and I may be ready to part with it. The desert sun has begun to take its toll on the red paint and the car needs some pretty expensive repairs (struts, timing belt package, rotors, radiator hoses, tires,). These are all normal maintenance items, but having them done at the dealership will be quite expensive. I’m in the Phoenix area, have it serviced at Acura North Scottsdale, and would love to get your opinion on the car. I’m sure you get lots of requests like this, so I understand if you aren’t interested. Thank you.

    • Hi Mishka, I know we’ve corresponded lots of times since you initially posted this via email and text message, but just wanted to respond here because I’m finally checking my “About” page after all these months. It’s fun to meet and interact with fellow Legend fans. I’m guessing you still have yours and I’d love to meet up one of these days for coffee or a bite if you have time. Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Rainier Silverio Says:

    Hey Tyson… Just wanted to write a few words….

    Absolutely love your cars….. Im a huge Honda fan and really made my day to see your garage and passion for DRIVEN Hondas and Acuras….

    Im a huge Type R fan, have owned 7 total cars, all Acura and Hondas including an original DC5 Type R. Here is the list in a span of 19 years:

    1990 Honda Civic Si
    1991 Acura Integra GS
    1994 Acura Integra LS
    1995 Honda Accord EX Coupe
    2001 Honda Accord EX
    2001 Honda Integra Type R
    2007 Honda Accord Ex

    Congrats on having those awesome cars, really enjoyed the article on jalopnik.

    Regards from Dominican Republic


    • Hi Rainier, wow, thank you for reaching out! I like meeting other people who share a similar love for cars that many people in the automotive enthusiast community don’t appreciate. Sounds like you have owned some really nice Hondas and Acuras. It’s nice to know that even in the Dominican Republic there are fellow Honda fans out there! Keep sharing the love and if you ever make it to Arizona, let me know because I’ll throw you the keys to any car in my collection.

  16. Nicholas Says:

    What you are doing is great, it gives us Honda and Acura guys life. This is a breath of fresh air for me personally because I would love to achieve just half of what you’ve done.

    I’d like to ask if you will be giving up dates on your fleet, like what your plans are for the cars and how you’ll be maintaining them. Thanks.

    • What do you drive? Always nice to hear from fellow Acura and Honda fans. It is a challenge at times to keep track of the maintenance needs for all the cars but I maintain a spreadsheet for each one. The bigger challenge right now is being able to source parts for them – the older they get, the more factory replacement parts get discontinued.

  17. Hello my name is Una,I have a ’91 legend L coupe for sale, I am a member of acura-legend club however not able to get my password in syn,etc w/RE:photobucket. I need your help.please pretty please! I LOVE my car, however have to sell for$. My desire is to sell to new owner that will bring it to its original glory. I want an acura/honda restoration love for this type of car. PHOENIX,AZ 85006.

  18. […] get to know Tyson better. Visit drivetofive.com to see […]

  19. Nick Maschek Says:

    My name is Nick. I LOVE your YouTube channel and love seeing your new videos. The Legend has been a car I’ve always wanted and I found one near me in DFW for sale. I wanted to ask the expert in Legend long term ownership about what I should look out for when buying one of these beauties. Check out the AutoTrader listing, I think you’d agree this is one of the cleanest Legends out there for sale.


    I would appreciate your input Tyson. I know your word is worth a lot. Thanks. Nick

    • Hi Nick, that looks like an awesome Milano Red coupe! I’ll send you an email with a few comments and observations. That’s awesome you’re considering getting one. Thanks for dropping a line.

  20. Hi Tyson, just found your site and I love the concept! My little i10’s got a way to go yet only being at 123,000 but I do intend to drive it as long as possible. Looking forward to reading more – starting with your Alaskan road trip.

    • Hi Stuart. Thanks for saying hello! I checked out your blog and it looks like you’re off to a great start! I bet there are some beautiful roads & destinations out your way.

      • By the way, make sure you see all the Alaska content – there’s just 1 blog post about the 2006 trip, but when I went again in 2016, I posted every night of the trip, starting with this one.


      • Hi Tyson, thank you so much for checking out my blog and commenting – I’m glad you like it.
        I’m really glad I’ve found yours as I love the idea of running older cars from the 90’s and 2000’s. I really hate this idea that once a car has reached 100,000 it’s had its day, they’re barely worn in, and your cars look stunning – fair play to you.
        There is indeed some beautiful roads and places to visit over here, and I have to say you’ve inspired me to go a bit further! Nothing on the scale of Alaska (great posts by the way) but I’m thinking Scotland. Nice to talk to you! Regards Stuart.

  21. Tyler Harvey Says:

    Hi Tyson. I grew up in Scottsdale and am also a big Acura / Honda fan. I drive a 2019 MDX Sport Hybrid, my wife drives a 2015 TLX, and before that I had a 2014 TSX 6 Speed. Love reading about your experiences.

    • Hey Tyler! Thanks for dropping a line. I’m glad to hear you can relate to some of my craziness. You have great taste in automobiles. Hope the weekend is going well!

