Alaska Trip Day 1: St. George, Utah

Odometer:  164,132


Day Distance:  435 Miles

Trip Distance:  435 Miles

And I’m off!  I’m debating about how most effectively to share my trip with my readers without overdoing it.  For those who subscribe via email, I apologize in advance, because I think I’m going to post once per day, in the evening, with something – even if it’s short and sweet – just to let you all know where I am, the cumulative trip distance, and one or two noteworthy things I saw that day.  I’m already getting “pinged” by multiple people for updates so it’ll be easier to just post as I go versus waiting for a gigantic blog download when I get home.  Thirty of my friends have access to my to-the-minute location via the iPhone “Find My Friends” app.  Stalkers!

Today’s drive was a repeat of one that I’ve taken (and shared) many times before, from Phoenix Arizona to southwestern Utah, so I didn’t make any efforts to document it.  Rather, I settled into my “pace” and mentally prepared myself to spend the next couple of weeks watching the miles go by and seeing what the countryside has to offer.  I stopped only once on the way here tonight, in Kingman to check work emails before activating the almighty “Out-Of-Office” reply.  I also grabbed a banana at the Mobil gas station.

Jason has just now arrived, too, in his Mazda.  So tomorrow, we roll out in caravan and begin the long, long journey (that’s the title of a great Enya song, by the way) together to the land of the far north.

I picked up some Canadian cash just in case!


Passing Las Vegas – and staying away from the slot machines


Sunset along Interstate 15 northbound.  It was windy today and the air was full of dust.


Check out these snacks my dad and stepmom gave me for the drive!  Sugar rush!


Tomorrow (tentative):  9.5 hours drive time with a destination of Butte, Montana.

See you soon.

20 Responses to “Alaska Trip Day 1: St. George, Utah”

  1. Safe travels, Tyson!! Enjoy the sights.

    • So far, so good 🙂 Weather calls for rain the father north we get. So I’m enjoying the blue skies as long as they last. More updates tonight!

  2. What does it mean when you say “getting pinged by multiple people for updates”? Is this something that only people with IPhones can do? I do not have an iPhone or an Android phone. Just a old school cell phone. But I do have an IPad Mini 4. 😀

    • “Pinged” I guess is a term I picked up at work lately. Just means people are hitting me up frequently for updates. When someone “pings” me at the office it means they’re sending me an Instant Message asking for something. Thanks for followings along Carlos!

  3. I would have packed you a veggie medley! 😜 Many miles ahead for you. I will catch up to you on the flip side.

  4. Have a safe trip and watch out for the wildlife once you are past Summit Lake BC. I drove down from Livengood North of Fairbanks last week to Dallas Texas and I saw every animal expected (moose, bear, caribou, sheep, deer and bison) on the Alcan. Of the three lakes along the Alcan, Muncho deserves some time to explore, and Kluane an overnight stary may be called for. Have a safe trip!

    • Hey Pete! Thanks for the feedback! Yes we are definitely on alert for wildlife. I remember seeing a ton of animals last time. And I’m planning on spending some time at Muncho. Dad & stayed at the Northern Rockies Lodge there in 06 on the last trip up. Where are you located?

  5. Joshua L Says:

    Hi Tyson,

    Wow you got 164,000 miles already! I hope you have fun in Alaska! Stay safe travel! 😃

    • Hey Josh! Yep I’m getting up there in miles. I will roll 170,000 by the time this trip is over. Thanks for following along! I will try to post updates each day through the journey.

  6. Are you planning to cross into Canada on Sunday?

  7. There is a very famous white 2005 Acura TSX in Boise Idaho! 😀

  8. I am sending you a link to Trip Avisor and the Icefields Parkway in Canada. It has pictures and trip reviews of people who have very recently driven this spectacular roadway. Check it out.

  9. Sour patch kids! Love it!

  10. Was actually in Vegas when you come through, wish I’d have known!

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