Quarantine Log: Desk Inventory, Legend Literature Download, Scrapbook Excerpts

Odometer (Vigor):  114,933

Day “I don’t know.”  It’s Groundhog Day around here, and I feel like Bill Murray hitting the snooze button on the alarm each day wondering if something will be different.  Well, a few things have been different.  There’s a lot less traffic whizzing by on the street outside.  Solitude and seclusion are the norm – and will continue to be for another 4 weeks at least, since as of yesterday evening the state of Arizona is on a ‘formal’ lockdown of non-essential travel.

So my cars will sit but my mind and body will keep moving as best they’re able to.  The good news is that I’ve found miraculous ways to keep busy.  What started out as organizing my top desk drawer for the first time in about 5 years ended up in complete, comprehensive Spring Cleaning that purged 3 huge boxes of stuff from my closets.

And like any analytical person would insist on doing, I took inventory of what was inside my desk drawer so I could share it with you all.  I know, seriously.  Has quarantine gotten to me that badly?  Here you go.

Desk Inventory March 2020:

19 pens
18 sharpie markers
2 scotch tapes
2 sheets of stamps
3 calculators
3 hole punches
4 post-it pads
5 highlighters
7 checkbooks
8 chap sticks
8 flashlights
9 mechanical pencils
9 USB drives / storage mediums
binder clips box
box of business cards
extra go pro battery
paper clips box
safety pins box
staple remover
thumb tacks box

I don’t know why I needed that many flashlights.  I don’t even think I need a single one.  My phone has that built-in.  Same with the calculators.  Man, how stuff has just become obsolete overnight!

Thanks in large part to the Legend video that I shared with you all on the last blog post (17,000 views and counting in the last 4 days), I will likely be hitting 6,000 subscribers sometime tonight.  It’s hard to believe, but I only had 4,000 around the first of the year.  So a 2,000 subscriber bump in just the first quarter of 2020?  I’ll ride that wave as long as it’ll carry me.  I think I can attribute some of the traffic to the fact that I’ve been diligent about publishing a video about once per week consistently.  Here’s my channel if you aren’t already subscribed.

Since Throwback Thursday starts in a couple of hours, here are some photos of a 1996 scrapbook that I unearthed out of a box the other day while looking for something else.  This Chrismasy-colored page has to do with when my mom bought a 1990 Integra GS sedan – the car, in a sense, that started my entire Acura-ddiction.

Here’s a page where I listed out my “Dream Cars” at age 15.  The Ford Expedition had just come out, so I loved that.  A few oddballs are on the list including a Toyota Camry.  And I had a lot of domestic cars, and only 1 German.  The photo at the bottom of the page is me with my great-aunt’s 1993 Grand Cherokee Limited that we used to detail for her.  I loved that 5.2L V8.

Another oldie, this shot of me being picked up from middle school.  I can tell my mom was driving the red Integra when she took this.  Also, was I wearing socks with sandles?  Let’s bring that style back in 2021.

When was the last time you saw an Acura Legend advertised “under factory warranty”?  Funny thing about this ad clipping that I saved:  Just a couple of weeks ago, a Legend coupe sold for $25,800.  So would you say that Legend prices have come back to 1996 levels after being discontinued for 25 years?

Before our lockdown hit, I took the chance to get the Vigor out for fresh air and deliver something to my former roommate James who bought a place of his own.  This skeleton was part of our Halloween decor for the last couple of years.  I got a lot of odd looks from people while I drove him to his new place.  Seat belted in, of course.

One of the projects I’d been wanting to do for a contribution to the Acura Legend enthusiast community was to assemble a comprehensive media archive of all available / known magazine articles on the car.  It took about 20 years to collect all the magazines that I needed (and a still probably missed a few).  But, the result was worth the effort and I ended up with a massive library that came out to:

  • 47 articles encompassing both generations 1 and 2
  • 247 pages of material
  • 150 megabytes of info

PDF download link is here:


And here’s the list of what all is in that, if you want to click & read.  Mark, I’m completely ashamed that I forgot to include “High Mileage Heroes” in the mix!  I had it in a special / separate drawer and spaced it.  Next volume.

Catching up on maintenance – again, before we were chained to our homes.  Vigor first (it had been 13 months since an oil change, yikes).

And green GS-R, which only saw a few hundred miles last year, I think.

You all saw my drive-thru window (AKA my bedroom window) on my last blog post.  Well, I think I took things a step too far.  I found a $28 ‘open sign’ kit on Amazon and ordered it.  Here, we have the open sign, business hours, and a “closed” sign if I need it.  Yes, I put my work attire and badge on for this.

I think it’s also the first time I’ve done my hair in 2.5 weeks.  A friend commented on my instagram post about this, “You’re doing it all wrong.  Working from home doesn’t require wearing pants.”  He has a good point, but this isn’t that kind of blog.  We are a family friendly environment over here at Drive to Five.