  22. Hi Tyson, thanks for letting me feature you on my blog this week.
    I like the energy here and I look forward to seeing that milage climb up. If you are ever in or near central virginia please stop by priorhouse – we will give you lunch and maybe a can of Seafoam (if you use it) ha

  23. Javier Gonzalez Says:

    Hello Tyson! I’m very interested into cars and even more interested in a specific car that I came across on your YouTube channel. What I’m curious is would you sell it to me or can we make arrangements ? Just wanting to know.

  24. Matthew West Says:

    Hey Tyler I ran across your site while browsing vids on Isuzu Trooper variants. I, like you have a slight affinity with the Acura SLX, because I own and isuzu Trooper 1997 3.2L V6. I was wondering if your SLX was the Donor that was restomod’d at Radwood this past year?

    • Hi Matthew. I’ve had two SLXs. The first was a green 1997 base model, and the second is a red 1996 Premium. The green one went to Acura and became their resto-mod, yes. I still have the red one and it’s stock. Hope that helps.

  25. Hi Tyson, on that IS300 with custom blue interior trim paint? Do you recall which one was used?


    • Hi Gary, here’s the info I got. The entire dash was removed, stripped, prepped, and then painted with automotive paint. The blue is factory Intensa Blue, color code 8N8. Hope that helps.

  26. Dale Lomas Says:


    Fingers crossed I’ve got the right email for this.
    It’s Dale Lomas from Jaguar Race Taxi at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

    Hope all’s well,
    I’m emailing you because I saw several guest posts on your blog related to my job and racing experience,
    And wanted to ask you personally,

    Do you accept articles from niche experts on your website?
    I started my working life as a motorcycle journalist, but as my curiosity increased, this soon diversified to the point of hilarity. 
    My roles at Motorcycle News and Performance Bikes put me in a dozen crazy situations every year for over half a decade.
    And I wanted to see if you’d be interested in a small collaboration?
    You can find more about me here:

    Looking forward to working with you, and have a nice day.

    P:S: Here are some posts by me on top websites in this niche:



    • Hi Dale, thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Your experience in working at the racetrack sounds really interesting. I am not sure how to involve you in a collaboration opportunity but feel free to let me know your ideas.

  27. Hi Tyson,

    David here from Minneapolis. I came across your blog and YouTube channel and love the content! My college car was a 5-speed 1990 Torino Red Integra LS hatchback, and my roommate drove a Florence Blue 1988 Legend sedan. He learned to drive a manual transmission in my car.

    My college was in Prescott, Arizona. One day a friend and I were road-tripping on Highway 89 to Ash Fork and we decided to (very briefly) see how fast the Integra would go. I wound it up to 110 mph and my friend snapped a picture of the speedometer to capture the moment. The Integra could have gone faster but 110 was enough for me. Acuras and Hondas are very special cars in my book.

    Keep the videos and blogs coming!

    • Hi David, thanks for dropping a line! It’s always nice to hear from other people who “get it,” and it sounds like you certainly do. Hope things are going well in Minneapolis, and let me know the next time you visit AZ. Highway 89 near Ash Fork is a beautiful stretch of road.

  28. Steve Oswald Says:

    Hi Tyson,

    I’ve followed your travels for many years now and your knowledge of the Honda and Acura brands are impressive.

    I recently picked up a 1991 Honda Accord Wagon EX (with a 5 speed and OEM CD Player!) that needs a lot of TLC. I believe it sat in a field for a year or two with a window down. My goal is to fully restore it. It drove 2 hours home from where I picked it up with over 318,000 miles on the clock.

    My question here is this. Have you ever come across an original Honda “Remote Access Key” for a CB9 Accord? My car does not have the key, but it does in fact have keyless access on the driver door handle and liftgate. I cannot find a single picture of this mysterious key outside of the owners manual. I’ve found plenty of credit card sized fobs for early 90’s Accords, but this is almost like a late 2000’s key where the button is integrated with the key blade.

    ANY information on this would be appreciated!

    All the best,

    • Hey Steve, thanks for reaching out, and congratulations on your 1991 Accord! Would love to see some photos of your restoration process along the way. I admit you’ve stumped me with this question. I’m not familiar with the Remote Access Key. What you describe reminds me of the type of key my friend Jeff’s NB-generation Mazda Miata has. Basically a credit card looking thing. I’ll see what I can dig up.

  29. Michael Cintron Says:

    I’m sure you’re aware of Eric the car guy. He’s giving away an Acura RL. Check it out. Time stamp for the RL is 2:35

  30. Gary Eynatian Says:

    1994 Legend, 4DR Sedan

    I am in need of a Blower Fan Control Module setup (both ends). Any advice?

    • Hi Gary. I don’t have a specific resource in mind. You might consider joining the Acura Legend Owners & Enthusiasts Facebook group, checking out the forums at acuralegend.org, looking at your local junkyard for a parts car, or keeping an eye on Ebay.

  31. Diego silva Says:

    Hi Tyson, do you know of any Honda /Acura vehicles for sale preferably 90’s era with a manual?

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