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Southern Utah Trip for Thanksgiving: Rockville and Beaver

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Odometer (Legend):  540,208


Odometer (ILX):  148,512


Trip Distance:  1,037 Miles


It’s an annual tradition of mine to head north on major holidays since most of my family lives in Utah.  On Thanksgiving Thursday, I drove through one of my favorite pieces of road – Highway 89A between Flagstaff, Arizona and Kanab, Utah.  It’s a remote red-rock wonderland with spotty cell phone reception and lightly-traveled two-lane roads.

My destination was Rockville, Utah – a town of only 247 people (of which my aunt Jodi is one).  She hosted over a dozen people at her home on Main Street for a potluck feast, card games, and viewing of the classic holiday film “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.”


My friend Ryan drove down from Logan, Utah to celebrate the holiday with us in his recently-purchased Audi.  On Friday morning, he and I headed out to Interstate 15 northbound and Beaver, Utah where my younger brother Bentley has recently finished building a cabin.  Snow flurries kept us from taking full advantage of the posted 80 mph speed limit from Toquerville to Cedar City, as visibility was not good enough.  From Beaver, we did our share of Black Friday shopping by stopping at the Family Dollar on Main Street for a couple of crock pots – half off, at only $8 each!  Best of all, no line at the register.


It had been over a year since I took the canyon drive up Highway 153 toward Eagle Point Ski Resort, but I knew very well that if road conditions were less than optimal, it would be a smarter move to leave the ILX at the base of the mountain and hop into Ryan’s all-wheel-drive Audi A4.  Skies were clear so we headed on up in tandem for the 23-mile drive to my brother’s place.  The highway twists through wooded forest, then sharply ascends some switchbacks as it climbs to 9,100 feet in elevation.  The scenery was rewarding all the way up.  The final stretch was un-plowed, single-lane roadway so I did have to ditch my car in a parking lot but Ryan’s A4 made it.

I’m now a believer in “Quattro!”  We enjoyed a charming evening from the cabin with homemade turkey dinner courtesy of my dad and my step-mom. We also played a little in the snow outside with my nephew Beckam who was putting a few miles on a remote-controlled snowmobile.  Luckily, the storm system didn’t leave us with more than a light dusting of fresh powder and the following morning, skies were vivid blue.


My car wasn’t too thrilled about cranking over in 4-degree temperatures, but it started on the first push of the button anyway.  Ryan and I made our way carefully down the steep canyon, knowing that the possibility of icy roads was very real.


Ryan and I made just one more stop before splitting ways and heading to our respective homes.  The abandoned “Sleepy Lagoon Motel” on the south end of Beaver had caught our eye.  Some of the motel’s 20 rooms were wide open with furnishings still intact.  I later learned that Sleepy Lagoon has been around since the 1950’s but was badly damaged by a fire in 2005.  That would perhaps explain why I couldn’t find a lobby.  The place has sat for the last 10 years awaiting a buyer who will probably come in and bulldoze the whole thing.


Here are my pictures from this week’s trip!

The Arizona Department of Transportation decided to get clever with its freeway messaging this weekend.



Highway 89A approaching Lee’s Ferry


Lee’s Ferry, a remote spot on Highway 89A where this 1929 bridge crossed the Colorado River.  It’s since been bypassed by a newer bridge to the west.


This may just be the most scenic gas station I’ve ever visited.  The background almost looks like a painting, but it’s not.


A few miles down the road, this is Marble Canyon where huge boulders line the side of the road.


Beginning my ascent toward Jacob Lake at nearly 8,000 feet in elevation.


From here, the road gets twisty and quickly gains elevation toward the summit where Highway 67 branches off toward the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Fresh snowfall from the prior evening still dusted some of the side roads in that area.


Fredonia, Arizona, is home to this historic / abandoned service station.  I’d love to go inside and take a look around.


Photo with my mom on Aunt Jodi’s back patio


The backyard extends toward the bank of the Virgin River which comes through Zion National Park.


Enjoying dinner


Card games afterward


Eastbound Highway 153 nearing Eagle Point Ski Resort, outside Beaver, Utah


My brother’s mountain home


Nephew Beckam is a selfie pro!