Last bit of news, I have to give a shout-out to David in Florida who bought my old Integra sedan.  He sent me this picture this week – the car safely tucked away!  He rolled 75,000 miles on his drive to Florida earlier this year.

Glad you’re enjoying it, David!

Have a good / safe / healthy week, everyone.

23 Responses to “Quarantine Log: Desk Inventory, Legend Literature Download, Scrapbook Excerpts”

  1. Haha, love the drive-thru window decorations! Also, congratulations to James for buying his own place. A few of your 1996 dream cars were also on my list, including the Mitsubishi 3000GT (Mitsubishi GTO here) and Honda Prelude. At the time my Uncle owned a 3rd gen black Prelude with the 5 speed, 4WS AND a sunroof! Such a cool car.

    • Your uncle had a pretty sweet ride! I know, I loved the 3000GT. Mitsubishi had such a cool lineup in the 1990s. I used to detail a first generation Diamante for some neighbors.

  2. The drive-thru window is brilliant! Nice way to try to add some levity to our current situation.

    I appreciated all the updates (and the data that goes with it!). That reading material for all things Legend looks like a great way to pass the time – I’m looking forward to checking it all out! And aside from the oil change, how is the Vigor doing?

    • Actually for as few miles as it has, the Vigor needs some work. They gave me the inspection sheet which showed some suspension deterioration with regard to some of the bushings. It’s a pretty far back burner priority for right now but something to keep in mind.

  3. Much admire your commitment to putting together that comprehensive media archive! That truly is a monumental task… Once again you’ve proven you are the “Acuraologist!”

    BTW that pic of you standing in the window with the “open sign” reminds me of the Peanuts character “Lucy” where she’s waiting in her home-made psychiatry booth with a sign reading “Psychiatric Help 5¢ – the Doctor is In.” Maybe you need to Branch out into other services? 😉

  4. 17speedgarage Says:

    So a “ban” on all nonessential travel. Cars need exercise too. I have probably driven more in the last two weeks with no place to go than I usually would in a month when I could teach actual children instead of stare at a screen all day. Sorry the Vig is having some bushing deterioration, maybe if you would let it of of its cage once in a while. Nice drive thru window. I will probably drop by sometime next week when Zi am out fir an essential drive.

    • Do, give me a honk and a wave as you’re rolling through the neighborhood. I took a walk around the neighborhood tonight and saw plenty of people out doing essential drives.

  5. Chris Miller Says:

    The flashlight count didn’t grab my attention as much as the chapstick container count. I’m not sure which is more amusing….you coming out of school in sandals and socks or the rear view showing someone sitting in top of their car with a cigarette in their hand. Or a lollipop? My TL and Legend are covered up. Not only cause I’m staying home and nerdy but it’s wind and pollen season and the cars get messed up in an hour. I need to do a deep clean around here too…

    • I hadn’t even noticed the rear-view mirror in that photograph. Good eye. I’m just taking a break from a comprehensive ILX detail. You’ll see it on YouTube in the coming weeks.

  6. Are auto repair places closed by where you live? Florida is in lockdown also. But auto repair places remain open. Considered essential businesses.

    • Same scenario here. Auto repair places are open. Our governor deemed a lot of things “essential” initially that probably shouldn’t be. Golf courses and salons were a couple of them. He since changed strategy. Salons close today. Golf is still open.

  7. I just finished looking at all 247 pages of the Legend media archive. Wow! That is insane! I can understand how it took you 20 years to compile this. It is incredible! It shows just how much you love your Legend coupe. 😀

    • Haha, I’m glad at least one person appreciates my effort! Thank you Carlos! (You should create a similar media library for Acura TSX articles at some point).

  8. Oh, my! There are so many great little nuggets in this post! I find myself being sucked in to the inventory and organizational topics. Today I vow to work through my own stockpile of memories, kept in a large plastic ‘tub’ under my bed. Do you think I will ever open a billion cards and letters again? I guess it depends upon who they’re from. I have stored them there since I got married (1980), and there are many from my teen years as well. The “OPEN” sign is ingenious! I see clever trumping boredom for you down there in locked-down Phoenix. We are into the last 3/4 of April, so there is no telling what projects I may undertake here….. and who needs all that restaurant food so many times a week, anyhow? 🙂

  9. The Vigor, which really pops in that sunshine inside and out, has the perfect road trip companion in the passenger seat! No complaining or yapping when all you want to do is take in the scenery and listen to your favorite songs. 🙂

    • After delivering that skeleton to James’ new house, he went on to be named “George.” And James has posted a series of photos of George in his new surroundings. He seems happy there.

  10. Family friendly blog? Time to step it up and kick it a nickel. George misses his old house – he’s being torture here. However, I have to comment on that yellow SLK from your dream car wish – what an awful color choice.

  11. Haha – love the drive through! And man, socks and sandles have NEVER been in fashion! 😀

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