Mileage Updates, Trip Recap, Visit from Tom, & Emissions Check

Odometer (Legend Coupe):  539,421


Odometer (1993 Legend Sedan):  178,388


Odometer (1994 Legend Sedan):  149,669


Odometer (ILX):  144,915


Odometer (Vigor):  104,652


Odometer (NSX):  102,757


Total Miles:  1,219,802


Happy Monday.  Time to catch up on life!  I just celebrated first weekend at home in Phoenix in at least the last couple of months.  I realized last Tuesday during my 400-mile return trip from Los Angeles that I’ve made the trip from Phoenix to southern California via Interstate 10 a whopping SEVEN TIMES since the end of August.  Need a recap of those?

Somewhere between all of that, I had a road trip to Houston and back for the National Acura Legend Meet, and I ran a marathon in Utah.  I’m exhausted.  So is my wallet.  And so are my cars.

If you’re interested in some additional reading, here are some great articles:

My friend Tom visited from Connecticut this past week for work.  On Thursday night, he and I went over to Mesa to check out my friend Jimmy’s “new” 1994 Legend coupe.  We took it for a spin.


This thing had an incredibly aggressive suspension setup but it handles amazingly!


Saturday was a perfect-weather day outside so I made good use of it.  Ecology Auto Parts at 35th Avenue & Broadway in Phoenix was bustling with people like me who paid $1 to walk the aisles and scope out the place for used auto parts.  I didn’t find anything I absolutely needed to have.


I spent some time cleaning up the 1993 L.


Still need to ditch all that aftermarket intake stuff.


Thanks to a tip from a friend, I also got the CD magazine inside the trunk un-stuck!  Inside it were 5 discs from the prior owner that had been in there since 2008!  Doobie Brothers – gotta love it.  I’m mailing these back to the seller.


Also got the Vigor out and about for a quick wash.


Happened to see this “Legend Distributing” company sign on 51st Avenue in Glendale, but I was in the wrong car.


The Legend sedan did come out, too.  In fact, I made a point to drive all 6 cars over the weekend.


Last night I visited the Pavilions car show, which takes place in Saturday in Scottsdale, the whole year ’round.


Yesterday morning, the ILX got a much-needed bath.


Cleaned up both inside and out!


I guess I picked the right place to live.  In January, I’ll celebrate my 10-year anniversary of having moved to the Phoenix metro area.  A new study by Waze, a GPS app that uses real-time feedback from drivers on road & traffic conditions, has named Phoenix as the best city in the world for drivers.  Here’s the full article.


Lastly, the coupe passed its emissions test recently with flying colors.  It had been two years since the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) put the car on a dyno to evaluate its emissions compliance.  Results are below, including the car’s emissions numbers as well as the allowable limits for each of the pollutants evaluated.  The technician who handed me the printout at the end thought the odometer reading was a typo!


Next on the agenda I’ll be heading up to the SEMA show in Las Vegas this evening.  Among many celebrities who will be in attendance is Irv Gordon, the Guinness World Record holder for the most miles on any car!  I will be finding him.

Have a great week!

12 Responses to “Mileage Updates, Trip Recap, Visit from Tom, & Emissions Check”

  1. Highmileage Says:

    The rear of that Vigor seems high. Drop a cinder block or two in the trunk. Did it see the same 20 mile run as GS? Crazy I drove 5x the miles on my GS but it had a emergency trip to PA to return a friends car keys. Can’t wait to see Ludas Legend unveiling.

    • Yes and my ride to Vegas and back will be the coupe, so 540k will happen this week! Might end up having a mini-meet there with a few other Legend guys in town for the occasion.

  2. I NEED that sedan…

  3. Glad to see the fleet out and about! The 93 L sedan cleans up quite nicely too

  4. Haha, driving six different cars in one weekend must take a fairly big chunk of time! They are all looking good Tyson! Even the ’93’s glistening in the PHX sun. I decided to do a weekender at home too catching up on some things. MG still needs a good going over, but it was too dang cold out. See you Friday!

  5. All those mix CD’s!! hahahaha – brings back some good ole memories. Kids these days will never know the struggle. Thanks for sharing the links! 🙂

  6. There’s probably a 6th CD in the Changer. If you stick the empty cartridge in the changer, and can get it to power up, it should spit the 6th disc out into the cartridge as well.

    • Good to know! Yes now that I think about it, I bet there’s a 6th in there. I’ll see if I can figure out a way to get the unit to power up. Thanks again for your help!

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