Dad’s 2013 MDX with 32,000 miles was right at home in this terrain


Crispy Saturday morning departure


Attempting a window fix on Ryan’s A4.  My brother let the passenger window down to back the car out and it wouldn’t return shut.  Ryan ended up driving about 4.5 hours home without a window!  In freezing temps, no less.


The ‘lagoon’ at Sleepy Lagoon Motel in Beaver


Parked in front of the Sleepy Lagoon rooms – notice doors wide open on some rooms.


Some of the interior furnishings still remain, even mattresses and chairs in some cases!


Visit to “Legend City” Amusement Park Exhibit in Tempe, Arizona

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Odometer (1994 Legend Coupe):  540,174


Odometer (1993 Legend Sedan):  178,468


Odometer (ILX):  147,200


Odometer (Vigor):  104,780


The 1994 Vigor GS came out to play for a bit in the beautiful Phoenix weather this weekend.  I drove through South Mountain Park and captured a few images in the bright afternoon sunlight.  Moonroof open, of course.


Arcadia Green in all its glory.


And a few cacti thrown in for good measure.


On Sunday morning, I met up with my friend and avid road-tripper Kevin at the Phoenix Botanical Garden near Papago Park.


After brunch at Gertrude’s there, we headed over to Tempe to check out a new feature there.  For about the next year, a special exhibit is on display at the Tempe, Arizona History Museum.  It’s dedicated to a long-gone landmark from the Phoenix Valley:  Legend City.


Concocted from one 28-year-old entrepreneur’s dream, the amusement park operated (mostly in the red, financially) for two decades until its close in 1983.  I wish I had been able to visit this place, but by the time I was two years old, its features were already being auctioned off and the land being razed to make way for industrial development by its new owners.


I have always had a fascination with abandoned sites and the history of infrastructure, so the story of Legend City caught my attention right away when I learned of it.  The fact that it has Legend in the name was just a sheer bonus.  Kevin and I enjoyed walking around the exhibit and seeing all sorts of artifacts.  They even had one of the old gondola “pods” on display that at one time used to transport park-goers via cable some 100 feet above the ground across the site from end-to-end.



When Louis Crandall, the father of Legend City, designed his theme park, it was modeled loosely after Disneyland, with a train station out front sharing clear similarities to that of Disneyland.  Among the many attractions within were a miniature golf course, a rollercoaster called the Sidewinder, boat rides, and a shooting range.  Admission for adults back in the early 1960s was a steep $3 per head.  Here’s some food for thought:  $3 in 1963 is about $24 in today’s dollars.  Do you know how much a park pass to Disneyland costs today?  $235.  Ouch.


Aerial view of Legend City in its prime.


By the late 1970s, after some ownership changes, a 20,000-capacity stadium venue was carved out of the southeast corner of Legend City, called Compton Terrace.  Fleetwood Mac and many other music groups performed there.  In its final few years, the value of the land on which Legend City sat had far out-valued the payback from keeping the park open, despite the fact that it was profitable by about $1 million per year.  The Salt River Project, a utility company, bought out the land and razed all of Legend City.  Since then, some roads have been realigned and all-new infrastructure built on that land.  There is nothing left of the park aside from the memories.

Oh, and this awesome T-shirt I picked up before taking a cruise in my 1993 Legend L sedan.


Making a visit out in Mesa, Arizona.


I met up with my friend Chris there who’s a long-time Acura enthusiast.  He was one of the first people who I met in the Phoenix area when I moved here about a decade ago.  At that time, he was driving a 1994 Legend L sedan.  We met up for photos from time to time, including our trip to Tombstone.  Back in March 2007, we did this photoshoot out in Superior, AZ, when I had a white Legend sedan.



Today, Chris is in this black 2006 Acura TL.  He does the best details in the Phoenix area.  If you’re local, give him a call!


I found a Thai restaurant on Indian School Road in Central Phoenix that almost bears my name.  It’s called Thai-E-San.  Full review pending after I give the menu a test-drive in the near future.


That’s it for quick updates this week.  I’m off to southern Utah this week for Thanksgiving festivities.  Hope everyone has a great holiday!

Los Angeles Auto Show 2015, with Redline Reviews

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Odometer (Legend):  540,151


Odometer (ILX):  147,108


Trip Distance:  778 Miles


About a million people attend the LA Auto Show every year, making the 10-day show one of the biggest in the country.  Each year, the automotive media is given a special opportunity to preview the new model debuts before the show opens to the public.  And once again, I’ve collaborated with a media company called Redline Reviews to share some of the sights and sounds from this year’s displays.  Prior write-ups on my trips to the LA Auto Show can be found here (2013) and here (2014).


This time around, the Redline team members – now boasting over 170,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel – set out to cover about 15 new-car reveals with short two- to three-minute segments.  I was able to help them with videos on the Infiniti Q30, the Ford Escape, and the Mercedes-Benz SL — all of which are new or heavily refreshed for the 2016 or 2017 model years.  Along the way, I took advantage of the opportunity to network among my friends in the automotive journalism industry and enjoy the night life the City of Angels has to offer.

Here’s the Redline team, minus Jackson, with HondaPro Jason in the middle: Rob, Tyson, Jason, Sofyan, and Andy.


I did three very short introduction videos to some new cars that were shown at this year’s LAAS.


The Q30 is Infiniti’s newest entry-level offering, borrowing architecture and underpinnings from Mercedes’ CLA model.  This partnership resulted in the birth of a technologically advanced vehicle that caters to first-time luxo buyers who demand a sense of individuality.  The Redline “First Look” video is here, courtesy of Redline’s YouTube channel.

Ford’s Escape fights in a very competitive sport-utility vehicle segment and trails only behind the company’s F-150 in annual sales.  Still, the success of the Escape from a sales perspective still doesn’t quite match the numbers Honda is getting with competitor CR-V.  So, Ford has come back from the drawing board with a more refined vehicle that pulls styling from its big brother, the Edge.

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz SL is the latest iteration of a car that’s been around since the 1950s.  I’ve had a fascination with the Mercedes SL for some time now, even owning a die-cast 1:18 scale version of the car when I was in my teens.  My love for the SL was further reinforced when I recently saw a gorgeous picture of my friend Chris’ 1998 model with Sport wheels.


For 2017, the SL gets new powertrains ranging in output from a 329-horsepower V6 all the way up to a 621-horsepower V12.  Redline Editor-in-Chief Sofyan calls that one “bonkers” for good reason.  When sitting in the car and closing the driver’s door, I noticed that the door “sucked itself in.”  Happy to say that my 21-year-old Acura Legend coupe does that!  And, the feature still works!


The Mercedes video is still pending on Redline’s YouTube channel, but I’ll link it here when it goes live.

Part of the big draw for LAAS (for me, anyway) happens after the convention hall closes down each day at 5:00 p.m.  The after-parties are always a good time.  This year, Hyundai sponsored a social gathering at the historic Hotel Figueroa and Nissan hosted a similar event a few blocks away at a bar called Edison.  I was able to make it to both and enjoyed exploring some of downtown Los Angeles. Here’s the Figueroa’s swimming pool, covered over with plexiglass so we could socialize on top of it!


On Thursday night, Detroit Bureau Editor Aaron Bragman set up a group dinner for about 22 media colleagues.  It was held at the landmark 1931 “El Coyote” Mexican Restaurant on Beverly Boulevard.  Mercedes and Mazda were kind enough to pick up the tab on our meals!

Below are a variety of other photos and experiences from this year’s show.  Thanks for coming along!

Jason Cammisa from Motor Trend


Hot new 500+ horsepower Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio:  A 6-speed sedan packing a mean punch!


Acura’s booth served up lots of caffeine.


Morning view from the 32nd floor of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel, where we stayed.


With Carlos Lago from


One of 3 “Back to the Future” inspired 2016 Toyota Tacomas in the world, reminiscent of the one Marty McFly drove in the classic 1985 film.  Standing with Redline’s Aaron Streater and Rob Lamond in the bed of the truck.


Behind the scenes in the Media Center at the LA Convention Center with Redline.


The 2017 Acura NSX was displayed for its first time in white.  Looked great!


With GM’s Shad Balch


Honda’s new 10th-generation Civic coupe had a long line of admiring media companies waiting to film it both Wednesday & Thursday


With Automobile Magazine’s Jean Jennings


Fiat 124 Spider – also known as, the “Fiata.”  Fiat took Mazda’s Miata, stretched it a little, added a turbo, and called it their own.


Among other oddball sightings, the Range Rover Evoque Convertible


With Lance Nelson, also known as “Lance the Driver


Dinner spot on Beverly Blvd at El Coyote


Group photo after dinner at El Coyote


I stopped by to see Ludacris’ 1993 Acura Legend before leaving town.  It’s getting some mechanical work done at my friend’s dealership.  The car debuted at SEMA in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago.


Dinner on the way home at Courtesy Diner in Blythe, CA right near Arizona state line.  Get the grilled cheese!!


And the final stretch last night, heading home to Phoenix.


Two Day Trip to Vegas: Rock & Roll Half-Marathon

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Odometer (Legend):  540,151540151.jpg

Odometer (ILX):  146,276


Trip Distance:  600 Miles

This was a quickie!  For < 48 hours, some friends and I slummed it in Sin City for the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half-Marathon this weekend.  In the interest of time I’ll let the photos tell the story today.

Lance (center) flew in from Dallas for the occasion.  He and I share an affinity for Sour Patch Kids.  I guess James probably doesn’t mind them either.  We fueled up with proper road trip treats in Wickenburg after departing Phoenix.


Pit stop in “Nothing, Arizona.”  What was once a gas station and convenience store called ALL MART has been abandoned for over a decade.  The building is spray painted with “population 4.”  It’s located along a desolate stretch of Highway 93 between Wickenburg and Wikeup, Arizona where cell phone signal is pretty much nonexistent.


James was driving a 6-speed manual 2016 Scion iM.  Fun little car for $20k!


Lunch at Mr. D’s Route 66 Diner in Kingman, Arizona.  Kingman is a city in northwestern Arizona that embraces its Route 66 heritage in a big way.


James and I added an over-easy egg to our burgers.  So good!


View of our hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada:  The “Downtown Grand”.


Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, just a block from our hotel.  There’s a 4-block stretch which has been closed to vehicular traffic since 1994, including 2 permanent concert stages and a nightly light show set against the curved roof.  It was bustling with people, as was expected!


A zipline was running the length of Fremont Street.  One of the many restaurants in that area is Heart Attack Grill:  A place where you can eat for free if you’re heavier than 350 pounds.  They even have a scale out front.


My friend Ryan (at left in the striped shirt) came out to hang with the gang, too.


I spent $5 at the slot machine in the historic El Cortez casino and walked away with 11 cents.  So much for my luck at gambling.


Race day!  Mom came down from southern Utah to participate with us.  The pre-race “starting village” was in the southern part of The Strip in a large open lot, where the thousands of runners could congregate and get ready to pound the pavement when the race started at 4:30 p.m., just after sunset.


View of New York New York casino.


Mom, Tyson, Lance, Beau – ready to rock & roll, in corral 3.  There were 23,000 finishers.  This event was huge.


Running past my employer – CVS!  It was awesome that The Strip was shut down for the occasion.  There was heavy crowd support along the way.  It was windy, cold, and even rainy for a portion of the run.  Even so, we enjoyed running at night under the city lights.


Traffic closure on Las Vegas Boulevard meant that all the side streets were totally jammed when we all finished.  It took almost an hour in the ILX to get back to our hotel which was only a few miles away.


Tomorrow:  I’m off to Los Angeles for this year’s Auto Show, where I’ll be working in collaboration with Redline Reviews to bring you the latest in car news!



Red Cups, a Chevy Nova, and some Photo Fun

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Odometer (Legend):  540,120


Odometer (ILX):  145,519


A week ago, Josh Feuerstein posted a video to Facebook that set the world on fire in a controversy over the color of Starbucks’ coffee cups.  Millions of views later, it continues to make the rounds as the centerpiece of a debate about “killing Christmas,” even getting mentions by Donald Trump and Ellen DeGeneres.  Well, I didn’t really take sides one way or the other, but Josh’s video caught my eye for one reason.


I freeze framed it on the above segment.  That’s “my” regular Starbucks in Fountain Hills, Arizona!  I drive past it every weekday on the way home from work, and I stop in at least once a week.  I decided to swing by on Tuesday after work.


I placed my order and asked, “How many people have recognized the fact that this is the Starbucks where all that drama started?”  “Hardly anyone!” the barrista said.  And then she pulled out her iPhone and showed me how she’d posted a photo earlier in the day holding a red coffee cup.  She told me that Feuerstein gets a beverage there almost every day.  She also told me he’d offered $20 to anyone working there who would be in his video.  (Everyone declined because they aren’t allowed to be on camera).

Anyway, that was my teeny brush with a landmark that’s made the national spotlight over the past week.


Cool thing I found out this week:  My brother Bentley’s 1968 Chevy Nova SS made it into Super Chevy Magazine’s January 2016 issue.  Organized with the intent of identifying the best suspension modifications to make a classic Chevy handle, the magazine rented out Willow Springs Racetrack in southern California recently and brought in 8 cars from years 1963 to 1984.  Each one was a custom-built example, tuned for optimal handling in a performance driving situation.



Speed Tech did the work on my brother’s Nova so they entered the car into the event under their name.  To keep the playing field somewhat level, all cars were outfitted with the same brand of tires, all were driven by the same race driver, and all were benchmarked against a “constant” vehicle as opposed to each other:  A 2015 Camaro SuperSport 1LE.  Bentley’s car beat the Camaro in a slalom by a mere 3/10th of a mile per hour, but the Camaro reigned supreme in other aspects thanks to 47 years’ improvements in tech assistance.

Here’s the full article link to the web write-up.

Lastly, I couldn’t resist lining up my ILX & Legend sedan last Saturday to mimic a photoshoot that Acura corporate did with Ludacris’ Legend and the Galpin-modified ILX that debuted at SEMA earlier this month.


I didn’t get the pose quite right, and the camera angle was off altogether, but hey – for a quick pic, not too shabby.  Thanks to my friend Ari for taking a few minutes to snap a photo for me.


Nerd alert for sure.

My friend Paul gets the Ugly Duckling Award for the week after having sent me this incredibly sad looking 1991 sedan that came into his dealership in Atlanta a few days ago.  Gross.


And a huge thanks goes out to TJ who hosted this year’s NALM in Houston a couple months ago.  He had a sweet 12×12 canvas print made up from one of that week’s photos.  I love it!


The next seven days are going to be incredibly busy as I’m traveling to Las Vegas for a half-marathon with friends and family this weekend, then headed to Los Angeles next Tuesday for a few days at the 2015 International Auto Show there.

Have a great Friday & weekend!

2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada: Ludacris Legend, Galpin ILX, & World Record Volvo

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Odometer (Legend):  540,089


Odometer (Ludacris’ Legend):  246,080


Odometer (ILX):


Trip Distance:  616 Miles


Viva Las Vegas!  Or was it “Lo$t Wages”?

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) has been around since 1963 and is a huge trade group centered around the automotive aftermarket industry.  It’s grown to a colossal size with over 6,300 member companies.  Its largest trade show, held every year at the Las Vegas Convention Center, occupies more than a half-million square feet of space.

SEMA week puts every “car geek” into a candy store.  Its full week of activities bring every participant the sights, sounds, and yes – even smells, of the automotive industry.  I’m talking about these scented Little Trees, and they’ve been around since 1952 when this first version on display was created.  What’s your favorite scent?


This wasn’t my first SEMA rodeo.  Here are write-ups from years prior:

This year’s show included some special components which I was excited to see:  The Acura display booth contained the now-fully-restored 1993 Acura Legend sedan that belongs to 20-million-fan music artist Ludacris, as well as a highly modified 2016 Acura ILX in vivid Sunburst Yellow with a host of performance and cosmetic upgrades.  Legends and ILXs?  It’s like they structured show content around exactly the type of content that would interest me!


My friend Chris described the SEMA experience as “It’s like being at the mall on Black Friday.”  It’s overwhelming to be among the crowds, with all the suppliers clamoring for your business with “Look at me!” signage and fanfare.  Another friend, Nina, calculated that if you walked the entire floorplan of the 4 gigantic convention rooms plus the outside areas and the adjoining hallways, it would be the equivalent of completing a marathon.  I’ll have to throw on a GPS watch someday and validate that claim.  My legs believe it.


I arrived in Las Vegas on Monday night after an uneventful 4.5 hour drive from the Phoenix area in my Legend.  I met up with long-time friend Tommy who’d made a similar distance from LA that same afternoon.  Later in the the evening, famed HondaPro Jason (pictured with me above) made his arrival into the McCarran Airport from a Chicago flight.  Jason has made a name for himself as “THE” Honda guy over the past few years since his YouTube channel launched in 2012.  Today, he has 32,000 subscribers and 27,000 followers on his Facebook page.  Jason’s flight arrived around midnight, so I played Shuttle Driver for him as well as for Jeff of Temple of VTEC.


Tuesday’s two key events for me were two Honda press conferences:  The first was at 9:30 a.m. to showcase Honda’s latest news in off-road / Baja racing with an all-new Honda Ridgeline pickup truck, scheduled for its first race in less than two weeks.  The second was a 20-minute presentation at 1:00 p.m. by Acura Senior Vice President Jon Ikeda as well as Creative Director Dave Marek.  Jon and Dave introduced two exciting vehicles to the crowd of media and industry personnel who were assembled there.


The first car was Ludacris‘ 1993 Legend, newly reborn since a June 2015 accident left it damaged on the right rear quarter panel.  I had some Q&A time with Dave after the conference and received some insights into the specifics of the build.  His intent was to bring the car back to its former glory as well as add a few touches to make it even better.  He succeeded in every aspect.



Among improvements to the Legend are the following:

  • H&R Springs
  • Eibach Camber Kit
  • 18 Inch Rays Wheels on Bridgestone Potenza Tires
  • Wilwood 6-Piston Front / 4-Caliper Rear Brakes
  • Fresh Paint and Leather
  • Pioneer AVIC 8 / ONEX Head Unit with Apple CarPlay
  • Alpine Subwoofer

The second car was a vivid orange 2016 ILX, outfitted with a body kit, an aggressively modified suspension and custom wheels – as one would expect at SEMA.  The details extended to the interior where the stitching on the seats and steering wheel was matched in the same orange color.  The ILX, which was customized by Galpin Auto Sports,  will be given away as part of a charity event for the Ludacris Foundation which since 2001 has provided tens of thousands of hours into service projects and youth development activities.


I had to stop and catch my breath for about 20 minutes while I charged my phone and scarfed down a $13 piece of pepperoni pizza in the food court.  Then it was back to battle where I wandered around to see a few more sights and meet up with friends.  By 4:30, Jason and I departed from the hustle and bustle to prepare for an exclusive evening activity with the Honda and Acura executives.  We were able to participate at an intimate dinner at MGM Grand’s “Hakkasan” Nightclub with a dozen or more of the company’s highest-ranking leaders.  They were incredibly approachable and I enjoyed the dialogue and the food!  Honda threw a big “soiree” later that evening out on the dance floor, and hundreds of people came out to party.



On Day 2, I woke up to rare rain in Las Vegas and made my way to the AAPEX Show, similar to SEMA and containing a lot of the same content, but located at the Sands Convention Center several blocks away.  The main reason I needed to drop in was that I’d learned Irv Gordon was in attendance.  Irv achieved fame by logging over 3,000,000 miles on his red 1966 Volvo P1800.  That feat was enough to put him in the Guinness Book of World Records.  In fact, he’s been the world record holder since 1998 when his car had only 1.69 million miles on it.  I wish I’d met Irv, but sadly the Castrol booth only featured his car.


My last stop before skipping out of town was next door to Castrol at the Car-Freshner display where I got a whiff of the new 2016 scents.  The product specialist on duty invited me into a phone booth of sorts, where I pressed a button and the smells activated.  My favorite was definitely “Copper Canyon.”  Now, if only they invited “scratch & sniff” computer monitors so you could all be smelling it with me!


My Legend rolled 540,000 miles on the way home to Phoenix.  Fitting, since it was also November 4th of exactly 4 years ago when the car rolled 500,000 at Acura’s red-carpet party.  Thanks for joining for this year’s SEMA trip.  Enjoy my photos and a short video below!

Here’s a pit stop on Highway 93 where I stopped between Kingman, AZ and Hoover Dam.  Irv’s picture on top, mine on bottom!


With Acura Public Relations Manager, Jessica Fini


Having a seat in Ludacris’ Legend!


Creative Director Dave Marek, myself, and Public Relations’ Allie Mayer


Dave explains the ins & outs of the Legend build with some Legend fans


I presented this note to the Acura team and asked them to leave it inside the car somewhere for Ludacris.


Close-up on those beefy front brakes


Galpin ILX rear 3/4 view.  I dig that spoiler!


The 2017 NSX in “Nouvelle Blue Pearl.”  Stunning!


Other sights from SEMA:  This “Car Capsule.”  Who else desperately wants one of these as much as I do?


Very clean Toyota Supra


Monster truck outside


Meeting up with my buddy Joey from the Atlanta area


Acura VP Jon Ikeda


RealTime Racing’s Peter Cunningham, and my friend (fellow Legend owner) Tommy


This was my first time seeing the newly-launched 10th-generation Honda Civic sedan.  Nice!


Pretty wild custom Honda HRV


Cruising down the Vegas Strip.  4.1 miles long, with 62,000 hotel rooms!


Walking over to the nighttime event at MGM Grand


Romeo and Lou, fellow Legend fans


Rainy morning at my motel on Wednesday in Las Vegas


Getting up close & personal with Irv Gordon’s 3-million-mile Volvo


And lastly, that awesome Car-Freshner booth!


Mileage Updates, Trip Recap, Visit from Tom, & Emissions Check

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Odometer (Legend Coupe):  539,421


Odometer (1993 Legend Sedan):  178,388


Odometer (1994 Legend Sedan):  149,669


Odometer (ILX):  144,915


Odometer (Vigor):  104,652


Odometer (NSX):  102,757


Total Miles:  1,219,802


Happy Monday.  Time to catch up on life!  I just celebrated first weekend at home in Phoenix in at least the last couple of months.  I realized last Tuesday during my 400-mile return trip from Los Angeles that I’ve made the trip from Phoenix to southern California via Interstate 10 a whopping SEVEN TIMES since the end of August.  Need a recap of those?

Somewhere between all of that, I had a road trip to Houston and back for the National Acura Legend Meet, and I ran a marathon in Utah.  I’m exhausted.  So is my wallet.  And so are my cars.

If you’re interested in some additional reading, here are some great articles:

My friend Tom visited from Connecticut this past week for work.  On Thursday night, he and I went over to Mesa to check out my friend Jimmy’s “new” 1994 Legend coupe.  We took it for a spin.


This thing had an incredibly aggressive suspension setup but it handles amazingly!


Saturday was a perfect-weather day outside so I made good use of it.  Ecology Auto Parts at 35th Avenue & Broadway in Phoenix was bustling with people like me who paid $1 to walk the aisles and scope out the place for used auto parts.  I didn’t find anything I absolutely needed to have.


I spent some time cleaning up the 1993 L.


Still need to ditch all that aftermarket intake stuff.


Thanks to a tip from a friend, I also got the CD magazine inside the trunk un-stuck!  Inside it were 5 discs from the prior owner that had been in there since 2008!  Doobie Brothers – gotta love it.  I’m mailing these back to the seller.


Also got the Vigor out and about for a quick wash.


Happened to see this “Legend Distributing” company sign on 51st Avenue in Glendale, but I was in the wrong car.


The Legend sedan did come out, too.  In fact, I made a point to drive all 6 cars over the weekend.


Last night I visited the Pavilions car show, which takes place in Saturday in Scottsdale, the whole year ’round.


Yesterday morning, the ILX got a much-needed bath.


Cleaned up both inside and out!


I guess I picked the right place to live.  In January, I’ll celebrate my 10-year anniversary of having moved to the Phoenix metro area.  A new study by Waze, a GPS app that uses real-time feedback from drivers on road & traffic conditions, has named Phoenix as the best city in the world for drivers.  Here’s the full article.


Lastly, the coupe passed its emissions test recently with flying colors.  It had been two years since the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) put the car on a dyno to evaluate its emissions compliance.  Results are below, including the car’s emissions numbers as well as the allowable limits for each of the pollutants evaluated.  The technician who handed me the printout at the end thought the odometer reading was a typo!


Next on the agenda I’ll be heading up to the SEMA show in Las Vegas this evening.  Among many celebrities who will be in attendance is Irv Gordon, the Guinness World Record holder for the most miles on any car!  I will be finding him.

Have a great week!